Ancestral witchcraft: liberating not only your ancestors

Ancestral liberation is individual to each person. And the depth of it will take you into places you need to transform and you’ll know how and why when you travel deep enough to grasp the understanding of the ancestral pain that needs ongoing expression, presence and transformation/healing.

When new age and inexperienced practitioners that do not have an active healing practice in place, or just not at the point where they should be doing this work because they’re far from ready, will shame others for expressing rage and anger when it’s justifiable to mould how they believe a person should express their pain because they haven’t dealt with their own. That’s also an abuse of power.

Cultural appropriation still is happening from those that have read my posts and many others on this issue along with antiracism and whyte supremacy.
Whyte centred platforms that clearly are not antiracist and culturally appropriate are still be followed and supported by those that have read shit on this subject a thousand times over knowing how it affects BIPOC.

People who call themselves witches, shamans, readers, healers, counsellors, therapists whatever are still enabling this behaviour or playing a part in it.
That’s not reclaiming power, thats abusing power when you know you’re upholding whyte supremacy, monetising off spiritual practices from marginalised groups. Practices that connect people to the earth, land and their ancestral spirits and you know this and yet still fucking continue.

That disrespect isn’t empowering or liberating anyone it’s doing the opposite. You’re not empowering yourself or your ancestors. There’s no reclamation of power here just more oppressive fuckery, and that includes oppressing yourself.
Do you know the potency and power of liberating not only your ancestors but those of others through your self awareness and healing is liberating and healing earth. One of the core practices of ancestral witchcraft.

Ancestral spirits flow through the practices they know that connects them to their land and people.
All the power and your own earth practices are in your own ancestral thread. If you don’t know how to reclaim them please get in touch.
This is all part of decolonising and dismantling the system from the inside out is returning home.

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Within the Crevices

Difference is oppressed within crevices of the earth you think you are and only discovered in its fullness each time you go deeper. It’s within the heat of rage of being told you’re not okay like that. That’s too much, too disgusting, too angry, too dark, and we’d be learning how we make people feel uncomfortable but unsure what it is or how until you go deeper and more.

For women especially, we learn to hide our too much under a false sense of self called nice. A trauma response to keep ourselves safe always knowing when we meet people that won’t respect our too much. We be knowing it, before we even think about it and when a woman be sensing more from a person, she will replay the pain of people pleasing to avoid feeling unsafe, to avoid the self rejection cycle to be triggered.

The more we know ourselves the more we discover what we’ve been hiding because we haven’t had an opportunity to know what we’ve been hiding. We learn how people have reacted to what they see and sense about us and we’ve been left wondering why or what reliving self rejection patterns spiralled grief longing to be loved and freed, words and behaviours from toxic people believing its more than okay to fuck around with someone’s self and yet they’d be not knowing shit from clay.

When we hit layers of earth within ourselves that are yet to be discovered, don’t polish her to be presentable. See what she needs to breathe in the air she needs to be free, and the earth within her that needs to flourish and live,


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The Current Energetic Weather

Bear with me lovelies, I’ll try not to make this too long, but what I want to offer you is an understanding to the current energetic weather as we now have four planets retrograding- Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Venus. We’ll have a fifth next month which will be Mercury.

Now the whole retrograding thing isn’t a thing unless you make it into one. The reason why I share is to support sensitives, the loves committed to their healing practice, and some that are experienced and still learning to move with their emotional body. When a person is fixated on healing one particular wound and the energy shifts and they’re left feeling more emotion and don’t understand why, this is the reason why I speak of it so you don’t lose your footing while you’re in deep and it eases a trauma response for some.

I understand on social media when planets retrograde some communicate it in such a way that can be quite dramatic adding more fear to the lovelies that are learning to move with their own natural rhythm which takes time. This adds to the trauma response of fearing change and emotion which can add fear to an already emotional person. I share to cut through the bullshit. That is another shit show no one needs.
So let me explain briefly what now till September looks like and the inner material that will surface within this time frame. I’m going to give you an example of it as well.

The focus as I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts, is on power dynamics and old belief systems within relationships. These belief systems are formed from one too many traumas and skews how we view ourselves, our bodies, our femininity, our self expression, the same and opposite sex, the way we relate to the world.

If we, as an example, hold onto negative beliefs on men, that effects our relationship with everything and everyone not only with ourself. That’s a fact, because that energy is blocked and shut down to loving experiences by choosing not to see with clarity. It is also a protective mechanism and darlins, let me say if you’re in this space, all good. All good because I understand it takes a fuck load of time to heal. Go at your own pace, no judgement here, I’m merely explaining and offering a common example of how belief systems affect us.

So as an example of how this may come up, is say an old lover returns, which is quite possible and wanting to talk over an issue that you both were struggling with.
As a possibility, you may have reacted from the pain of an old belief that dismantled and destructed your relationship because you believed it so strongly. I also want to add here, reacting to protect yourself isn’t a bad thing either if needed. Not everything is black and white as a lot of ‘spiritual’ people would like to have it, sometimes it’s needed. In saying that, the example I’ve given is an opportunity to go deeper than you have before and really feel and listen to the energy of how this belief is affecting you and your life and the way you’re viewing the world.

There’s a fuck load of emotional charge behind these beliefs loves which is what we’ll be challenged to look at and explore.
It’s breaking the isolation of old ancestral wounding to liberate and love the self and open to experience the world with love, and not isolate ourselves in rage and grief.
If you get stuck within this time please connect with me.

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A bit of temptation

Each layer of skin peeled one after another is really to bring you back so you can walk your power without losing your shit somewhere and all over the place. It’s not to attain a fucking thing and the closest thing to enlightenment you’ll achieve is a bleached arsehole if that’s your thing. Think messy and there you are, you’re at the beginning of knowing yourself. Man it’s all getting a bit boring.

So what if we instead looked at the pockets of juice that is wanting a little distraction and a little destruction. Those pockets of ‘what ifs’ layered with desire and darkness, and some of it shamed for being taboo or just because you like something too much that maybe ain’t good for you or you just know deep down if you go there it’ll transform your world, but how that will be is another thing. It’s those places of hell yeah and hell no you want to make a bridge between. How much fire and pain can we unearth here even just for a little bit? Because these spaces are bitey and full of trickery and most people know they’re playing themselves with their own weaknesses most of the time, but the pull of that need within that place you love to indulge and run from is worth the time to know. Can you say you really know yourself without challenging these spaces and know your own limitations and soft spots that are seeking a lot fucking more than a big dick and a bottle of Beam to soothe it.

I know when we enter here it will take everything you have and the best of you, so why not if you get a bit of naughty play that you want to tell no one and everyone about. Who is the person that lives in this space?

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I love knowing I'm not the only one chasing wild between layers of darkness (6)

The Provocation of Darkness

Nothing will ever be a straight line when you’re claimed by the darkness, and that’s how we love it. We’re made for riding chaos till we know how to direct and stand in it. Loving the destruction for all the spontaneity and the transformative fire that it is. The feeling of pain is ecstatic in this depth when you can hold it with presence and let it reveal the ancestral wisdom beneath it all , for the love of mystery. No I never get sick of living what I’m lovin.

I had a conversation yesterday about the provocation of darkness in both it’s meanings. The feeling of desire that darkness entices but also evokes and it’s really this ecstatic energy of pure creational force when it’s on the edges of the unknown and however this spontaneous energy emerges into, the peak of risk and not knowing is enticing to those that have lived with trauma and know the feeling well of consistent uncertainty that feels almost desirable when it’s been trained to think it’s love. Though don’t we learn when we’ve repeated the same bullshit for long enough how those two feelings can be mistaken for the same experience, when it is and it isn’t. It is because it opens the same doorway to creation and mystery, but how it’s repeatedly opened is the issue. Is it because you are in control of your own chaos and know how to direct it to open more space for transformative healing, or are you doing it creating painful destructive experiences that open the same door to know but you never walk through it because you’re not walking your chaos with presence and understanding? Big fucking difference.

Most seduced by the darkness of witchcraft, don’t usually understand what they’re opening or what they’re seduced by believing the stereotype of what witch is not, and not understanding how vast that opening is. Where you’ll see some deep dive here and there, and/or chaos constantly showing up to strip the lies they’re choosing to live because this wildness we walk ain’t going to let you shit in the woods and call yourself a bear. It will kick you in the cunt over and over again whether you get it or not. You opened the door, now take responsibility basically. This is not a road to nowhere and everywhere that is half lived. It will ask for the very best of you, so all that childish cultural appropriation shit so many adults choosing to be distracted and let’s not forget disrespectful with, will keep them binded in one place circling their shit and believing they’re growing, ya know trickery. Being fucked by your own hidden fuckery growing the never ending thirst for real power that will never be if you’ve entered this with betraying your own self respect and lack there of for our mother.

This space where so many live their own tricks because they can’t see or transform what is needed to surrender to what they’re chasing and running from all at the same time. The depth of their own ancestral wisdom used against them. You know, the provocation and trickery of one’s own darkness.

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破坏 – Ancestral Witchcraft

An ancestral practice which we’ll call today 破坏 which translates to destroy or destroyer, is the art of domination, ‘soak up’ and transmute how you want the outcome to be for retribution.
It’s a craft that takes three solid years of practice and takes strong seer ability  using a specific techniques to be thrown back to the person or my favourite, to the ones they love and it devours slowly..
When your ability is strong you can see it through vision and dreams and includes anyone else that maybe involved and we’ll call this today 诅咒.

Then there’s, we’ll call it 混沌 which translates to chaos, when you foresee a person throwing hex or curse even before anything looks remotely like it could happen. As an example, you could be friends at the time and you put things in place before it happens. The trickery of witchery that I love.

There’s that, and then there’s 毒, to poison to death. Not always used with actual poisons which I won’t go into, but certain practices that will end a life or a life of someone the person who has thrown, loves…and there’s no hold backs to who that can be, age means fuck all. There is more than five practices all up within this one practice.

This is broad watered down to simplify to share the understanding that ancestral witchcraft isn’t candles, books of another’s experience, a fake image, narcissism, toxicity or a gathering of insecure white women playing dress ups and the hypocrisy of saying one thing and weeks later doing the opposite of what was said, shit talking. No truth or integrity.

As Bruce Lee says, showing off is a fools glory, if it makes you feel stronger by all means go ahead, but there’s people out there that take their craft seriously and have had enough of fucken fools.

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Traits of a Spiritual Narcissist- (pt 1)

I’ve been reading and healing people for a long time. I started reading when I was 16. I was born with the natural gift of sight and mediumship ability and I love what I do. My healing abilities ‘woke’ when I was 25 and I began body sessions offering my services to begin with for no exchange. So a long while. I’m 44 this year and I’ve seen it all in so called spiritual communities and I’m sick and tired of it. Actually that’s an understatement.
From toxic narcissistic practitioners to clients that are just the same. This will never stop, because toxic clients that are stuck in their patterns and will always be seeking attention only to avoid their issues, and toxic and narcissistic practitioners will always be in any spiritual community because it’s a strong supply of attention and pedestaling they need to survive. First I want to say, not all toxic people are narcissists but all narcissists are toxic.
So I’m going to begin with what toxic and narcissistic behaviours to look for in practitioners, then also what practitioners should watch out for in clients.
There is a big difference with a person wanting to acknowledge and heal toxic behaviours and this absolutely can be done, but a toxic person that either isn’t ready to, or just doesn’t want to which can edge on narcissistic traits. We all know narcissism cannot be healed. This will be a two part blog loves, there’s a bit I want to share.

Let’s start with narcissism in practitioners, healers, readers, ‘spiritual leadership’ also transformational workers, tantric workers, witches, shamans, new age whatevers, and of course counsellors, art therapists, psychologists and just goes on and on. It’s anywhere and everywhere.

There are different types of narcissists and I’ll cover the main ones I have witnessed in spiritual communities. Please know, some of these can overlap. This is just a bit of helpful knowledge for you, and one to observe to keep yourself safe. It’s a deep concern of mine as someone that heals. This does not help heal the earth which is all of us, and I encourage for you to keep growing your self awareness and be committed to your healing practice so you don’t find yourself in this position over and over again.

Traits of a narcissist 

This describes the classic narcissist, and these traits are included in the covert and the inverted narcissist which I will mention.
Let’s not forget the malignant narcissist which can be well hidden within spiritual communities too.

Classic narcissists are attention seekers who love to brag about their accomplishments and absolute expect others to flatter and compliment them. How often I’ve witnessed this behaviour in spiritual communities is outstanding.
Can be from the smallest thing of ‘I bought a new car to look at my new tattoo.’  Then we have the ‘I’ve been a practitioner for X amount of years’ and they tend to mention this often which makes them feel it gives them dominance over the profession, that they know it all so please everyone stand up and clap.
They’re the ones that love the constant selfies and sharing really personal information that may or may not be true. They love the spotlight and will use anyone or anything to get it. They love to name drop and they have this air to them that you absolutely should be putting them on the pedestal because in their mind they are better than you. The more knowledge they accumulate, they more they expect this.
They love conversations to be about them, and them only and can get jealous really easily though they may not show it. They just may ignore you or down play your own achievements, or even pick at the faults of what you have achieved.
They get bored easy, and there’s always the next something to do which of course will be announced so they can get a standing ovation for it.
You are their supply of self importance and any need they want fulfilled.
They don’t apologise for anything because they don’t believe they have to. They usually have a really polished public appearance as well.

Observe communication. Is it warm? Does it have a disconnection feel to it where it lacks connection? Or does it lack boundaries. It’s usually one or the other or both.
Is there a harshness in their communication and demeanour?
Are they pushy, controlling and get angry when you do, believe of say something wrong that doesn’t justify that kind of response?
Do they talk themselves up a lot?
Whether online or in person, observe their moods and their openness or lack of.

Most importantly listen to how your body feels when you speak with them, whether in person or online.
The thing is, with narcissists they can put on this front that everything about what and who they are is exciting, and if you stand back and watch, most people will react in this way feeding their supply. Though the thing is, it’s not excitement you’re feeling. It’s adrenalin. Adrenalin from having your trauma wounds poked, then what I’ve observed is people want to part of their life or circle to feed what most people think is excitement but it isn’t. This want, is a want to be acknowledged from the trauma wounds that’s been poked, and the more they poke at it, you’ll find that you want their attention more and more. This is when you’ll see the empty and desperate compliments feeding the narcissist, and there you have it my loves, the toxic cycle goes around and around.

Narcissists are desperate to feel important. So is a person that’s had their trauma wounds poked, and are not aware of their wound triggers. So you see how unhealthy and concerning this is and I am certain you’ve witnessed this more than once.

So let’s throw in the traits of a malignant narcissist, who is highly manipulative. Their primary focus is to dominate and control others and will use aggression, deceit and will lie to get their way. They usually have this cruel streak and have no empathy or remorse when hurting others. Please remember many of these traits can overlap.

I’ve just outed a narcissist and watched her flounder around trying her best to cover herself. After purposely using the word gypsy to hurt myself and my daughter with no remorse knowing our ethnicity (gypsy is a slur word towards Romani people) I watched her first aggressively and with no empathy push the issue. The woman’s also pale so there’s privilege in this behaviour too, but narcissists believe they’re entitled to special treatment.
I watched from aggression, to panic after I made a video about it, and as a clinical psychologist pointed out her behaviour and she shut down her reviews on her page. After she watched the video, she reinstated everything to save face, but then went on to write about that she’s a narcissist slayer yet has never spoke about the issue which I have screenshots of, to going back and manipulating people with her personal issues so people can pity her, then back to selfies, smearing with bullshit on other racial issues yet no problem to rip down a race of people that is deeply oppressed to cover her arse. It’s all fuckery but only those that are self aware and actively working on healing themselves and their trauma wounds will see this.

The traits of a covert narcissist is more passive aggressive in nature, and many miss seeing they’ve been manipulated. Though in saying that, a lot if this can be missed because you may not be having a personal relationship with any of these people but I always say loves, if you walk away from any person feeling confused, doubtful of who you are, not feeling good about yourself, emotionally heavy and anxious, you’ve more than likely been manipulated. You may agree with them then and there, but that’s more out of a shock response because your trauma wound has been poked at and clearly you’ve experienced this before. So you may walk away feeling like ‘what the fuck just happened,’ a dazed and an emotionally heavy feeling. The grief will follow suit a little later because this is how the trauma wound of those that have been manipulated one too many times and this wound usually stems from their childhoods.
So you could be in session with covert narcissist or just in conversation with them, but you’ll know after you’ve walked away from one.

The last one is the inverted narcissist.
Now the inverted narcissist is a covert and vulnerable narcissist that actually needs to make connections with other narcissists to feel special. So you may see this in spiritual circles where there’s more than one leading a workshop or whatever, or just need to be seen together. These narcissists are codependent on other narcissists and usually have experienced severe childhood abandonment. Nevertheless, they have these traits along with the usual narcissistic traits and can pull on the opinions of other narcissists to shame you, and it becomes bullying in the sense that how you feel is wrong and isn’t important, and I know many many people have experienced this in spiritual circles.

Toxic traits in spiritual practitioners has a lot to do with shaming a person with how they feel and lack boundaries. They are passive aggressive and aggressive as well. Their communication isn’t clear, and they have trouble saying what they really mean, so their communication will always feel like there is an undertone to what they actually are saying, and you’ll feel this unease. It’s also a feeling like you owe them something for helping you. They emanate a poisonous feel and is always pulling people down, are highly aggressive, manipulative, but can also play the victim really well. You will know by how they make you feel. It’s challenging to be around these people for long lengths of time. The difference between toxic behaviour and a narcissist, is toxicity has troubled and wounded behavioural patterns that stem from childhood but can be healed, where as a narcissist is a personality disorder and is a mental illness. People can have narcissist traits and not be a narcissist also. Usually these traits tend to stand in certain situations because they believe a certain something they refuse to let go which points out the wound pretty clearly. It’s really important to know the difference so the term narcissist isn’t the next thing to smear a person with. It’s serious and should be spoke about seriously.

Before I end this, I need to make clear that narcissists are also highly intuitive. I don’t know why people think they are not because you need intuition to manipulate and read people very well to maintain a false image. Narcissists are usually created from deep traumas from childhood, so a need for high senses is where intuition is strengthened. So please keep this in mind. Mix it with knowledge from books, and it’s a pretty potent mix to have in alternative communities.
I hope this gives you some helpful knowledge because it is a huge problem everywhere not just in spiritual communities it’s just there are a lot of vulnerable people seeking help that can be manipulated too easy. Will be back soon for blog number two. Don’t forget to visit my offical website here –>
With love xx
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The Depth of Real Healing

Let me put this out there and I will keep saying it because most people still don’t understand this.
Majority of my work is focused on healing, but reclaiming who you really are and giving love and presence to your wounds isn’t and shouldn’t turn you into a love and lighter. Someone that consistently sees positive only and always talking about love. You’ve all read those posts of everything is about love and it goes on and fucking on.
And it is about love, but not in the way most people understand and manipulated to think what love is and certainly not the above.

It’s not being a fucking door mat. It’s not about taking people’s shit and pretending it doesn’t bother you. It’s not about consistently seeing the good in people and only focusing on the ‘good’ bits when a person is a cunt, let’s be real here. All of those things is dissociation and screams that a person is fearing confrontation, fears the ability to stand for him or herself, shows there’s a need to go much deeper to heal than what you think you have. It also shows whatever you’re choosing to believe whether it’s a ‘spiritual’ belief or a conditioned one, is part of a wounded behavioural pattern and is creating more pain for you.

Let me lay this out for you as clear as I can.
Our wounds and traumas is part of who we are now. Regardless of how much self awareness you place around it and the reclamation you receive from it, it’s there for life. That’s a truth. It lessens over time with more presence, love and attention when you learn to love and live from the wounded place which is the real you within the pain.

We keep growing from these contracted places of energy and we’re meant to. I see and know that’s why our traumas are there. Yes it’s shitty and it’s painful but we’re all human and we all have them. They are not separate from you, they are you. Pieces of you that have been hurt, contracted energy that requires love, presence and focused attention to grow and receive wisdom and insight from.

Within these places of contracted energy, it feels more tumultuous and darker because they are contracted, so energy that is pulled in. When energy isn’t flowing in its natural state it hurts. That hurt can grow if there’s no consistent attention around it. Regardless, there will always be these places within us that when triggered, will pull us back into what feels like a wound. If we don’t work on our self awareness and presence we then fall back into trauma patterns.

Saying all of that now, within these dark contracted places when a person goes fucking deep with their healing and learn to love themselves there, they also see and understand the raw state of nature without the layers and expectations of conformity.
It’s wild, feral, fierce and loving. But within that loving place is a side of human nature most people ignore and don’t want to love. It is the truth of our nature that we can hurt others, be fucking cruel and kill. Let’s not pretend here because excusing it away isn’t seeing nature for what she really is.

When you learn to love and reclaim all of you, this is included and when healing is done right (yes there is many ways that isn’t which keeps people stuck in the superficiality of the wound and they continue to go round and around in patterns) you welcome this feral, raw twisted side of who you are and let him or her be part of your expression, you live it.

Now in most ‘spiritual’ belief systems, it’s consistently pushed this thing about love and it is about love but fuck, we need all of who we are to function and there are times when we need to do what we can to defend and look after ourselves and the ones we love. When we go bone deep with healing and knowing ourselves, we’re going to express and know this twisted and feral side of who we are and welcome it, love it.
So we wouldn’t put ourselves down for being cunty when needed because we’re loving and protecting ourselves when we do. So fuck the guilt off. The guilt is part of the wounded pattern in most situations. Raw nature is wild and untamed which is all of us. The balance of keeping yourself in check is always healing, staying present and rooted to the earth focusing on clear seeing.
Tired of reading this unrealistic view of self awareness which is doing nothing but creating more fear and widening self doubt feeding the wounds my loves. Meaning more people will be hurting, meaning less presence which means more destruction to the planet.

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The In between

In the place of not quite yet and still forming. There’s magic here. The many possibilities and questions of where to and which way feels right. The hunt, the transmutation and sharpened focus and deep as fuck listening. The deeper you go, the darker it is but how dark are you willing to be and how dark can you go? This bullshit of light versus dark and the misconception and lack of understanding that it’s all going to be ‘light’ and that fluffy ungrounded love that is fucking smeared with expectation each time you grow is not that. That’s catering to a lack of depth and understanding that is needing much more healing. I dare you to dive into the root cause of your wounds over and over again and love and live from that place. Not emerging upwards after receiving a little bit of wisdom and think you’re done. Far fucking from it.

Healing is also knowing and accepting all those parts of yourself the world has told you is shit. Allowing, loving and accepting yourself as whoever you are beneath all the wounds, false teachings and expectations. The ‘lightness’ is giving yourself permission to be whoever the fuck you are without feeling bad about it, without feeling weighed down that you need to be someone else that you are not and never will be. The fucking falseness of all this ‘spiritual’ whatever is misleading so many people into believing what is authentic and what is real. All I see over and over again is people placing themselves in these tiny little boxes to fit the image of what a ‘spiritually aware’ person is, but it’s all bullshit and just more expectation of being someone you are not. So really, how many people are actually healing and living authentically as the word gets thrown around in the white wash of more shitting marketing? Being yourself should be edged with difference that yes will confront conformity and should be formed in integrity if it’s true. Not the emptiness of image and the constant attention seeking that’s everywhere. Glamour isn’t needed when a person is real. Your real self has a presence of it’s own, and that realness wouldn’t think about using glamour. Why would you when there’s real power in being authentic..

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