A bit of temptation

Each layer of skin peeled one after another is really to bring you back so you can walk your power without losing your shit somewhere and all over the place. It’s not to attain a fucking thing and the closest thing to enlightenment you’ll achieve is a bleached arsehole if that’s your thing. Think messy and there you are, you’re at the beginning of knowing yourself. Man it’s all getting a bit boring.

So what if we instead looked at the pockets of juice that is wanting a little distraction and a little destruction. Those pockets of ‘what ifs’ layered with desire and darkness, and some of it shamed for being taboo or just because you like something too much that maybe ain’t good for you or you just know deep down if you go there it’ll transform your world, but how that will be is another thing. It’s those places of hell yeah and hell no you want to make a bridge between. How much fire and pain can we unearth here even just for a little bit? Because these spaces are bitey and full of trickery and most people know they’re playing themselves with their own weaknesses most of the time, but the pull of that need within that place you love to indulge and run from is worth the time to know. Can you say you really know yourself without challenging these spaces and know your own limitations and soft spots that are seeking a lot fucking more than a big dick and a bottle of Beam to soothe it.

I know when we enter here it will take everything you have and the best of you, so why not if you get a bit of naughty play that you want to tell no one and everyone about. Who is the person that lives in this space?

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I love knowing I'm not the only one chasing wild between layers of darkness (6)

Hoodoo and Woowoo

When you’ve been practising witchcraft for many years you absolutely expect experience and an absolute know how and should absolutely have a defined craft.
Raw yes, but not child like, inexperienced work and you certainly don’t dump it on social media for the world to see unless it’s a past working.
When you have a natural knowing and respect for the craft including maturity, and age has fuck all to do with it, you get it and you understand the importance of building energy, of keeping your craft quiet to let it ‘soak’ and ‘build’ in the dark…but that’s when you can sniff out inexperience, immaturity, and narcissism- the usual and constant attention seeking. You can pass it up when you see much younger practitioners but as you get older from 25 onwards and it’s still being done, and then the ongoing online arse licking session within the same toxicity, then you have to stop and ask yourself, what the hell is going on here?  Racism, toxicity and narcissism in so called conscious communities.

When emotion is struck hard because let’s say narc Karen is upset because she had to fake an apology for being racist, you can clearly see the build up of toxicity that ultimately leads to bullshit immature craft and when someone is much much older, you expect maturity. You expect experience, you expect the childish antics and attention seeking to stop, but not if they’re emotionally unbalanced.
The show pony and loneliness stands out a mile away and so does the lack of experience and neediness. The insincerity and constant pedestalling and the gathering of toxic behaviour is not witch, shaman, healer, or reader.

There’s healthy rage, fuck yes for sure, but not a healthy rage if you’re being pulled up on a humanitarian issue and you behave like a spoilt child because your unstable belief that you can do anything is challenged and your white privilege can’t stand it so you gather your flying monkeys to do your dirty work.
It’s a shame for the narc, because they’re not very bright when their flying monkeys add the name of their narcissist in their messages which is all too easy to be screen shot and shared to show the sequence and behaviour of the narc and their flying monkeys to the world, and the true colours of the narc is revealed. It’s almost as bad as Karen’s hoodoo.

To answer this question that I’ve been asked so many times over, when it comes to toxicity and narcissism the pretend witchery doesn’t work. There needs to be knowing, clarity and presence within the emotional and mental body to connect clearly with the spirit in your workings, committed to consistent growth so it definitely adds another element of entertainment and stupidity.

This behaviour is rife in the so called spiritual communities, and it’s boring. When you mix pretend power which is just but hurt feelings and rage with toxicity and white privilege which is just another layer of toxic shit, ya get fuckery. It’s just a group of angry white women trying to dominate what they can’t and what they don’t have- power.

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What Ancestral Witchcraft is not

Because I have to, and it seems it needs to be said over and over again. Please don’t ever lump me in with the rest of what most people know to be witchcraft, that is not and never will be me.

So let me say….. ancestral healing goes hand in hand with ancestral witchcraft. Can’t have one without the other. Healing is the bones of witchery as is your conscious and deep relationship to self, earth and ancestors.
Anything else isn’t witchery it’s fuckery, and there’s a lot of fuckery out there. Don’t have to have to like it, I’m not here to please.

If you want to revel in glamour and toxic white privilege behaviour where you don’t want to take responsibility and use excuses like ‘there’s room for everyone’ of course there is but responsibility comes with witch as does walking this earth which includes being held accountable and seeing the depth of what this behaviour actually does to the earth, and witches will know that without me saying shit or needing to debate common sense.

Unthreading systematic oppression which includes white privilege is a big part of walking your ancestral path and not just throwing any excuse out when it feels convenient which I see very much with white privilege.
My work and pages isn’t here to make anyone comfortable particularly white feelings around human rights issues. I understand it may hurt and there’s shame connected to this, if you’re wanting to learn, decolonise and heal, welcome. But if you know witchcraft as what’s mostly out there superficial white washing of a deep earth practice, cultural appropriation, toxic and narcissistic behaviour, white privilege and racism and there’s a fuck load of that happening, I’m not for you.
I stand for the earth and all people with equality and presence.

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Keep it Humble

We all do things deliberately whether we want to admit it or not to ourselves, especially if it’s cunty, or we need to get shit done for the right reasons because you can smell the mess another person is spreadin feeling like they’re a little too special for others because they’re blinded by their own fuckery. They’re own pain they’ve lost themselves in and they twist and warp what should be clear to see, but for many reasons why they can’t or won’t. That’s life.

Or they may feel they’re accomplished and pretty damn awesome at what they do, or they have an overgrown ego the size of a house because they keep feedin on others to get that next ego stroke because their too insecure, whatever, it leads to the same thing…and it may seem harmless at first until they start thinking they’re better than others. They start hurting people, or talking about others they say they’re friends with. Or they hurt their own children, or fuck over their business partner, cheat on their partner…whatever the reason they start losin their footing in realty and hurting people deliberately.

People like myself, we like to observe. We take everything in. We see and let the cigar smoke speak to us..and we sit and we sit..and we keep sitting patiently till the timing is right.

I’ve gone years to handle a situation that needed handling, waiting for the right time for it to be finally dealt with. There really is a timing for everything.

So if you come into my space or someone I love or care about and you fuck around…and maybe you can’t see that you are because you’re too self absorbed but you just refuse to take no for a fucking answer.

Then you gotta think..

How do you know if I tricked you to walk right into the web I created for you because you were too blinded by your own glamour to see the truth of what you’re doing?
How do you know I didn’t see that months ahead? How do you know that I was a willing participant to the fuckery to grow past myself because I watched myself be manipulated and I knew I had to grow past it?

Tricky, tricky…witchery..

So then how do you know the rage you feel to throw that hex would actually hit, but instead rebound back on you because it was seen months before it happened by the person you’re throwin at? And if you weren’t so blinded by your own trickery, you would know it wouldn’t be good for you. Keep your work and yourself humble. Know yourself is what I’m sayin, knowing you are no higher or lower than any living being because we’re all made of the same special somethin, regardless of what we do or don’t know. The more you know, the closer to earth you should be.

Do you see where I’m goin with this story? The web of self deceit and the use of trickery and growth watchin yourself in the space that feels sticky and you know it.
Growth is a painful bitch but a beautiful one, and there’s something about observin yourself in action to grow and let the truth speak for itself..

Trickery is one of my favourite forms of witchcraft and if you know yourself real well, you can spin that trick around to see the truth about yourself and others.

Trickery is clear and it isn’t either..


The Rage

It’s a quiet a simmer
That rage
Each time you drop in deeper and deeper still
It’s nails digging into a wound you’ve done everything to protect
Wide open
Forever picking at the stitches
Masking it with the right words and behaviours
So no one can ever see what you’re afraid of seeing
This rawness you want to stay hidden
Yet it festers and it grows
A rage so big you want it to consume you
Oh and you do
You want nothing more than to show the world how dark it is in here, don’t you?

You don’t fear death and you don’t fear pain
You fear being trapped
Living an existence that you know isn’t fucking real
But you’re too afraid of not fitting in with the same fucking clones out there
The same ones masking the same bullshit
So you pretend, and keep pretending
Then soon, here and there it starts to slip
That rage of yours
You say something that’s out of your ‘character’
And it drives you to pick that fight, say exactly what’s on your mind
Fucking conjure that chaos
Get revenge..and it’s all fucking delicious and you mean it don’t you..

We’re both smiling now aren’t we..

Part of you wants to drive that knife in
But a bigger part of you wants to be free
It’s freedom.
Freedom to be yourself
No matter how dark
How fucking weird, how offensive it may be to some
You just want to breathe
To know what it’s like to be the real you without giving a flying fuck what anyone thinks..

And if you got this far, that isn’t a big ask
To be you
To be free
That rage is asking you something over and over again
It doesn’t go away because there’s always more, there’s always more..
Are you listening?
Because the only person you need to confront,
The only person you really need to love, to commit and not abandon
To be present to be that freedom, to know..

Is you.

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Artist- Guy Denning, 1965

Doll Making

Doll making is used all over the world in many different cultures though most know it as voodoo dolls mostly from over sensationalised coverage in movies seeing it used to cause harm only, smearing African culture and Vodou as a practice that it’s bad or evil, not the case at all. Far fucking from it. That’s another discussion which I will go into at some point. I will skim the surface for a few reasons why dolls can be used, and skimming the surface because it isn’t a practice I would elaborate on because there’s always unskilled and inexperienced practitioners that believe they’re more experienced than what they actually they are.

Dolls are not only created to harm but to heal and a lot more in between. I think it’s important to eradicate this misconception as it’s another misconception around folk magic practices. An experienced practitioner can use a doll however he/she needs. Dolls can be used to hold residual energy of a person that is living or in spirit so not only to cause harm, it can be used to heal. For those that have a challenging time letting go of someone they love, a doll can be used to bridge the spiritual and the physical. How you feel about that is personal to each practitioner, but it can also be used to ‘ground’ a person that has died to inflict continual torture so the person does not rest.

Dolls can be created to protect, to use in the form of communication and to dominate. When I speak of protection, it’s manifesting the power of protection in the doll and for more experienced practitioners, drawing down and channelling residual energy of a protective spirit. Yes it can be used to manifest the residual energy of a spirit you’re working with, but again you need to know what you’re doing and how to care for it. This is a skill that takes years to master. It can only be manifested by a practised and powerful witch with strong mediumship ability. This is potent magic in the hands of a skilled practitioner. It isn’t something to play or fuck with.

You see mostly nowadays, dolls are created with basic materials usually just cloth with bagged in herbs, stuffing, but the more raw and elaborate a doll is manifesting very specific detail of the energy the practitioner feels and knows, the more power and potency it holds. An experienced practitioner has a strong connection with spirit world, and the potency of the doll becomes effective as soon as they hold the person or reason of creation and begins to source out materials. It’s almost like conception and the gestation period because you feel the energy moving as soon as you decide to create a doll. There ‘s something about manifesting a human like form with such focus, care and will. It has a life and power of it’s own, and the sad thing these days you see so many not respecting the gift of doll making seeing it as something to grab attention just to take another picture on social media, but when dolls are used for a specific purpose and it’s power valued, posing on social media showing ‘look what I can do’ takes a big part of it’s essence away from the lack of respect. Yes, that’s my opinion and knowing.

There’s a way to construct dolls that isn’t taught in books, but a knowing that makes them potent as fuck which I’m not going to share. But what I will share are these pictures below. Have a look at this African fetishes, then click the link to read more beneath the picture.


Click here to read more on the photograph above: http://www.randafricanart.com/Bakongo_Nkondi_figure.html

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Ancestral Magic, Expression of Raw Wildness

I saw the doll you made for me
I was shown before you did
So imma make one out of clay just for you
Juice it up real good
From the oils grandma told me to make
Then I put things in your mouth I’m not gonna tell
Pinned your eyelids shut
Put knotted cord in your heart drenched in crossroads dirt and herbs uncle said that’ll work
I put somethin real special in that stomach of yours
Had some pins made especially for you friend
I put them in singin a song my aunt taught me
I let it dry and
Drenched it with honey and let the ants feed on ya
Your magic don’t work here woman
My ancestors have my back for da longest time
And what you throw
I know how to grow more power from
They taught me that too.

I haven’t met many Australians that have a strong relationship with their cultural background. A lot of folk magic and witchcraft have been taken from books and not from their own roots. Book craft as I call it, is really superficial and doesn’t hold much power.
Real witchery is ancestral, it’s a knowing in your bones. It’s a loud voice that doesn’t stop speaking.
What most don’t understand is with folk magic, anything goes. It takes care of anything that’s needed to be taken care of, and all the hoo har of not harming a person doesn’t exist here at all. There’s no threefold law, there’s nothing like that. You take care of what you need to take care of. You take care of your business and use what you know when needed.

I spend most of my time healing people and there’s always the other loud part that needs expression.
Ancestral work isn’t fluffy, the raw wild wants to play as much as it wants to help, and to grow power all of you needs expression. It’s loving yourself hard knowing there’s no bad side, it’s nature, human nature but we’ve all been taught there a parts of who we are that are bad. By society, religious abuse and let’s not forget the pain of intergenerational trauma which is woven into our families so the push to be good all the time is an always pressure in this so called civilised society.

It’s not civilised when we’re taught over and over again to deny our real nature, that it’s okay to abuse nature, to constantly take from her and never give back. To not care for her. Certain races have certain privileges and others don’t, let’s be real here. The rich and the poor, the constant division. Nothin civilised about it.
The oppression of who we really are feeds the confusion and self doubt, there’s no freedom there and that’s exactly what society wants.
You’re not free, you’re controlled and your ancestral exploration will really show you what needs freeing, healing and expression. I’m not just freeing and healing myself, I’m freeing and healing the people behind me and the ones coming after me.
We’re taught to listen to everyone else but our own ancestors and ourselves, the wisdom from our cultures and nature.
All control, why it’s time to come home back to your roots.
While some are over there judging what I do is ‘bad’ I say when you really see yourself and work with your own, have a strong relationship with nature then you’ll see who I really am.

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Stand in the Chaos – real healing

Usually at the core of a wound there is more than one belief that a person fixates on, and you’ll know it when you feel the core of it, because there’s struggle with moving on and letting go and coming to an understanding. It’s in that place, right there you need to stand strong in it and challenge yourself to feel it all, acknowledge the beliefs and the chatter that it tells you ‘it has to be this way or that’ to allow some breathing space to receive knowing.

That actually is the easy bit. Even though you may have struggled your way through, and you may even push yourself to a point where you feel so fucking stressed that you have no choice but to surrender because the pressure is too much. The pressure is overthinking things and feeling confused, and confusion isn’t a bad thing it’s showing that you’re caught between knowing and old conditioned thinking. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we need to get to that point to break things open and most of the time we do.

After receiving clarity, you’ll feel lighter but it’s here my loves, that you must not lose your footing and focus. It’s too easy to lose yourself in all the good feels after struggle, but the real work is staying focused, feeling and acknowledging your conditioned patterns and acting on what your knowing is telling you. People fall back into old habitual patterns too easy IF they don’t stay grounded and focused on this new life that’s unfolding from new choices and decisions they’re making. When you choose to make a conscious choice to not relive old patterns, that is an ongoing commitment and why staying grounded throughout has to be, because as soon as you stick head up arse because it all feels good now, you’ll lose yourself again and again. You don’t need a holiday from being grounded or from the heavy stuff, you need to stay in it for it move, to practice healing. Healing is after all, a practice. 

Three oils I highly recommend to support the process of healing and taking the edge off anxiety and depression is, Calma, Rise oils and Wortcunner oil or balm (the balm’s my favourite) all created for my family and clients when I do body work sessions and now I’m sharing it with the rest of the world. You can purchase it here my loves: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/other-folk-magic-oils-healing-oils-raw-herbal-incense


Healing is a Practice

Healing is a practice, some know that and some still can’t receive the knowing, and that’s because of what we’ve been taught over and over and over again, that you get to a place after a certain amount of time of ‘healing’ and all should be well.
We’ve been taught this through the system and if you’ve done a certain amount of healing you should be good now and if not here’s some pills, something must be wrong with you. Not usually the case.

New age shit show teaches the same or to bypass your fears and every emotion that’s uncomfortable and one or both seems to be an ingrained belief with most, like light and dark.
Through religious abuse it’s ingrained that light is good and darkness is bad. That’s not a truth, and no matter how many times it’s said most people can’t receive it because of trauma.

The thing is, we have to feel and understand our traumas to really practice healing. Without understanding and knowing our triggers, patterns, the emotions that flood through once our traumas have been triggered and be present with it all, it’s impossible to really heal. Because what happens is the trauma is triggered (daily and most people are unaware of this) and without awareness (attention) and presence, you’ll be lost in the same cyclic patterns of your traumas.
This is why healing has to be a practice, a daily practice of knowing and understanding yourself which is ongoing. The deeper you go, the more intensely these traumas can be felt as you slowly plant your feet in the core of the pain, and once you keep present with it, it lessens.
You can feel the full flush of emotion and observe yourself. This level of attention takes lots of practice and a ton of patience.

I purposely speak about healing on a witch page because first that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. Second it’s rife in the ‘spiritual’ communities where people bypass bullshit to fit an ideal or belief in their head so they don’t need to do the necessary work to live a spiritually aware life. To cut through the lies and bullshit that’s out there. To dismantle the pedestaling of those that cultivate attention to stay ‘known’ pulling on the neediness and wounds of others.
And of course I’ve dedicated my life to support women to heal, that’s what I do, it’s what I teach. I teach independence so you can be your own healer and not feel you have to depend on ongoing sessions particularly when something sudden happens and you can’t get to someone in that moment for support, in saying that it must always be balanced in knowing and having the courage to reach out when needed. Most important.

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Tricky, tricky

Domination of a person I’m all for, as long as you know what you’re doing. Spell work yes, but also trick work. Yes you will achieve the outcome that you want, but how is it costing you? Can you see through your own bullshit?


It’s an area I love playing in. The fuckery most people think witchery is, all fucking unicorns and healing, is not. You can’t have only healing, there’s no sense in this because you can’t heal if you haven’t died more than once. Real healing is deep, and you can’t reach into the depth you need to be to heal, to know, and that knowing consists of death and chaos and the many fucking layers this can mean in between when needed.
And the ‘there’s enough destruction in the world’ doesn’t work here.
There is magic when a real conjure woman or man throws a working your way, they also know where there’s destruction and there’s growth and new life. If you see the learning you’ll grow, but if you choose not to, you’ll be destroyed.
Real conjure people love hard, and they destroy hard too. We know there’s no shame in that.
This superiority of avoidance just shows how much healing needs to be done and it’s a huge weakness for any person proclaiming they’re witch. You’re showing the rest of us your weaknesses, because we’re not nice people and if you think we are, you’re tricking yourself.

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