Oppression of the ‘Crazy Woman’

One of the most common fears women share about stepping into her power is being seen as crazy. It’s up there with ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone with my rage, and what if they don’t like me and leave ?’
It speaks volumes as women how we are conditioned to fear our individuality, our true self expression. Not the trauma response of ‘nice’ and people pleasing, but at the core of how she really feels and who she really is.
And those trauma responses woman, listen to them. Learn to be present when you’re feeling something from another person knowing you can’t be your real self with them. Watch this so you don’t turn it inwards believing there’s something wrong with you and you spiral down into self rejection attacking yourself and contracting your power.

The oppression we all know is to contain a woman’s power so she can mimic and obey the oppressed masculine. Obey or you’ll be rejected, isolated and ostracised.
And women do it to women too, it’s an ingrained dysfunctional behaviour to void the feminine unless she’s obeying to something unnatural and false to who she really is so it feeds the conformed expectation of colonisation.

That trauma response of masking niceness with people pleasing because there’s a strong fear within her that she knows when a person expects a woman to behave to the oppression of colonisation, and if she doesn’t there’s something wrong with her.

Anything outside this bullshit box is crazy and will be rejected even those that say they don’t but refuse to be inclusive by not living the mindfulness and presence of inclusion and instead falls reign to colonisation and white supremacy which should also show you that to unthread, understand, know and be present with this bullshit inside it takes inner work and daily presence.

Now that I’ve laid that out, this week I will share a little about reclamation of feminine power through goddess myth untangling the religious influence of upholding this power as a statue on a table usually named as an altar which I don’t use (and I’ll explain why in my next post) instead of living the embodiment which is what the practice be.
To be continued.

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The Provocation of Darkness

Nothing will ever be a straight line when you’re claimed by the darkness, and that’s how we love it. We’re made for riding chaos till we know how to direct and stand in it. Loving the destruction for all the spontaneity and the transformative fire that it is. The feeling of pain is ecstatic in this depth when you can hold it with presence and let it reveal the ancestral wisdom beneath it all , for the love of mystery. No I never get sick of living what I’m lovin.

I had a conversation yesterday about the provocation of darkness in both it’s meanings. The feeling of desire that darkness entices but also evokes and it’s really this ecstatic energy of pure creational force when it’s on the edges of the unknown and however this spontaneous energy emerges into, the peak of risk and not knowing is enticing to those that have lived with trauma and know the feeling well of consistent uncertainty that feels almost desirable when it’s been trained to think it’s love. Though don’t we learn when we’ve repeated the same bullshit for long enough how those two feelings can be mistaken for the same experience, when it is and it isn’t. It is because it opens the same doorway to creation and mystery, but how it’s repeatedly opened is the issue. Is it because you are in control of your own chaos and know how to direct it to open more space for transformative healing, or are you doing it creating painful destructive experiences that open the same door to know but you never walk through it because you’re not walking your chaos with presence and understanding? Big fucking difference.

Most seduced by the darkness of witchcraft, don’t usually understand what they’re opening or what they’re seduced by believing the stereotype of what witch is not, and not understanding how vast that opening is. Where you’ll see some deep dive here and there, and/or chaos constantly showing up to strip the lies they’re choosing to live because this wildness we walk ain’t going to let you shit in the woods and call yourself a bear. It will kick you in the cunt over and over again whether you get it or not. You opened the door, now take responsibility basically. This is not a road to nowhere and everywhere that is half lived. It will ask for the very best of you, so all that childish cultural appropriation shit so many adults choosing to be distracted and let’s not forget disrespectful with, will keep them binded in one place circling their shit and believing they’re growing, ya know trickery. Being fucked by your own hidden fuckery growing the never ending thirst for real power that will never be if you’ve entered this with betraying your own self respect and lack there of for our mother.

This space where so many live their own tricks because they can’t see or transform what is needed to surrender to what they’re chasing and running from all at the same time. The depth of their own ancestral wisdom used against them. You know, the provocation and trickery of one’s own darkness.

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Rage Against Shame

Our ancestral war cries is found in the peak of blinding white rage, right in the fucking source and regardless of the fear around embracing the power of it, some eventually do. At times all at once, then at times slowly, slowly either way it’s the voice of knowing that drives you forward the more you listen and act on it, the stronger and clearer it gets.

This isn’t just focused personal growth of growing from behavioural patterns, I’m talking learning how to feed wounds with enough rage to fight for yourself, and no matter how ugly or fucked up that may look, because I’m not talking about being a better human, I’m talking about being a real one.
It’s not all wrapped up in being fucking ‘good’ that’s not authentic as much as most want to hide behind it.
This constant lets all be fucking good, also hinders the strengthening of standing strong in disagreement and conflict feeding the shame and anxiety of getting it wrong deepening the fear of sitting in the pain of it. This creates so much fuckery in relationships. I am not saying to be an outright cunt particularly in regards to environmental and human rights issues, I’m talking about relaxing into the knowing and expression of you. Gotta fuck the shame off. Observe it, each time you’re feeling you’re overly extending yourself to be fucking good, ask why. What’s motivating you, this need to be liked because of the anxiety beneath it telling you in order to liked you gotta be good and fulfil the expectation of your own and others and that includes being good, I say fucken bullshit.
Ancestral liberation is the action, healing and expression from the inside out.

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Traits of a Spiritual Narcissist- (pt 1)

I’ve been reading and healing people for a long time. I started reading when I was 16. I was born with the natural gift of sight and mediumship ability and I love what I do. My healing abilities ‘woke’ when I was 25 and I began body sessions offering my services to begin with for no exchange. So a long while. I’m 44 this year and I’ve seen it all in so called spiritual communities and I’m sick and tired of it. Actually that’s an understatement.
From toxic narcissistic practitioners to clients that are just the same. This will never stop, because toxic clients that are stuck in their patterns and will always be seeking attention only to avoid their issues, and toxic and narcissistic practitioners will always be in any spiritual community because it’s a strong supply of attention and pedestaling they need to survive. First I want to say, not all toxic people are narcissists but all narcissists are toxic.
So I’m going to begin with what toxic and narcissistic behaviours to look for in practitioners, then also what practitioners should watch out for in clients.
There is a big difference with a person wanting to acknowledge and heal toxic behaviours and this absolutely can be done, but a toxic person that either isn’t ready to, or just doesn’t want to which can edge on narcissistic traits. We all know narcissism cannot be healed. This will be a two part blog loves, there’s a bit I want to share.

Let’s start with narcissism in practitioners, healers, readers, ‘spiritual leadership’ also transformational workers, tantric workers, witches, shamans, new age whatevers, and of course counsellors, art therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists..it just goes on and on. It’s anywhere and everywhere.

There are different types of narcissists and I’ll cover the main ones I have witnessed in spiritual communities. Please know, some of these can overlap. This is just a bit of helpful knowledge for you, and one to observe to keep yourself safe. It’s a deep concern of mine as someone that heals. This does not help heal the earth which is all of us, and I encourage for you to keep growing your self awareness and be committed to your healing practice so you don’t find yourself in this position over and over again.

Traits of a narcissist 

This describes the classic narcissist, and these traits are included in the covert and the inverted narcissist which I will mention.
Let’s not forget the malignant narcissist which can be well hidden within spiritual communities too.

Classic narcissists are attention seekers who love to brag about their accomplishments and absolute expect others to flatter and compliment them. How often I’ve witnessed this behaviour in spiritual communities is outstanding.
Can be from the smallest thing of ‘I bought a new car to look at my new tattoo.’  Then we have the ‘I’ve been a practitioner for X amount of years’ and they tend to mention this often which makes them feel it gives them dominance over the profession, that they know it all so please everyone stand up and clap.
They’re the ones that love the constant selfies and sharing really personal information that may or may not be true. They love the spotlight and will use anyone or anything to get it. They love to name drop and they have this air to them that you absolutely should be putting them on the pedestal because in their mind they are better than you. The more knowledge they accumulate, they more they expect this.
They love conversations to be about them, and them only and can get jealous really easily though they may not show it. They just may ignore you or down play your own achievements, or even pick at the faults of what you have achieved.
They get bored easy, and there’s always the next something to do which of course will be announced so they can get a standing ovation for it.
You are their supply of self importance and any need they want fulfilled.
They don’t apologise for anything because they don’t believe they have to. They usually have a really polished public appearance as well.

Observe communication. Is it warm? Does it have a disconnection feel to it where it lacks connection? Or does it lack boundaries. It’s usually one or the other or both.
Is there a harshness in their communication and demeanour?
Are they pushy, controlling and get angry when you do, believe of say something wrong that doesn’t justify that kind of response?
Do they talk themselves up a lot?
Whether online or in person, observe their moods and their openness or lack of.

Most importantly listen to how your body feels when you speak with them, whether in person or online.
The thing is, with narcissists they can put on this front that everything about what and who they are is exciting, and if you stand back and watch, most people will react in this way feeding their supply. Though the thing is, it’s not excitement you’re feeling. It’s adrenalin. Adrenalin from having your trauma wounds poked, then what I’ve observed is people want to part of their life or circle to feed what most people think is excitement but it isn’t. This want, is a want to be acknowledged from the trauma wounds that’s been poked, and the more they poke at it, you’ll find that you want their attention more and more. This is when you’ll see the empty and desperate compliments feeding the narcissist, and there you have it my loves, the toxic cycle goes around and around.

Narcissists are desperate to feel important. So is a person that’s had their trauma wounds poked, and are not aware of their wound triggers. So you see how unhealthy and concerning this is and I am certain you’ve witnessed this more than once.

So let’s throw in the traits of a malignant narcissist, who is highly manipulative. Their primary focus is to dominate and control others and will use aggression, deceit and will lie to get their way. They usually have this cruel streak and have no empathy or remorse when hurting others. Please remember many of these traits can overlap.

I’ve just outed a narcissist and watched her flounder around trying her best to cover herself. After purposely using the word gypsy to hurt myself and my daughter with no remorse knowing our ethnicity (gypsy is a slur word towards Romani people) I watched her first aggressively and with no empathy push the issue. The woman’s also pale so there’s privilege in this behaviour too, but narcissists believe they’re entitled to special treatment.
I watched from aggression, to panic after I made a video about it, and as a clinical psychologist pointed out her behaviour and she shut down her reviews on her page. After she watched the video, she reinstated everything to save face, but then went on to write about that she’s a narcissist slayer yet has never spoke about the issue which I have screenshots of, to going back and manipulating people with her personal issues so people can pity her, then back to selfies, smearing with bullshit on other racial issues yet no problem to rip down a race of people that is deeply oppressed to cover her arse. It’s all fuckery but only those that are self aware and actively working on healing themselves and their trauma wounds will see this.

The traits of a covert narcissist is more passive aggressive in nature, and many miss seeing they’ve been manipulated. Though in saying that, a lot if this can be missed because you may not be having a personal relationship with any of these people but I always say loves, if you walk away from any person feeling confused, doubtful of who you are, not feeling good about yourself, emotionally heavy and anxious, you’ve more than likely been manipulated. You may agree with them then and there, but that’s more out of a shock response because your trauma wound has been poked at and clearly you’ve experienced this before. So you may walk away feeling like ‘what the fuck just happened,’ a dazed and an emotionally heavy feeling. The grief will follow suit a little later because this is how the trauma wound of those that have been manipulated one too many times and this wound usually stems from their childhoods.
So you could be in session with covert narcissist or just in conversation with them, but you’ll know after you’ve walked away from one.

The last one is the inverted narcissist.
Now the inverted narcissist is a covert and vulnerable narcissist that actually needs to make connections with other narcissists to feel special. So you may see this in spiritual circles where there’s more than one leading a workshop or whatever, or just need to be seen together. These narcissists are codependent on other narcissists and usually have experienced severe childhood abandonment. Nevertheless, they have these traits along with the usual narcissistic traits and can pull on the opinions of other narcissists to shame you, and it becomes bullying in the sense that how you feel is wrong and isn’t important, and I know many many people have experienced this in spiritual circles.

Toxic traits in spiritual practitioners has a lot to do with shaming a person with how they feel and lack boundaries. They are passive aggressive and aggressive as well. Their communication isn’t clear, and they have trouble saying what they really mean, so their communication will always feel like there is an undertone to what they actually are saying, and you’ll feel this unease. It’s also a feeling like you owe them something for helping you. They emanate a poisonous feel and is always pulling people down, are highly aggressive, manipulative, but can also play the victim really well. You will know by how they make you feel. It’s challenging to be around these people for long lengths of time. The difference between toxic behaviour and a narcissist, is toxicity has troubled and wounded behavioural patterns that stem from childhood but can be healed, where as a narcissist is a personality disorder and is a mental illness. People can have narcissist traits and not be a narcissist also. Usually these traits tend to stand in certain situations because they believe a certain something they refuse to let go which points out the wound pretty clearly. It’s really important to know the difference so the term narcissist isn’t the next thing to smear a person with. It’s serious and should be spoke about seriously.

Before I end this, I need to make clear that narcissists are also highly intuitive. I don’t know why people think they are not because you need intuition to manipulate and read people very well to maintain a false image. Narcissists are usually created from deep traumas from childhood, so a need for high senses is where intuition is strengthened. So please keep this in mind. Mix it with knowledge from books, and it’s a pretty potent mix to have in alternative communities.
I hope this gives you some helpful knowledge because it is a huge problem everywhere not just in spiritual communities it’s just there are a lot of vulnerable people seeking help that can be manipulated too easy. Will be back soon for blog number two. Don’t forget to visit my offical website here –> https://snakeandwildroots.com.au
With love xx
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The Other Side of Privilege

I’m a proud multicultural woman. I love my roots and where I come from. I have spent the past weeks publicly educating people that gypsy is a slur word after white privilege pushing the issue.

After dealing with a racial situation in more ways than one, I could feel the other part of me being pulled in. I wanted to go back to my shamanic roots and reconnect with the mixture of Asian roots that I am proudly from. I’m still in it. Transforming, learning, growing, listening. To be at peace and be with what I know is real. It’s a painful waste of time to defend the bones of who you are. I wish there was no need for it. 

But I want to talk racism. The systems we live under in Australia. It’s a fact and unless you’re ethnic or indigenous to this land, you wouldn’t know any better. 

I want to start with saying, my grandfather that I never met is Romani. My daughters father has Jewish Romani blood and was also affected by the privilege of one particular person that pushed the issue and continued to use the word gypsy. Instead of an apology, white privilege pushes the issue, why? Because she can. She knew she would have the support of other privileged people. Privilege sees, ‘how dare I pull up a pale person on using the word gypsy?’ ‘Privilege screams, ‘I’m no victim’ instead of seeing that this is a humanity issue. This is not the only example and I can line up my fellow Roma’s and we all have stories to tell. Romani people are still very much oppressed in Europe. It is only now people are slowly listening and understanding gypsy is a slur word. It is only in the last three or four years people are slowly listening to what we have to say. Sad, but true. 

The beautiful thing in my experience, is minority groups stick together. I’ve had plenty of chats and support from other cultures not to mention the Romani groups I am part of and the people I know. I can’t tell you how much this helps the heart. There’s a presence and an understanding that doesn’t require words. A genuine heart connection of ‘I got you.’ I also want to shout out to the beautiful loves that have surrounded me and my daughter on this issue. You know who you all are. I appreciate you all for giving me the care and understanding to speak up. For supporting us and showing me your humanity. It only brings people closer and I’m grateful for it. Some of you also may not see it as a big deal because the word gypsy has been romanticised and it is not what most people think it is. But this post isn’t about explaining this again. If you want to know head over here: Romani Alliance 

This is about racism and pale privilege. My parents came over to Australia by ship and met over here. To sum it up, my mother is mixed European and Romani and my father is mixed Asian. Both speak more than one language. Both have accents. My mother is pale and my father is what most people will describe as black but I call him brown because that’s what he is. I’ve never met a black person but varying shades of brown. 

I have watched both of my parents experience racism. Every member of my family has and for myself personally I still do. These systems we live under are created for pale people to benefit from and for the rest of us to believe a skin colour is better than the rest. This toxic belief has ripped through cultures with such ferocity. And many pale skinned people still live by this, and there are many that are working through this trauma and toxicity and I say thank you, because you’re healing more than yourself. Because it is a trauma to believe one colour of the earth is better than the other. It is a trauma to have your own culture destroyed to believe in something that not only keeps you from knowing who you really are, but the pain of not knowing your ancestors and your own roots. I can understand this can be a reason why people hold onto what they have been taught, but I say to you friend- go deeper. For you, for the earth, for all of us. 

I have a tonne of experiences to share but I’ll just point out a few foundational ones. When I was six, my father came home bleeding and bruised because eight pale European men he worked with waited for him to finish night shift and beat him so bad he couldn’t see out of his eyes leaving his face and much of his body bruised and swollen. Why? because he’s brown and Asian. I remember how that made me feel, and it does affect you. The first four years of schooling I was picked on by the same four white girls that called me derogatory names for having brown skin. This started when I was five and didn’t end until I left the school. I was pushed by two of them and cut my head open the exact outcome they wanted. How do I know? Because they laughed as blood was dripping down my face. I’ll never forget the hatred behind it. My brown skin made them sick. Every day they told me I was disgusting. They weren’t punished, and it won’t come to any surprise to you one of their mothers called me a racist derogatory name and denied it when my mother confronted her. Said I imagine it. Not only racist, but too scared to be honest about it when confronted. 

My next primary school more white kids told me that my brown skin was disgusting and it wasn’t till my indigenous brothers and sisters pulled me aside and said, ‘don’t worry sis you come hang out with us.’ They’re understanding and compassion saved me as my rage grew over through my teenage years because this shit didn’t lessen and not because it was just my personal experience. I hate racism. I don’t understand how people can hate so hard even with all the reasoning and trauma experiences behind it. I don’t understand this kind of hatred. 

I watched pale men speak to my mother likes she’s stupid because she has a strong accent. Like she’s their property for them to sleaze over hoping for a fuck. In my late teens I would go out with my father and have pale skinned men look at my father like he’s a piece of shit and that some how he’s taking advantage of me. I would walk past them and yell ‘he’s my fucking father’ most of them would look away embarrassed. I bring this up because this is what I now experience with my daughter. She’s 19, paler skin than myself and every time we go out I am looked at like I’m abusing her. We don’t know any of these people and of course they don’t know our relationship. It hurts her and I try not to let it bother me. All the people that look at us that way have pale skin. So unless your ethic or indigenous you really don’t know how alive and well white privilege is.  And majority of those that scream ‘go back to your country’ have pale skin and they’re not even in their own country, go figure. 

My indigenous brothers and sisters have been nothing but understanding. What does that say about the toxicity in this country? And the people running it and the people benefiting from the systems that are in place to feed this separation and toxic belief? 

The thing is with racism it cuts bone deep and shouldn’t exist. No person is more than a tree or animal or another person. We’re all earth. Everything else is trauma I believe this wholeheartedly because when you’re deeply and authentically connected to your own roots, there’s no racism you just see beauty. That kind of connection and evolution looks at difference with curiosity and not hate. We’re all indigenous to a patch of land. It’s all beauty. 

This piece below I found powerful and want to leave it with you. This is necessary for all of us to heal.Blog post, not long and written by a recovering racist. I share because this covers so much from a pale person that explains her privilege and what she was taught. It’s worth the read: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/ecopreacher/2019/01/recovering-racist/utm_content=buffercb20e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=FBCP-PRX

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The In between

In the place of not quite yet and still forming. There’s magic here. The many possibilities and questions of where to and which way feels right. The hunt, the transmutation and sharpened focus and deep as fuck listening. The deeper you go, the darker it is but how dark are you willing to be and how dark can you go? This bullshit of light versus dark and the misconception and lack of understanding that it’s all going to be ‘light’ and that fluffy ungrounded love that is fucking smeared with expectation each time you grow is not that. That’s catering to a lack of depth and understanding that is needing much more healing. I dare you to dive into the root cause of your wounds over and over again and love and live from that place. Not emerging upwards after receiving a little bit of wisdom and think you’re done. Far fucking from it.

Healing is also knowing and accepting all those parts of yourself the world has told you is shit. Allowing, loving and accepting yourself as whoever you are beneath all the wounds, false teachings and expectations. The ‘lightness’ is giving yourself permission to be whoever the fuck you are without feeling bad about it, without feeling weighed down that you need to be someone else that you are not and never will be. The fucking falseness of all this ‘spiritual’ whatever is misleading so many people into believing what is authentic and what is real. All I see over and over again is people placing themselves in these tiny little boxes to fit the image of what a ‘spiritually aware’ person is, but it’s all bullshit and just more expectation of being someone you are not. So really, how many people are actually healing and living authentically as the word gets thrown around in the white wash of more shitting marketing? Being yourself should be edged with difference that yes will confront conformity and should be formed in integrity if it’s true. Not the emptiness of image and the constant attention seeking that’s everywhere. Glamour isn’t needed when a person is real. Your real self has a presence of it’s own, and that realness wouldn’t think about using glamour. Why would you when there’s real power in being authentic..

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Mongolian shaman


Bring it back to the Bones of the Earth

I’ve met people from all over the world claiming they’re witch or shaman. The ones that are real don’t seek constant attention. There’s a few that have businesses and made their work known using social media like myself to reach more people to help where we can because we know it is an important and pivotal time on the planet.

And I’ve seen it all. The falseness which is everywhere, and the idea of what most people consider witch or shaman is just an egotistical idea to feed an image of what it is not. Fucking meme sharing and feeding the stereotype of pointy hats and too much bullshit which myself and others are constantly working at to break.

I’ve seen grown arse women curse and hex twenty year olds just so they can exercise their rage and feed an idea of what power is not. I’ve seen people go crazy by using a force they know nothing about not understanding the practice, not understanding the importance to heal and reclaim their power knowing it’s ongoing. Some of that is subtle and some not so much.
I have seen bitchiness,
competitiveness in what is meant to be healing arts. I’ve watched elder people say they’re one thing to find out they’re toxic, controlling and even racist. I’ve seen too much of people who call themselves witch or shaman are not. Constantly seeking attention and validation which is not what you do. The real ones know this. They know to grow and reclaim their power they dive in deep to love and accept who they are without the constant need to be placed on a pedestal. That’s an unhealthy wounded ego. There’s no power in that.

People call this a community and it’s meant to be, but for the most part it fucking is not. It is with the ones you have close to you and that for me is a community that I’m always welcoming and expanding and man, I’ve got some great people around me.

What I’m saying is, we’re people that stand for earth, heal ourselves and whoever comes our way. That’s what I know we are. It’s not about constant selfie sharing, screaming to the world what you’re doing next so people can stroke that ego some more, it is the roots and bones of helping, healing and supporting where we can..and that also includes the art of curse and hex.

Wise women and men, witches, shamans, wortcunners, conjurers. My beloved brujas and brujos so potently talented, these are the ones to seek out. The rest is feeding an image, and because of that self centred bullshit they are influencing others to be like them- egotistical and so far away from themselves it does nothing but feed on old emotional wounding that keeps people repeating the same unhealthy patterns. You’ll watch them they change a few things here and there to ‘look the part’ but they’re not actually standing in their power. This falseness is not bringing people back to earth, it is not healing them, it’s making them sick.
The focus of where we are right now as earth, as humanity should be healing which includes decolonising and coming back to our ancestral roots. Not being afraid to go deep and confront our pains.
No one has the time to waste in feeding the superficial. The roots and bones of witchery is healing and establishing a strong connection with self and earth not in stroking egos that will eventually lead to sickness in the mind and in the body which only leads to more mindless destruction to our planet. A witch or shaman would know this.
Superficial fuckery, that has devastating effects when this should be about earth and healing.

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Siberian shaman, my roots.


Under molten lava
Soon to be
Ash of crow and bone
Flesh is no more
Intricate scripted skin
Inked with indigenous blood
I’ve been gifted the thread
Now I weave my way
To become my own death
Fire ablaze
Thrashing from the core
Death feels like your body
being dragged
Over sharp rugged stone
Skin ripping off to always
Expose the bone..

And I welcome it

Smiling, staring death in the face
Writhing in pain for the love of it
This is when death becomes sexual
Aroused by the love that makes you
And the love that breaks you
Ecstasy wrapped in fucking nothing
How quickly the blood turns cold
If you choose to stop moving

So you got to keep questioning
This is where magic happens
Gotta make sure the weave is
Knotted in all the right fucking places
And you know when you can rest
Lost in the in between

The place between layers of earth
On a great bed of bone
Whispering all the right wisdom
Bringing you back home
From nothing that is something
You rise with all the colours they are
This raging movable fire
Forever calling you back home
To die over and over
To live the freedom you haven’t been yet
To live the freedom that you always are.

Written by Astara Lak’ech

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The Difference



This frustration you have
This guilt you keep pointing at me to feel
I want you to take this poison you choose to be and slit your chest open with it
Put your fingers on your heart and feel if it’s beating right
You can scream and you can cry
But don’t tell me about it
I’m not fucking interested in your self indulgence
In your projection of blame
It’s because of this poison people like you have destroyed the things and people I love
Made purity impure with your self deceit
Your lust to weaken yourself and
Give into the conformity of those that will never give a fuck about you
So you tell me friend
Is your heart ticking right
When you can’t help but delight in people’s pain
Make them feel bad for your self contraction
The lack of power you feel inside yourself
But I’m the one that’s bad because I choose not to live your lies and talk your bullshit
I say look in the mirror and
Take that knife and keep slicing away at your own flesh
Until you feel the pain of your own bones
Singing to you the truth you refuse to live
Have sex in your own blood and create something new for yourself
Free yourself from this craziness and
Enter the madness I live in
The kind where love lives in the most potent of wild
I fucking dare you, and only then will we ever talk the the same language
And you actually have the respect to look me in the eye and
Say, I understand.

-fuck religion


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The Rage

It’s a quiet a simmer
That rage
Each time you drop in deeper and deeper still
It’s nails digging into a wound you’ve done everything to protect
Wide open
Forever picking at the stitches
Masking it with the right words and behaviours
So no one can ever see what you’re afraid of seeing
This rawness you want to stay hidden
Yet it festers and it grows
A rage so big you want it to consume you
Oh and you do
You want nothing more than to show the world how dark it is in here, don’t you?

You don’t fear death and you don’t fear pain
You fear being trapped
Living an existence that you know isn’t fucking real
But you’re too afraid of not fitting in with the same fucking clones out there
The same ones masking the same bullshit
So you pretend, and keep pretending
Then soon, here and there it starts to slip
That rage of yours
You say something that’s out of your ‘character’
And it drives you to pick that fight, say exactly what’s on your mind
Fucking conjure that chaos
Get revenge..and it’s all fucking delicious and you mean it don’t you..

We’re both smiling now aren’t we..

Part of you wants to drive that knife in
But a bigger part of you wants to be free
It’s freedom.
Freedom to be yourself
No matter how dark
How fucking weird, how offensive it may be to some
You just want to breathe
To know what it’s like to be the real you without giving a flying fuck what anyone thinks..

And if you got this far, that isn’t a big ask
To be you
To be free
That rage is asking you something over and over again
It doesn’t go away because there’s always more, there’s always more..
Are you listening?
Because the only person you need to confront,
The only person you really need to love, to commit and not abandon
To be present to be that freedom, to know..

Is you.

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Artist- Guy Denning, 1965