Woman: Darkness & Transformation

The experience of guilt when transforming away from those you have felt connected to, whether family, friends or partners, or all of the above is a wound and trigger we revisit over and over again each time we grow and we feel the pain of letting go, of death.

So let me speak about shame, toxic behaviours, care taker role, guilt, rage and depression/oppression.

All the above is saturated with shame, grief, rage, PSTD, anxiety, fear and the fear is fearing self rejection and the isolation that women we’ve experienced one too many times.. when we choose or have chosen to step into our power and value ourselves. We don’t know how long we’ll spiral down into the depths of our darkness each time we break open again.

We’ve been shamed, ridiculed, put down, abused and abandoned if we have chosen ourselves in the past. For some women growing up, we have experienced this pain again and again, then in adulthood and it has been a reoccurring pattern to the point of really fearing stepping into and reclaiming her power until she decides no more. That is not to say you won’t experience it again each time you choose you, it means you choose you and feel the emotions with presence so you can grow from them.

Now, this grief, even the shame and fear of reclamation of our power, there are gifts within our power within each layer emotion and wound.
See the fear and emotion you need to navigate through as the potency of your power. Each layer needs to be worked through, felt, and understood to reclaim wisdom and knowing for you to stand grounded and solid in your fire. For your power to be earthed.

You know darkness, which is the feminine, why our matriarchal lines are more dominantly felt because our experience is primordial. We know what it is to be woman. We hear the whispers of knowing through our bodies, our wombs, our breasts. We know how our bodies relate, speak and know the earth. We don’t feel the disconnection or separation with Her because we know.
Why we feel our Mother so deeply…and the darker and oppressive your experiences in life has been my loves, it is the potency and grounding your power needs for you to be able to carry and walk it.
You were never broken, we don’t break, we die, we weave and rebirth over and over again just like our Mother.

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Descent into the lower worlds

Her eyes are black, full of wisdom and spirit and endless opportunity to sink further and further with each question you’re intrigued to ask. Her hair is full of questions from those that got lost in her magnetism losing themselves in their own delusion of her, sacrificing their own peace for a slice of life that will never be their own. Seeing their future in her presence as the whispers of their own insecurities weaves the next thread of inner adventure coloured with distraction and anxious promises to what may never be.

Losing consciousness, her mouth moves slowly to sound out each word like you can’t hear. Spellbound, you follow her into the web she touches lightly and you feel it moving through parts of your body.
She smiles and touches one of the threads while giving you the look you know when life changes again.
‘Move like the serpent,’ as you feel your eyes heavy drawing you into shamanic worlds. Warm earth and bones with ancient markings tells you it’s time to dream only to wake in nothing but dark. Smoking herbs and the sound of rattle taking you further into the land between now and forever.

‘Look to the ocean when it’s dark, the answers are waiting for you there’ is what is etched on the cave wall and I read it on my stomach.
-descent into lower worlds

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(Dai woman, Chin tribe Myanmar)

Chin woman

Bring it back to the Bones of the Earth

I’ve met people from all over the world claiming they’re witch or shaman. The ones that are real don’t seek constant attention. There’s a few that have businesses and made their work known using social media like myself to reach more people to help where we can because we know it is an important and pivotal time on the planet.

And I’ve seen it all. The falseness which is everywhere, and the idea of what most people consider witch or shaman is just an egotistical idea to feed an image of what it is not. Fucking meme sharing and feeding the stereotype of pointy hats and too much bullshit which myself and others are constantly working at to break.

I’ve seen grown arse women curse and hex twenty year olds just so they can exercise their rage and feed an idea of what power is not. I’ve seen people go crazy by using a force they know nothing about not understanding the practice, not understanding the importance to heal and reclaim their power knowing it’s ongoing. Some of that is subtle and some not so much.
I have seen bitchiness,
competitiveness in what is meant to be healing arts. I’ve watched elder people say they’re one thing to find out they’re toxic, controlling and even racist. I’ve seen too much of people who call themselves witch or shaman are not. Constantly seeking attention and validation which is not what you do. The real ones know this. They know to grow and reclaim their power they dive in deep to love and accept who they are without the constant need to be placed on a pedestal. That’s an unhealthy wounded ego. There’s no power in that.

People call this a community and it’s meant to be, but for the most part it fucking is not. It is with the ones you have close to you and that for me is a community that I’m always welcoming and expanding and man, I’ve got some great people around me.

What I’m saying is, we’re people that stand for earth, heal ourselves and whoever comes our way. That’s what I know we are. It’s not about constant selfie sharing, screaming to the world what you’re doing next so people can stroke that ego some more, it is the roots and bones of helping, healing and supporting where we can..and that also includes the art of curse and hex.

Wise women and men, witches, shamans, wortcunners, conjurers. My beloved brujas and brujos so potently talented, these are the ones to seek out. The rest is feeding an image, and because of that self centred bullshit they are influencing others to be like them- egotistical and so far away from themselves it does nothing but feed on old emotional wounding that keeps people repeating the same unhealthy patterns. You’ll watch them they change a few things here and there to ‘look the part’ but they’re not actually standing in their power. This falseness is not bringing people back to earth, it is not healing them, it’s making them sick.
The focus of where we are right now as earth, as humanity should be healing which includes decolonising and coming back to our ancestral roots. Not being afraid to go deep and confront our pains.
No one has the time to waste in feeding the superficial. The roots and bones of witchery is healing and establishing a strong connection with self and earth not in stroking egos that will eventually lead to sickness in the mind and in the body which only leads to more mindless destruction to our planet. A witch or shaman would know this.
Superficial fuckery, that has devastating effects when this should be about earth and healing.

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Siberian shaman, my roots.