What Ancestral Witchcraft is not

Because I have to, and it seems it needs to be said over and over again. Please don’t ever lump me in with the rest of what most people know to be witchcraft, that is not and never will be me.

So let me say….. ancestral healing goes hand in hand with ancestral witchcraft. Can’t have one without the other. Healing is the bones of witchery as is your conscious and deep relationship to self, earth and ancestors.
Anything else isn’t witchery it’s fuckery, and there’s a lot of fuckery out there. Don’t have to have to like it, I’m not here to please.

If you want to revel in glamour and toxic white privilege behaviour where you don’t want to take responsibility and use excuses like ‘there’s room for everyone’ of course there is but responsibility comes with witch as does walking this earth which includes being held accountable and seeing the depth of what this behaviour actually does to the earth, and witches will know that without me saying shit or needing to debate common sense.

Unthreading systematic oppression which includes white privilege is a big part of walking your ancestral path and not just throwing any excuse out when it feels convenient which I see very much with white privilege.
My work and pages isn’t here to make anyone comfortable particularly white feelings around human rights issues. I understand it may hurt and there’s shame connected to this, if you’re wanting to learn, decolonise and heal, welcome. But if you know witchcraft as what’s mostly out there superficial white washing of a deep earth practice, cultural appropriation, toxic and narcissistic behaviour, white privilege and racism and there’s a fuck load of that happening, I’m not for you.
I stand for the earth and all people with equality and presence.

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The Depth of Real Healing

Let me put this out there and I will keep saying it because most people still don’t understand this.
Majority of my work is focused on healing, but reclaiming who you really are and giving love and presence to your wounds isn’t and shouldn’t turn you into a love and lighter. Someone that consistently sees positive only and always talking about love. You’ve all read those posts of everything is about love and it goes on and fucking on.
And it is about love, but not in the way most people understand and manipulated to think what love is and certainly not the above.

It’s not being a fucking door mat. It’s not about taking people’s shit and pretending it doesn’t bother you. It’s not about consistently seeing the good in people and only focusing on the ‘good’ bits when a person is a cunt, let’s be real here. All of those things is dissociation and screams that a person is fearing confrontation, fears the ability to stand for him or herself, shows there’s a need to go much deeper to heal than what you think you have. It also shows whatever you’re choosing to believe whether it’s a ‘spiritual’ belief or a conditioned one, is part of a wounded behavioural pattern and is creating more pain for you.

Let me lay this out for you as clear as I can.
Our wounds and traumas is part of who we are now. Regardless of how much self awareness you place around it and the reclamation you receive from it, it’s there for life. That’s a truth. It lessens over time with more presence, love and attention when you learn to love and live from the wounded place which is the real you within the pain.

We keep growing from these contracted places of energy and we’re meant to. I see and know that’s why our traumas are there. Yes it’s shitty and it’s painful but we’re all human and we all have them. They are not separate from you, they are you. Pieces of you that have been hurt, contracted energy that requires love, presence and focused attention to grow and receive wisdom and insight from.

Within these places of contracted energy, it feels more tumultuous and darker because they are contracted, so energy that is pulled in. When energy isn’t flowing in its natural state it hurts. That hurt can grow if there’s no consistent attention around it. Regardless, there will always be these places within us that when triggered, will pull us back into what feels like a wound. If we don’t work on our self awareness and presence we then fall back into trauma patterns.

Saying all of that now, within these dark contracted places when a person goes fucking deep with their healing and learn to love themselves there, they also see and understand the raw state of nature without the layers and expectations of conformity.
It’s wild, feral, fierce and loving. But within that loving place is a side of human nature most people ignore and don’t want to love. It is the truth of our nature that we can hurt others, be fucking cruel and kill. Let’s not pretend here because excusing it away isn’t seeing nature for what she really is.

When you learn to love and reclaim all of you, this is included and when healing is done right (yes there is many ways that isn’t which keeps people stuck in the superficiality of the wound and they continue to go round and around in patterns) you welcome this feral, raw twisted side of who you are and let him or her be part of your expression, you live it.

Now in most ‘spiritual’ belief systems, it’s consistently pushed this thing about love and it is about love but fuck, we need all of who we are to function and there are times when we need to do what we can to defend and look after ourselves and the ones we love. When we go bone deep with healing and knowing ourselves, we’re going to express and know this twisted and feral side of who we are and welcome it, love it.
So we wouldn’t put ourselves down for being cunty when needed because we’re loving and protecting ourselves when we do. So fuck the guilt off. The guilt is part of the wounded pattern in most situations. Raw nature is wild and untamed which is all of us. The balance of keeping yourself in check is always healing, staying present and rooted to the earth focusing on clear seeing.
Tired of reading this unrealistic view of self awareness which is doing nothing but creating more fear and widening self doubt feeding the wounds my loves. Meaning more people will be hurting, meaning less presence which means more destruction to the planet.

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Mongolian shaman



Keep it Humble

We all do things deliberately whether we want to admit it or not to ourselves, especially if it’s cunty, or we need to get shit done for the right reasons because you can smell the mess another person is spreadin feeling like they’re a little too special for others because they’re blinded by their own fuckery. They’re own pain they’ve lost themselves in and they twist and warp what should be clear to see, but for many reasons why they can’t or won’t. That’s life.

Or they may feel they’re accomplished and pretty damn awesome at what they do, or they have an overgrown ego the size of a house because they keep feedin on others to get that next ego stroke because their too insecure, whatever, it leads to the same thing…and it may seem harmless at first until they start thinking they’re better than others. They start hurting people, or talking about others they say they’re friends with. Or they hurt their own children, or fuck over their business partner, cheat on their partner…whatever the reason they start losin their footing in realty and hurting people deliberately.

People like myself, we like to observe. We take everything in. We see and let the cigar smoke speak to us..and we sit and we sit..and we keep sitting patiently till the timing is right.

I’ve gone years to handle a situation that needed handling, waiting for the right time for it to be finally dealt with. There really is a timing for everything.

So if you come into my space or someone I love or care about and you fuck around…and maybe you can’t see that you are because you’re too self absorbed but you just refuse to take no for a fucking answer.

Then you gotta think..

How do you know if I tricked you to walk right into the web I created for you because you were too blinded by your own glamour to see the truth of what you’re doing?
How do you know I didn’t see that months ahead? How do you know that I was a willing participant to the fuckery to grow past myself because I watched myself be manipulated and I knew I had to grow past it?

Tricky, tricky…witchery..

So then how do you know the rage you feel to throw that hex would actually hit, but instead rebound back on you because it was seen months before it happened by the person you’re throwin at? And if you weren’t so blinded by your own trickery, you would know it wouldn’t be good for you. Keep your work and yourself humble. Know yourself is what I’m sayin, knowing you are no higher or lower than any living being because we’re all made of the same special somethin, regardless of what we do or don’t know. The more you know, the closer to earth you should be.

Do you see where I’m goin with this story? The web of self deceit and the use of trickery and growth watchin yourself in the space that feels sticky and you know it.
Growth is a painful bitch but a beautiful one, and there’s something about observin yourself in action to grow and let the truth speak for itself..

Trickery is one of my favourite forms of witchcraft and if you know yourself real well, you can spin that trick around to see the truth about yourself and others.

Trickery is clear and it isn’t either..



Under molten lava
Soon to be
Ash of crow and bone
Flesh is no more
Intricate scripted skin
Inked with indigenous blood
I’ve been gifted the thread
Now I weave my way
To become my own death
Fire ablaze
Thrashing from the core
Death feels like your body
being dragged
Over sharp rugged stone
Skin ripping off to always
Expose the bone..

And I welcome it

Smiling, staring death in the face
Writhing in pain for the love of it
This is when death becomes sexual
Aroused by the love that makes you
And the love that breaks you
Ecstasy wrapped in fucking nothing
How quickly the blood turns cold
If you choose to stop moving

So you got to keep questioning
This is where magic happens
Gotta make sure the weave is
Knotted in all the right fucking places
And you know when you can rest
Lost in the in between

The place between layers of earth
On a great bed of bone
Whispering all the right wisdom
Bringing you back home
From nothing that is something
You rise with all the colours they are
This raging movable fire
Forever calling you back home
To die over and over
To live the freedom you haven’t been yet
To live the freedom that you always are.

Written by Astara Lak’ech

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The Difference



This frustration you have
This guilt you keep pointing at me to feel
I want you to take this poison you choose to be and slit your chest open with it
Put your fingers on your heart and feel if it’s beating right
You can scream and you can cry
But don’t tell me about it
I’m not fucking interested in your self indulgence
In your projection of blame
It’s because of this poison people like you have destroyed the things and people I love
Made purity impure with your self deceit
Your lust to weaken yourself and
Give into the conformity of those that will never give a fuck about you
So you tell me friend
Is your heart ticking right
When you can’t help but delight in people’s pain
Make them feel bad for your self contraction
The lack of power you feel inside yourself
But I’m the one that’s bad because I choose not to live your lies and talk your bullshit
I say look in the mirror and
Take that knife and keep slicing away at your own flesh
Until you feel the pain of your own bones
Singing to you the truth you refuse to live
Have sex in your own blood and create something new for yourself
Free yourself from this craziness and
Enter the madness I live in
The kind where love lives in the most potent of wild
I fucking dare you, and only then will we ever talk the the same language
And you actually have the respect to look me in the eye and
Say, I understand.

-fuck religion


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The Rage

It’s a quiet a simmer
That rage
Each time you drop in deeper and deeper still
It’s nails digging into a wound you’ve done everything to protect
Wide open
Forever picking at the stitches
Masking it with the right words and behaviours
So no one can ever see what you’re afraid of seeing
This rawness you want to stay hidden
Yet it festers and it grows
A rage so big you want it to consume you
Oh and you do
You want nothing more than to show the world how dark it is in here, don’t you?

You don’t fear death and you don’t fear pain
You fear being trapped
Living an existence that you know isn’t fucking real
But you’re too afraid of not fitting in with the same fucking clones out there
The same ones masking the same bullshit
So you pretend, and keep pretending
Then soon, here and there it starts to slip
That rage of yours
You say something that’s out of your ‘character’
And it drives you to pick that fight, say exactly what’s on your mind
Fucking conjure that chaos
Get revenge..and it’s all fucking delicious and you mean it don’t you..

We’re both smiling now aren’t we..

Part of you wants to drive that knife in
But a bigger part of you wants to be free
It’s freedom.
Freedom to be yourself
No matter how dark
How fucking weird, how offensive it may be to some
You just want to breathe
To know what it’s like to be the real you without giving a flying fuck what anyone thinks..

And if you got this far, that isn’t a big ask
To be you
To be free
That rage is asking you something over and over again
It doesn’t go away because there’s always more, there’s always more..
Are you listening?
Because the only person you need to confront,
The only person you really need to love, to commit and not abandon
To be present to be that freedom, to know..

Is you.

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Artist- Guy Denning, 1965

Peeving – False positivity and how it fucks with healthy relating

So some of you know me, and you know I can’t stand the love and light fake fuckery spiritual shit show. It’s irritating, fake and smothered in denial of what is serious emotional pains and issues that need to be addressed with constant presence, and not swept under the meme rug, picking up the right ‘spiritual’ lingo say a few fucken ‘right’ phrases that’s been repeated endlessly by thousands of others, and then keep shutting down every person in their way that feels any other feeling and emotion that isn’t positive or happy. Fuck off cunts.


Before I explain further let me share with you two posts I posted on my Instagram page, the first hit a few people hard I got messages, some polite and some not so polite which I welcomed, because yeah being called a cunt is more real than the polite bullshit I received. Think I’m a cunt, well I think you’re one too, a fake cunt because you’re all happy la la on your page but you didn’t want to cite your anger on my page in case it was seen. I rest my case. So here’s the first –



‘I know I’m not the only one feeling this, because the constant masking of positive bullshit is just that.
How is everyone posting positive shit when most of us are rage full and depressed? Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to just talk out whatever you’re feeling without putting a positive twist on every little fucking thing.
I get the growth and the love, but love isn’t all growth and warm hugs. Sometimes it’s a kick in the cunt out of nowhere and it’s painful, messy, fierce and can be destructive as fuck at times and I’m talking about the relationship with just yourself.
You want real, then put a bit of real behind it which means being honest. Not a carefully thought out constructed over share with spiritual fuckery all over it. I’m writing this in bed eating my raw pudding and it’s awesome by the way. Show the world who you really are. Let’s have some real talk.
I read somewhere last night some woman that I don’t know saying she’s learning how to make love to her heart. Really? Fucking really now? I’m gonna go make love to this pudding right here and I know I’m not the only one sick and tired of the BULLSHIT.
Night all 🍧

This isn’t taking a dig and standing on my soap box with my cunt stick, this is serious. Why? because this fucks with healthy relating. Let me share the second Instagram post I posted hours later and I’ll explain. So here ya go…

FullSizeRender (46)

‘I pissed people off with my previous post (yes via message mostly) and I say fucking fantastic. This is the problem. Everyone wants to post agreeable shit, positive la la crap where does that get anyone and anywhere and it nowhere gets you near real positivity. Most of it is masking some deep and serious wounds beneath it all, trauma wounds that’s just being replayed over and fucking over again washed over with an image, talk the lingo and there you go ya spiritual. Of course you’re not.
Where’s your vulnerability, the honesty the realness of who you are in it all? The mess.
How do we really know if we really like one another and really get on if we only ever show one side of ourselves? If we don’t have the backbone to be and say what we feel,  and what we think?
Where’s the real relating going on here, the challenge and growth of it?
I see all the time people believing they’re great friends until they see another side of the person or they realise they don’t agree on every little thing. Yes it’s fucking okay not to.
I would never want anyone to think I’m nice and kind because I’m not. I’m not just that. I can be, but I also can be a cunt. No one is nice all the time, that’s anxiety. And here lies the problem of fake fuckery.
The fear of who you really are. That wound that tells you to be good and agreeable all the time, it’s huge isn’t it.’


Right, so let me go into it more. From day one we’re taught what’s good and what’s bad, but over time we’re taught and shamed that natural human qualities, feelings, thoughts, and emotions are bad so don’t express that shit like anger, grief, unhappiness, rage, fear anything that doesn’t fit the happy I’ve got my shit together box. We’re manipulated to feel guilty if we’re feeling, thinking or expressing an opinion that doesn’t fit this little shitty box, so what most do is convince themselves that everything’s okay even though they’re breaking inside. They put a smile on their face even though they’re raging, they keep quiet when they really want to scream for help and this cunt society has done that. If you’re one of those cunts, please check yourself, we are damaging one another loves.

So every time someone says something that isn’t positive or empowering or has a different opinion they’re shut down, shamed a lot of the time instead of having those uncomfortable conversations that isn’t a quick fix which most people are addicted to, you know the anxiety that’s attached to hiding who we really are.

There’s no real relating going on, no one is showing who they really are because everyone’s afraid of being judged or rejected and the shaming is getting worse therefore no healthy relating or expression is happening because no one is showing who they really are. Think about some people you’ve met and gotten to know, and maybe you showed parts of yourself choosing to be vulnerable and they walked away from you or had a problem with it, sound familiar? That’s the bullshit I’m talking about. I’m not talking about toxic behaviour here, that’s another thing.

Everyone seems to be offended by every little thing that what’s being created here is a shut down of humanity, of real humanness. Real discussion and more importantly relating. Without real relationships and vulnerability without the toxic bullshit of course, this is why people are hungry for real connection, because there is none, but in saying that you have to be okay with feeling uncomfortable at times and have those conversations you’ve been taught not to have and more importantly showing the hidden parts of you, that you’ve been shamed to believe are bad or don’t fit.

I’ll leave it here, food for some serious as fuck thought loves. This is serious because without the real and raw, it’s going to spill over which it has and continuing to and we’re destructing at a rapid rate, it’s become toxic and our earth which is all of us is suffering for it.

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How to Support the Effects of PSTD

When we’ve experienced trauma, energetically it looks like a break or a tear and for a person that has experienced trauma more than once, without knowing how to manage it, there’s what I would describe as a confused feeling around the forehead which comes from being focused on fear based beliefs that naturally happen when a person is traumatised and shaken out of their body. As soon as someone experiences trauma, if it’s not managed it leaves the wound wide open and within this tear the beliefs are fed every time it’s triggered and the gap widens.
Working to come back into the body so a person feels safe again, take a lot of effort, and must be an ongoing practice to eliminate the effects of PSTD.
Post traumatic stress beliefs feel fixed when it’s triggered, and it’s those beliefs that keeps a person feeling unsafe and not grounded. The more they’re fed, it heightens post traumatic stress.
So what to do.
A few things. First you have to look at what you’re consuming. Stay away from junk food obviously, away from sugary foods, white carbohydrates and foods high in caffeine this also includes chocolate, even raw chocolate and cacao, because it accelerates the heart. Calm is what we’re looking for.

Looking after the adrenals is essential because they get a beating with post traumatic stress. A blood test is required to see if you’re lacking in any of the vitamins that keep adrenals healthy.
Vitamin D, B, C, magnesium, zinc and yes iron. If any of the stores above are low you’ll have trouble sleeping and in general feeds anxiety. Really important to know your body is functioning well.
A lot of greens, organic vegetables and clean protein. For plant based eaters please have a chat to a nutritionist because eating a fuck load of soy isn’t healthy for hormone function and it blocks iodine absorption. Iodine is needed for healthy thyroids, and of course chuck out alcohol and cigarettes.

Have a look at any relationships around you that maybe triggering the effects of PSTD. A lack of presence with those close to you may be triggering you on a daily basis.
Smells, music, a tone of voice, objects, certain behaviours all contribute to trauma triggers. Know your triggers well. Without knowing it can throw you in a panic attack which feeds the fear.

Nature. A lot of nature connection. Hiding yourself away staring at screens isn’t healthy. What you read or watch can be a trigger and most people are not even aware of it. Observe how it effects you.
Nature is the very best healer. Walk, lie or sit in nature everyday. It will speed the process of healing and eliminate a big portion of your anxiety and help ground you when you’re having a panic attack.

Rest often. Listen to your energy levels. Pushing yourself is pushing your body to do more than it can.
People with PSTD is hypersensitive to  how their body feels. The main fear that feeds panic attacks is ‘what’s wrong with my body’ fearing the worst which is usually death. It’s an extreme fear but it’s a challenge to rationalise with it when it’s up why listening to your body is essential. I found nature is the most helpful with panic attacks and using plants and essential oils to calm the panic.

It’s been proven that essential oils do calm the body when experiencing panic attacks, in saying that certain scents can also accelerate the heart.
The safe ones to use with a carrier oil is lavender, peppermint, chamomile, neroli, orange – orange is a gentle uplifter, frankincense, rosemary and basil.
Peppermint and lavender in a carrier oil rubbed on the soles of the feet, and on the body where you feel heavy or panicked will bring calm and don’t forget to rub some on the hands and take in the scent. Taking in the scent opens the senses, calms the mind and breaks into the trauma beliefs. It’s been an absolute support for myself, my family and clients.
You can find the links to these products below for you to purchase.

One other major thing that really, really helps and it’s over looked too much, is creativity. Create your trauma out. Using different mediums to express the anxiety helps so so much. When you open the space to create with no judgement, it brings you straight back into the body. The focus is on the task at hand and everything just melts away. You also feel like you’ve moved the nervous energy in your body opening space for insight when you’re in the middle of battling with intense fearful beliefs.

PSTD is serious because without proper management there’s been study’s the body can work against itself and attack the immune system and for anyone that lives with PSTD knows how taxing it can be on the body.
I find weight training and walking in nature to be one of the best exercises to help, but only when a person is ready and if it’s their thing. Don’t ever force yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. That is one thing trauma wounds teach you, to listen and trust how you feel always. I know a few clients take up yoga to help with PSTD, some meditate but most walk and spend time in nature.
I found exercising in enclosed spaces would be one of my triggers for PSTD after the loss of my baby, so a set up in my own home helped a lot, and it’s the small things like this that really help. You really need to step up self care and make it a daily routine and not worry about what others think, and really look at the people you have around you making sure you have the support you need.
I hope this helps a little, and if you want to get in touch to learn how to manage and heal from PSTD by working with it, you can contact me here by clicking on the link and filling in the form- https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/pages/contact

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With love xx




If you’ve experienced known ‘spiritual coaches’ and dare I say it fucking gurus (cringe) or witches and facilitators, you would know this. Some have thousands upon thousands of followers which doesn’t say a lot for communities that believe they know. Let me first say, can we please fuck off and not support the oracle card creators that appropriate other cultures to make their money? How the fuck is this okay?  Why are people that believe they’re ‘woke’ accepting this? If you really see and know, you wouldn’t. It’s easy to influence those that have experienced one too many traumas, and as we know it’s rife in  ‘spiritual communities.’ Or books written on fucking faeries and witchcraft and it isn’t. It just isn’t. It’s fluff and regurgitated nonsense.

Look around the spiritual whatever and is smothered with traumatised people masking wounds with ‘spiritual beliefs’ and language pretending to be someone they’re not. Running from what needs to be confronted. It’s everywhere. In hope that someone ‘known’ can give them that little bit of attention to validate them. And when that little bit of validation gets fed, then they want more and more and more losing themselves in trying to get their attention. It’s sad.

You would also know if you speak up, these loyal ‘followers’ come running to their rescue.. and it’s not their idol they’re trying rescue but the pain around it all because no one likes their illusion destroyed. No one wants to admit they’re lying to themselves because underneath it is a neediness they don’t want to face. You know the real work that needs attention.

If these followers knew who these people really are behind the mask and knew how they spoke and the little respect they have for their followers they wouldn’t have none. If they knew how they just don’t give a shit about them or anyone else for that matter because they know it all. Some people build themselves really high pedestals because they have never dealt with their bullshit, though the mask conceals it well so it looks like they have. One writer comes to mind. He has thousands of followers. Writes like you think he knows and yet he would do anything to destroy anyone that can see through his facade.

If people knew how selfish, controlling and dominating they are behind it all.
If people could see how they pull on their insecurities purposely to sell a mask no one would be around them.
They speak of compassion but they’re the biggest tricksters of them all. This behaviour from both sides perpetuates and feeds insecurity- on both sides. This spiritual illusion, what is it really? How many people out there are actually ‘woke?’


Grateful and appreciate those that actually do the work to grow,  ones that can actually see.

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Stand in the Chaos – real healing

Usually at the core of a wound there is more than one belief that a person fixates on, and you’ll know it when you feel the core of it, because there’s struggle with moving on and letting go and coming to an understanding. It’s in that place, right there you need to stand strong in it and challenge yourself to feel it all, acknowledge the beliefs and the chatter that it tells you ‘it has to be this way or that’ to allow some breathing space to receive knowing.

That actually is the easy bit. Even though you may have struggled your way through, and you may even push yourself to a point where you feel so fucking stressed that you have no choice but to surrender because the pressure is too much. The pressure is overthinking things and feeling confused, and confusion isn’t a bad thing it’s showing that you’re caught between knowing and old conditioned thinking. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we need to get to that point to break things open and most of the time we do.

After receiving clarity, you’ll feel lighter but it’s here my loves, that you must not lose your footing and focus. It’s too easy to lose yourself in all the good feels after struggle, but the real work is staying focused, feeling and acknowledging your conditioned patterns and acting on what your knowing is telling you. People fall back into old habitual patterns too easy IF they don’t stay grounded and focused on this new life that’s unfolding from new choices and decisions they’re making. When you choose to make a conscious choice to not relive old patterns, that is an ongoing commitment and why staying grounded throughout has to be, because as soon as you stick head up arse because it all feels good now, you’ll lose yourself again and again. You don’t need a holiday from being grounded or from the heavy stuff, you need to stay in it for it move, to practice healing. Healing is after all, a practice. 

Three oils I highly recommend to support the process of healing and taking the edge off anxiety and depression is, Calma, Rise oils and Wortcunner oil or balm (the balm’s my favourite) all created for my family and clients when I do body work sessions and now I’m sharing it with the rest of the world. You can purchase it here my loves: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/other-folk-magic-oils-healing-oils-raw-herbal-incense