Choice and change. Saying so because of the panic and unrest so many get caught in fearing the chaos of change and right now we’re surfing one of those deep pockets of transformation. Or change in general even if it goes smoothly.
I understand the panic and fear, it goes with old wounds associated with trauma and change and navigating unknown territory.
I understand anxiety gets hooked on feeding these beliefs which only amplifies the fear you’re already feeling so kind reminders to ground a fuck load through it and take many breaks where you can to do so.

In my ancestral practice, we look at anxiety as an opportunity to strengthen how to ground and stand in power, to strengthen inner sight and to see and be connected to knowing while we’re in it. It’s one of the most important practices to navigate through, taking you deeper each time to understand and to know, strengthening with clarity your relationship to fear, to your body, earth and ancestors. This is just another practice to ground energy and to pull up more power and it’s continual through journeying through each layer of ancestral trauma when it’s triggered.

Give yourself space to process the internal changes to embody the knowing of it.
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How to Support the Effects of PSTD

When we’ve experienced trauma, energetically it looks like a break or a tear and for a person that has experienced trauma more than once, without knowing how to manage it, there’s what I would describe as a confused feeling around the forehead which comes from being focused on fear based beliefs that naturally happen when a person is traumatised and shaken out of their body. As soon as someone experiences trauma, if it’s not managed it leaves the wound wide open and within this tear the beliefs are fed every time it’s triggered and the gap widens.
Working to come back into the body so a person feels safe again, take a lot of effort, and must be an ongoing practice to eliminate the effects of PSTD.
Post traumatic stress beliefs feel fixed when it’s triggered, and it’s those beliefs that keeps a person feeling unsafe and not grounded. The more they’re fed, it heightens post traumatic stress.
So what to do.
A few things. First you have to look at what you’re consuming. Stay away from junk food obviously, away from sugary foods, white carbohydrates and foods high in caffeine this also includes chocolate, even raw chocolate and cacao, because it accelerates the heart. Calm is what we’re looking for.

Looking after the adrenals is essential because they get a beating with post traumatic stress. A blood test is required to see if you’re lacking in any of the vitamins that keep adrenals healthy.
Vitamin D, B, C, magnesium, zinc and yes iron. If any of the stores above are low you’ll have trouble sleeping and in general feeds anxiety. Really important to know your body is functioning well.
A lot of greens, organic vegetables and clean protein. For plant based eaters please have a chat to a nutritionist because eating a fuck load of soy isn’t healthy for hormone function and it blocks iodine absorption. Iodine is needed for healthy thyroids, and of course chuck out alcohol and cigarettes.

Have a look at any relationships around you that maybe triggering the effects of PSTD. A lack of presence with those close to you may be triggering you on a daily basis.
Smells, music, a tone of voice, objects, certain behaviours all contribute to trauma triggers. Know your triggers well. Without knowing it can throw you in a panic attack which feeds the fear.

Nature. A lot of nature connection. Hiding yourself away staring at screens isn’t healthy. What you read or watch can be a trigger and most people are not even aware of it. Observe how it effects you.
Nature is the very best healer. Walk, lie or sit in nature everyday. It will speed the process of healing and eliminate a big portion of your anxiety and help ground you when you’re having a panic attack.

Rest often. Listen to your energy levels. Pushing yourself is pushing your body to do more than it can.
People with PSTD is hypersensitive to  how their body feels. The main fear that feeds panic attacks is ‘what’s wrong with my body’ fearing the worst which is usually death. It’s an extreme fear but it’s a challenge to rationalise with it when it’s up why listening to your body is essential. I found nature is the most helpful with panic attacks and using plants and essential oils to calm the panic.

It’s been proven that essential oils do calm the body when experiencing panic attacks, in saying that certain scents can also accelerate the heart.
The safe ones to use with a carrier oil is lavender, peppermint, chamomile, neroli, orange – orange is a gentle uplifter, frankincense, rosemary and basil.
Peppermint and lavender in a carrier oil rubbed on the soles of the feet, and on the body where you feel heavy or panicked will bring calm and don’t forget to rub some on the hands and take in the scent. Taking in the scent opens the senses, calms the mind and breaks into the trauma beliefs. It’s been an absolute support for myself, my family and clients.
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One other major thing that really, really helps and it’s over looked too much, is creativity. Create your trauma out. Using different mediums to express the anxiety helps so so much. When you open the space to create with no judgement, it brings you straight back into the body. The focus is on the task at hand and everything just melts away. You also feel like you’ve moved the nervous energy in your body opening space for insight when you’re in the middle of battling with intense fearful beliefs.

PSTD is serious because without proper management there’s been study’s the body can work against itself and attack the immune system and for anyone that lives with PSTD knows how taxing it can be on the body.
I find weight training and walking in nature to be one of the best exercises to help, but only when a person is ready and if it’s their thing. Don’t ever force yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. That is one thing trauma wounds teach you, to listen and trust how you feel always. I know a few clients take up yoga to help with PSTD, some meditate but most walk and spend time in nature.
I found exercising in enclosed spaces would be one of my triggers for PSTD after the loss of my baby, so a set up in my own home helped a lot, and it’s the small things like this that really help. You really need to step up self care and make it a daily routine and not worry about what others think, and really look at the people you have around you making sure you have the support you need.
I hope this helps a little, and if you want to get in touch to learn how to manage and heal from PSTD by working with it, you can contact me here by clicking on the link and filling in the form-

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