Oppression of the ‘Crazy Woman’

One of the most common fears women share about stepping into her power is being seen as crazy. It’s up there with ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone with my rage, and what if they don’t like me and leave ?’
It speaks volumes as women how we are conditioned to fear our individuality, our true self expression. Not the trauma response of ‘nice’ and people pleasing, but at the core of how she really feels and who she really is.
And those trauma responses woman, listen to them. Learn to be present when you’re feeling something from another person knowing you can’t be your real self with them. Watch this so you don’t turn it inwards believing there’s something wrong with you and you spiral down into self rejection attacking yourself and contracting your power.

The oppression we all know is to contain a woman’s power so she can mimic and obey the oppressed masculine. Obey or you’ll be rejected, isolated and ostracised.
And women do it to women too, it’s an ingrained dysfunctional behaviour to void the feminine unless she’s obeying to something unnatural and false to who she really is so it feeds the conformed expectation of colonisation.

That trauma response of masking niceness with people pleasing because there’s a strong fear within her that she knows when a person expects a woman to behave to the oppression of colonisation, and if she doesn’t there’s something wrong with her.

Anything outside this bullshit box is crazy and will be rejected even those that say they don’t but refuse to be inclusive by not living the mindfulness and presence of inclusion and instead falls reign to colonisation and white supremacy which should also show you that to unthread, understand, know and be present with this bullshit inside it takes inner work and daily presence.

Now that I’ve laid that out, this week I will share a little about reclamation of feminine power through goddess myth untangling the religious influence of upholding this power as a statue on a table usually named as an altar which I don’t use (and I’ll explain why in my next post) instead of living the embodiment which is what the practice be.
To be continued.

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Feeling Earth in your Body, Embracing the Mystery and Creativity of the Feminine

To begin, I don’t usually like separating male and female attributes. Kind of tired of that too because it boxes an expectation on an individual and gender, when we’re not all the same and not meant to, but for the sake of this piece which I will explain let’s call it feminine.

We’ll make it feminine because it is a natural state for woman to feel and be moved and be taken into the spaces in between thought, of feeling, a sense of knowing to take a thread of feeling or thought or inspiration and run with it to another place that will change her in one way or another, and that happens many times in a day, and most of the time she may not know it until her life reaches a distinct noticeable transformation. We have this emptiness and fullness that is forever churning and moving, always wanting to create more when we are naturally moving with our own rhythm, and for some women they will call in chaos because she’s not standing in her power. Deep down she knows this and calls in chaos, the most destructive kind to charge things up for what she yearns for in hope she will be clear enough to walk through the door of change this time around. Does that mean women in their power doesn’t experience chaos? Of course she does, but she will sense the changes and will move with what she feels. The difference is paying attention to what you’re feeling inside all the time, not some of the time.

Placing awareness around mystery and feminine is to bring me to the point of feeling earth in your body. The need to learn to move with our mother not further away as she’s changing. Developing a relationship with earth and self that is so finely attuned you sense the feelings in your body. The practice of communing with the planet and beginning your day by sensing what you’re feel beneath your feet in the dirt and placing clear focus to what you’re sensing. How does she feel? How does the energy feel in your body? Is it calming? Is it full of emotion or anxiety? Does it relax or energise you? How sensitive are you feeling? What places in your body do you feel it the most? What emotions do you feel there?

Pulling up earth energy and letting it move and flush out what is needing your attention for each day is creativity. Creativity, because it creates the first layer of paint for your canvas in the morning and the more you practice you want to fine tune it so well that you can intuitively sense what it is you need to do and how to move this energy and what can be created for you to enhance your life, the life of others if you work with people like I do, or as artist what can you form with it?

This practice is how I live for too many years. It is a practice I’ve always highly encouraged my clients to work with, and I want to encourage as many as I can while our Mother is transforming. Do not move away from her because you feel grief with what you see is happening, but to move closer to her and sense how your relationship with her and what you feel that you can do to create with this energy of transmutation and death, and create new life with it. Let it strengthen your relationship with life and death. Let your listening be so finely attuned that you can know the bigger picture of whats happening. Do not walk away from her, come closer and take in her teachings of transformation.

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Upsetting the Set Up

Firstly, this title wasn’t thought up by me, but a man named Kevin who’s rocking his facebook page hard. Click the link and jump on over, you’ll love it: https://www.facebook.com/upsettingthesetup/

While people are running around with no heads, overwhelmed with panic and understandably so, I really need you all to understand something really clearly. I live in Australia and people are panicked. Our country is on fire and our government couldn’t give two fucks. Propaganda is being spread like the thick layer fuckery that it is and I’ve seen many international pages citing this false information. This country is being run by a pack of toxic fools. It’s concerning, worrying but we cant forget we have people power and although our sociopath PM wants to take advantage of the trauma we’re all experiencing, let’s not give this cheap fuck anything at all.

Listen, we can fuck off this government off and we’re rallying to, but another one will be filled in with the same systematic oppressive bullshit that is killing all of us- earth. Perpetuating and feeding the same white colonialist rubbish where it dismisses colonised Europeans from unthreading the colonialist belief system which upholds the system that you’re all trying to break, why unthreading white supremacy and the privilege connected to it is so fucking important. This is the colonialist mindset that needs to be looked at seriously. The dissociation from reality and our earth IS the problem that is ingrained in white supremacy. Not doing so IS the problem. This NEEDS daily attention (awareness) to unthread, and yes it’s more than possible but giving into the drama to those in ‘power’ who are doing whatever they can to traumatise and belittle our intelligence, this pain and confusion they are feeding off. The more we panic, the more we’re feeding it, and the more we do the more they can continue to control the masses. I’m not saying to not be upset, fucking hell yeah we need to be, but calm the panic so this energy can be channelled and used in the very best way for us all. 

The fuckery we have witnessed in this country has no limitations to how low they will go to stay in control. It’s frustrating and it’s painful, but we need the small spaces of quiet to gather our thoughts, feel out those feelings. Ground our anxiety and mourn the grief. We have to remember that WE have the power. There is more of us than them. We need to remember this. Yes, I’m doing the us and them thing because it is a clear as fuck division.

Decolonising is an inside out job, a daily one. As long as we have this consistent division within humanity, we’re arguing with the wrong fucking people and not tackling the core issue at hand. That’s exactly what this shitty systems wants. Distraction, high emotion, confusion, anxiety and endless grief. It’s so easy to control people when they are not clear in how they feel, and when they are confused and anxious. The system needs to break down completely and it will get worse before it gets better, whether we’re still on the planet or not.
My advice is, take a breath, get the fuck off social media for a bit and really sit with what needs to be done. Shit needs to be dealt with at the root.
Be prepared to be uncomfortable. No one can stand and say they’re an ally that’s up to BIPOC to decide. Feet on the fucking ground is needed. It’s not about being comfortable it’s about feeling it all through clear as fuck. We have to feel our way through it. We have to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and brave it head on. 

We’re not hopeless, that is what those in ‘power’ want us to feel. Listen to yourself.

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Rage Against Shame

Our ancestral war cries is found in the peak of blinding white rage, right in the fucking source and regardless of the fear around embracing the power of it, some eventually do. At times all at once, then at times slowly, slowly either way it’s the voice of knowing that drives you forward the more you listen and act on it, the stronger and clearer it gets.

This isn’t just focused personal growth of growing from behavioural patterns, I’m talking learning how to feed wounds with enough rage to fight for yourself, and no matter how ugly or fucked up that may look, because I’m not talking about being a better human, I’m talking about being a real one.
It’s not all wrapped up in being fucking ‘good’ that’s not authentic as much as most want to hide behind it.
This constant lets all be fucking good, also hinders the strengthening of standing strong in disagreement and conflict feeding the shame and anxiety of getting it wrong deepening the fear of sitting in the pain of it. This creates so much fuckery in relationships. I am not saying to be an outright cunt particularly in regards to environmental and human rights issues, I’m talking about relaxing into the knowing and expression of you. Gotta fuck the shame off. Observe it, each time you’re feeling you’re overly extending yourself to be fucking good, ask why. What’s motivating you, this need to be liked because of the anxiety beneath it telling you in order to liked you gotta be good and fulfil the expectation of your own and others and that includes being good, I say fucken bullshit.
Ancestral liberation is the action, healing and expression from the inside out.

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What Natural Magic Really Is

This toxic shit show most people call society, it’s important that we speak truth, so I want to cover today ‘natural magic’ because there’s been a few questions with what is being sold out there and it’s confusing the fuck out of people.

Can we call it ‘natural magic’ when creative energy that makes every thing and every being is natural?  It’s a bit confusing isn’t it?  We could just remove the word natural because is it not all natural anyway when it’s all made from the same natural energy? More confusing when someone speaks of natural magic and simplifies it to YOU. What the fuck does that mean when the practice of the old craft has been for centuries and someone simplifies it to YOU.  When it’s much more than that, and I’m going to explain. Am I saying that a person or nature isn’t magical? It all is, but we’re talking in context of witch which should always include presence, grounding, self and earth awareness which most people are not. This simplification is glamouring suggesting that anyone is witch or shaman, and fuck me our ancestors will be rolling around with the traditions, the losses and painful personal growth to suggest this utter bullshit just so others can make a few dollars.

First, of course it begins with the practitioner, but most people and this includes many that call themselves practitioners, are not self aware or real practitioners of the old craft. If you’re consciously working with the mystery, it’s old craft. Self awareness isn’t something you jump ship when things get hard. It is everyday, twenty four/seven. Living, breathing and shitting awareness which is being present and paying attention to your inside world and your environment. This includes a healing practice and that healing practice is you being conscious of your wounding, managing trauma wounds to heal and grow from. There’s not many people that do that or know how, and that unfortunately is a truth. It can be taught though, that’s what I teach. The bones of witch is healing, earth and ancestral relationships.

Which brings me to listening. If you don’t do the above, chances are you’re not present to what is actually being said, and I’m not just speaking of words being spoken but intuitively feeling, listening to what a person is not saying. No surprise, but this hasn’t been mentioned- healing, which is being aware of all of you including your trauma wounds that is needed to be present. Those that are not, have limited vision of life which includes the mysteries of life. You don’t heal, you won’t receive those mysteries because you are congested with emotion and what needs healing. Communication and understanding isn’t clear, because the inside is not.

Which brings me to ‘natural magic.’ Marion Green describes natural magic as using tools, the elements, nature as a way of casting magic and living in harmony with earth, yes witchcraft. This includes self awareness as mentioned above. Green witchcraft as many know it as. It’s just witchcraft. It’s also shamanic because shamans also practice witchcraft. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say it was a way of separating other ‘magical’ practices such as wicca into it’s own place, but realistically if we’re going to look at it from an animistic point of view, it’s all natural magic. And that above, begins if you are a magical practitioner, and simplifying it as magic instead of stating what it actually is –self awareness demeans an ancient healing craft believing anyone can do it and that simply is not true. My point, leave the old craft as it is and stop manipulating people. Simplifying and watering down ancient practices seems to be the norm nowadays with very few protecting ancient practices because it all just seems to be about money and the neediness people are feeding instead of HEALING and being SELF AWARE. That is witch, that is shaman the rest is smearing an image of what it is not over the wounds they desperately need to be present with.

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A New Dark

How often do you take the time to listen to the earth? Do you know how? How often do you spend time in nature, and if not why not?
There’s something stirring so deep that’s emerging, something I have never sensed before and one to take seriously. How it effects each person will be different, it all rests on how well you listen to yourself and how well you can grow from destruction.
Destruction isn’t something to fear, it’s part of nature. Shit needs to be rattled to find the truth and wisdom beneath the nicely put together picture, and this will happen many times over and let it. Welcome it in. Move with it and explore the rubble that’s left behind, what is it saying to you? What are you not getting?
There’s changes, and then there’s pay attention bitch because there’s a bigger picture here. That’s a fact, but most will find excuses to reason away what’s happening even though the message is clear and in our face. The fuckery is alive and well and we don’t have time for it.

I urge you to not get carried away with the glamour and superficiality of toxic bypassing, where people get caught up in the small self centred matters that mean fuck all in the bigger picture. Reasoning away what’s being spoken to us. The bigger picture is far more important. That glamour is fear. Fear of being so far away from the truth and it’s angry. It’s full of surface stuff of empty selfies, bullshit self pedestaling as narcissistic behaviours love to think they’re more than they’re not. It’s excusing shitty behaviour with some fucking spiritual belief to hide their irresponsibility. It’s all irritating and frustrating because that smell in the air to want more drama, is the drama of unaware humans lost in their fear and anger.
Getting caught up with appearances is all part of the glamour.. open your eyes loves.

I urge you to pay attention. To look at your life like you never have before and expand in ways you never thought of before. To pull your energy in and make your life have meaning with the right people and places. Quiet, and always listening to our Mother. We are nothing without her.
Everything that was shown to me has unfolded on the planet in the last 6-8 weeks has happened. The earth shifted last Thursday between 12-1pm WA time, and I was pulled right in. Clear, significant and not to be ignored. In the last two days I have been shown something else, this…the new dark. Something is stirring in the mystery like I’ve never felt before and it’s clear spoken communication that wants to support. Are you listening, are you paying attention?

Listen to your body, what is it saying? If you’re ready and want to make changes and not sure where to begin, get in touch….but let me say this because it needs to be said particularly as the toxicity is growing and a lot of people feel entitled to spew their shit on others.

You need to come to me with some experience with inner self exploration knowing how to introspect, be strong enough to feel and stand on your own. I don’t do toxic and privilege behaviours in any form, and don’t come to me if you don’t walk your integrity. I don’t have time for bullshit adult babies that want to be pandered on and not take responsibility for their behaviour.  I don’t take any shit. You approach me as witch with toxic behaviours and I’ll finish you as one. Be ready. Take yourself seriously and be responsible and I’ll take you seriously. Don’t waste my time when I could be supporting another in need that’s ready.
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The Other Side of Privilege

I’m a proud multicultural woman. I love my roots and where I come from. I have spent the past weeks publicly educating people that gypsy is a slur word after white privilege pushing the issue.

After dealing with a racial situation in more ways than one, I could feel the other part of me being pulled in. I wanted to go back to my shamanic roots and reconnect with the mixture of Asian roots that I am proudly from. I’m still in it. Transforming, learning, growing, listening. To be at peace and be with what I know is real. It’s a painful waste of time to defend the bones of who you are. I wish there was no need for it. 

But I want to talk racism. The systems we live under in Australia. It’s a fact and unless you’re ethnic or indigenous to this land, you wouldn’t know any better. 

I want to start with saying, my grandfather that I never met is Romani. My daughters father has Jewish Romani blood and was also affected by the privilege of one particular person that pushed the issue and continued to use the word gypsy. Instead of an apology, white privilege pushes the issue, why? Because she can. She knew she would have the support of other privileged people. Privilege sees, ‘how dare I pull up a pale person on using the word gypsy?’ ‘Privilege screams, ‘I’m no victim’ instead of seeing that this is a humanity issue. This is not the only example and I can line up my fellow Roma’s and we all have stories to tell. Romani people are still very much oppressed in Europe. It is only now people are slowly listening and understanding gypsy is a slur word. It is only in the last three or four years people are slowly listening to what we have to say. Sad, but true. 

The beautiful thing in my experience, is minority groups stick together. I’ve had plenty of chats and support from other cultures not to mention the Romani groups I am part of and the people I know. I can’t tell you how much this helps the heart. There’s a presence and an understanding that doesn’t require words. A genuine heart connection of ‘I got you.’ I also want to shout out to the beautiful loves that have surrounded me and my daughter on this issue. You know who you all are. I appreciate you all for giving me the care and understanding to speak up. For supporting us and showing me your humanity. It only brings people closer and I’m grateful for it. Some of you also may not see it as a big deal because the word gypsy has been romanticised and it is not what most people think it is. But this post isn’t about explaining this again. If you want to know head over here: Romani Alliance 

This is about racism and pale privilege. My parents came over to Australia by ship and met over here. To sum it up, my mother is mixed European and Romani and my father is mixed Asian. Both speak more than one language. Both have accents. My mother is pale and my father is what most people will describe as black but I call him brown because that’s what he is. I’ve never met a black person but varying shades of brown. 

I have watched both of my parents experience racism. Every member of my family has and for myself personally I still do. These systems we live under are created for pale people to benefit from and for the rest of us to believe a skin colour is better than the rest. This toxic belief has ripped through cultures with such ferocity. And many pale skinned people still live by this, and there are many that are working through this trauma and toxicity and I say thank you, because you’re healing more than yourself. Because it is a trauma to believe one colour of the earth is better than the other. It is a trauma to have your own culture destroyed to believe in something that not only keeps you from knowing who you really are, but the pain of not knowing your ancestors and your own roots. I can understand this can be a reason why people hold onto what they have been taught, but I say to you friend- go deeper. For you, for the earth, for all of us. 

I have a tonne of experiences to share but I’ll just point out a few foundational ones. When I was six, my father came home bleeding and bruised because eight pale European men he worked with waited for him to finish night shift and beat him so bad he couldn’t see out of his eyes leaving his face and much of his body bruised and swollen. Why? because he’s brown and Asian. I remember how that made me feel, and it does affect you. The first four years of schooling I was picked on by the same four white girls that called me derogatory names for having brown skin. This started when I was five and didn’t end until I left the school. I was pushed by two of them and cut my head open the exact outcome they wanted. How do I know? Because they laughed as blood was dripping down my face. I’ll never forget the hatred behind it. My brown skin made them sick. Every day they told me I was disgusting. They weren’t punished, and it won’t come to any surprise to you one of their mothers called me a racist derogatory name and denied it when my mother confronted her. Said I imagine it. Not only racist, but too scared to be honest about it when confronted. 

My next primary school more white kids told me that my brown skin was disgusting and it wasn’t till my indigenous brothers and sisters pulled me aside and said, ‘don’t worry sis you come hang out with us.’ They’re understanding and compassion saved me as my rage grew over through my teenage years because this shit didn’t lessen and not because it was just my personal experience. I hate racism. I don’t understand how people can hate so hard even with all the reasoning and trauma experiences behind it. I don’t understand this kind of hatred. 

I watched pale men speak to my mother likes she’s stupid because she has a strong accent. Like she’s their property for them to sleaze over hoping for a fuck. In my late teens I would go out with my father and have pale skinned men look at my father like he’s a piece of shit and that some how he’s taking advantage of me. I would walk past them and yell ‘he’s my fucking father’ most of them would look away embarrassed. I bring this up because this is what I now experience with my daughter. She’s 19, paler skin than myself and every time we go out I am looked at like I’m abusing her. We don’t know any of these people and of course they don’t know our relationship. It hurts her and I try not to let it bother me. All the people that look at us that way have pale skin. So unless your ethic or indigenous you really don’t know how alive and well white privilege is.  And majority of those that scream ‘go back to your country’ have pale skin and they’re not even in their own country, go figure. 

My indigenous brothers and sisters have been nothing but understanding. What does that say about the toxicity in this country? And the people running it and the people benefiting from the systems that are in place to feed this separation and toxic belief? 

The thing is with racism it cuts bone deep and shouldn’t exist. No person is more than a tree or animal or another person. We’re all earth. Everything else is trauma I believe this wholeheartedly because when you’re deeply and authentically connected to your own roots, there’s no racism you just see beauty. That kind of connection and evolution looks at difference with curiosity and not hate. We’re all indigenous to a patch of land. It’s all beauty. 

This piece below I found powerful and want to leave it with you. This is necessary for all of us to heal.Blog post, not long and written by a recovering racist. I share because this covers so much from a pale person that explains her privilege and what she was taught. It’s worth the read: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/ecopreacher/2019/01/recovering-racist/utm_content=buffercb20e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=FBCP-PRX

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The In between

In the place of not quite yet and still forming. There’s magic here. The many possibilities and questions of where to and which way feels right. The hunt, the transmutation and sharpened focus and deep as fuck listening. The deeper you go, the darker it is but how dark are you willing to be and how dark can you go? This bullshit of light versus dark and the misconception and lack of understanding that it’s all going to be ‘light’ and that fluffy ungrounded love that is fucking smeared with expectation each time you grow is not that. That’s catering to a lack of depth and understanding that is needing much more healing. I dare you to dive into the root cause of your wounds over and over again and love and live from that place. Not emerging upwards after receiving a little bit of wisdom and think you’re done. Far fucking from it.

Healing is also knowing and accepting all those parts of yourself the world has told you is shit. Allowing, loving and accepting yourself as whoever you are beneath all the wounds, false teachings and expectations. The ‘lightness’ is giving yourself permission to be whoever the fuck you are without feeling bad about it, without feeling weighed down that you need to be someone else that you are not and never will be. The fucking falseness of all this ‘spiritual’ whatever is misleading so many people into believing what is authentic and what is real. All I see over and over again is people placing themselves in these tiny little boxes to fit the image of what a ‘spiritually aware’ person is, but it’s all bullshit and just more expectation of being someone you are not. So really, how many people are actually healing and living authentically as the word gets thrown around in the white wash of more shitting marketing? Being yourself should be edged with difference that yes will confront conformity and should be formed in integrity if it’s true. Not the emptiness of image and the constant attention seeking that’s everywhere. Glamour isn’t needed when a person is real. Your real self has a presence of it’s own, and that realness wouldn’t think about using glamour. Why would you when there’s real power in being authentic..

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Mongolian shaman


Bring it back to the Bones of the Earth

I’ve met people from all over the world claiming they’re witch or shaman. The ones that are real don’t seek constant attention. There’s a few that have businesses and made their work known using social media like myself to reach more people to help where we can because we know it is an important and pivotal time on the planet.

And I’ve seen it all. The falseness which is everywhere, and the idea of what most people consider witch or shaman is just an egotistical idea to feed an image of what it is not. Fucking meme sharing and feeding the stereotype of pointy hats and too much bullshit which myself and others are constantly working at to break.

I’ve seen grown arse women curse and hex twenty year olds just so they can exercise their rage and feed an idea of what power is not. I’ve seen people go crazy by using a force they know nothing about not understanding the practice, not understanding the importance to heal and reclaim their power knowing it’s ongoing. Some of that is subtle and some not so much.
I have seen bitchiness,
competitiveness in what is meant to be healing arts. I’ve watched elder people say they’re one thing to find out they’re toxic, controlling and even racist. I’ve seen too much of people who call themselves witch or shaman are not. Constantly seeking attention and validation which is not what you do. The real ones know this. They know to grow and reclaim their power they dive in deep to love and accept who they are without the constant need to be placed on a pedestal. That’s an unhealthy wounded ego. There’s no power in that.

People call this a community and it’s meant to be, but for the most part it fucking is not. It is with the ones you have close to you and that for me is a community that I’m always welcoming and expanding and man, I’ve got some great people around me.

What I’m saying is, we’re people that stand for earth, heal ourselves and whoever comes our way. That’s what I know we are. It’s not about constant selfie sharing, screaming to the world what you’re doing next so people can stroke that ego some more, it is the roots and bones of helping, healing and supporting where we can..and that also includes the art of curse and hex.

Wise women and men, witches, shamans, wortcunners, conjurers. My beloved brujas and brujos so potently talented, these are the ones to seek out. The rest is feeding an image, and because of that self centred bullshit they are influencing others to be like them- egotistical and so far away from themselves it does nothing but feed on old emotional wounding that keeps people repeating the same unhealthy patterns. You’ll watch them they change a few things here and there to ‘look the part’ but they’re not actually standing in their power. This falseness is not bringing people back to earth, it is not healing them, it’s making them sick.
The focus of where we are right now as earth, as humanity should be healing which includes decolonising and coming back to our ancestral roots. Not being afraid to go deep and confront our pains.
No one has the time to waste in feeding the superficial. The roots and bones of witchery is healing and establishing a strong connection with self and earth not in stroking egos that will eventually lead to sickness in the mind and in the body which only leads to more mindless destruction to our planet. A witch or shaman would know this.
Superficial fuckery, that has devastating effects when this should be about earth and healing.

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Siberian shaman, my roots.

Keep it Humble

We all do things deliberately whether we want to admit it or not to ourselves, especially if it’s cunty, or we need to get shit done for the right reasons because you can smell the mess another person is spreadin feeling like they’re a little too special for others because they’re blinded by their own fuckery. They’re own pain they’ve lost themselves in and they twist and warp what should be clear to see, but for many reasons why they can’t or won’t. That’s life.

Or they may feel they’re accomplished and pretty damn awesome at what they do, or they have an overgrown ego the size of a house because they keep feedin on others to get that next ego stroke because their too insecure, whatever, it leads to the same thing…and it may seem harmless at first until they start thinking they’re better than others. They start hurting people, or talking about others they say they’re friends with. Or they hurt their own children, or fuck over their business partner, cheat on their partner…whatever the reason they start losin their footing in realty and hurting people deliberately.

People like myself, we like to observe. We take everything in. We see and let the cigar smoke speak to us..and we sit and we sit..and we keep sitting patiently till the timing is right.

I’ve gone years to handle a situation that needed handling, waiting for the right time for it to be finally dealt with. There really is a timing for everything.

So if you come into my space or someone I love or care about and you fuck around…and maybe you can’t see that you are because you’re too self absorbed but you just refuse to take no for a fucking answer.

Then you gotta think..

How do you know if I tricked you to walk right into the web I created for you because you were too blinded by your own glamour to see the truth of what you’re doing?
How do you know I didn’t see that months ahead? How do you know that I was a willing participant to the fuckery to grow past myself because I watched myself be manipulated and I knew I had to grow past it?

Tricky, tricky…witchery..

So then how do you know the rage you feel to throw that hex would actually hit, but instead rebound back on you because it was seen months before it happened by the person you’re throwin at? And if you weren’t so blinded by your own trickery, you would know it wouldn’t be good for you. Keep your work and yourself humble. Know yourself is what I’m sayin, knowing you are no higher or lower than any living being because we’re all made of the same special somethin, regardless of what we do or don’t know. The more you know, the closer to earth you should be.

Do you see where I’m goin with this story? The web of self deceit and the use of trickery and growth watchin yourself in the space that feels sticky and you know it.
Growth is a painful bitch but a beautiful one, and there’s something about observin yourself in action to grow and let the truth speak for itself..

Trickery is one of my favourite forms of witchcraft and if you know yourself real well, you can spin that trick around to see the truth about yourself and others.

Trickery is clear and it isn’t either..