I remember

I yearn to take up space in a wilderness that lives inside me, the lands I’m made of. When water wasn’t monetised and placed in a poison called plastic. And nature wasn’t hurting the way she is now, and live the feral that I know I am. The wild that screams for expression and not live under a code of oppression, of falseness and superficial happiness.
Hearing the internalised screams of grief and rage suppressed under materialism and capitalism with every living being you connect with just wanting to breathe and burn away the sickness too many believe in.
Feeling the sadness from the lack of connection and interconnectedness our ancestors are screaming to return to. To remember the respect and integrity we had for all life and the soil we honoured, and the celebration through ceremonies of life and death.
I remember, and we fight on.

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Incubation, dismantling bullshit & coming back to Earth

A kind reminder that this is a time to pull on all your ancestral practices and connect in. I understand the uncertainty and anxiety many are feeling and the survival mechanism it switches on. Feeling fear is healthy and a normal response when our survival is threatened, but I encourage you to minimise it as much as you can and challenge yourself to keep grounded and use your ancestral and creative practices.

Some of what I want to share is this. To encourage loves to look at things from a different perspective.

Many of us know we cannot sustain living on the planet the way we are. And many of us are passionate activists to dismantle the system that’s killing us all.

Around the time of the fires in Australia, I had a dream there was sickness coming. And I remember within the dream the sky turned pink for a while before it turned back to blue. The symbolism in that was to show me the fear, uncertainty and rage it will push up, and saw we will be enduring this incubation time for at least a good two to three months intensely then I saw the sky turning back to blue slowly. With that, I also saw it was one of the many challenges humans have to face if we continue to not change the way we live. That’s clear.

Look at it like this, an incubation period is also a period of transformation and growth if used correctly. Why I encourage you to challenge your fear and anxiety. Keep your ancestral practices up as the wisdom of our ancestors guides us through this time and use this time for introspection and creativity.

This is also a rattle to see with open eyes how humans are dependent on food from the corner store and not our gardens. To see and question your own dependency on the system and how you need to change this in your own world. How medicine and vitamins are vastly dependent on a plastic bottle in pill form and not from what we eat and the medicines we can use to heal ourselves from our bush lands and gardens. I’m not saying western medicine doesn’t have its place, but to see what you can change for yourself and family as we are directed back towards our earth. There’s no choice in this loves, it’s happening and destruction and death is where we grow,  to really put to rest the person we once were that feeds such a pattern to reclaim who we really are.
This is a much needed opportunity and learning to get back to the land and to the knowledge we know and knowledge we need to learn or relearn again to bring us back close to the earth. I encourage you to take this on board and make those changes that’s needed, that our Mother is kind enough to give us space and patience to once again get our shit together.
We need to see how we are making the earth sick, and we’ve had too many opportunities to see this and still so many look away. Most refused to see that before, but when we are faced with our own mortality and the consequences for deliberately choosing to not take responsibility this is one of the many ways we will learn.
Within that, there must be changes made though and not just riding out the worse and returning back to the usual bullshit. Think of this like as a dysfunctional behavioural pattern challenged to be changed, because that’s what it is. This is a time to put those changes into place permanently and make it a needed way to live.

Warrior energy is walked in more than one way, how that way is for you is different to what most may perceive warrior energy. I encourage you to your walk it. Stay grounded, connected. Be present with what you’re feeling and watch your denial, rage, grief and anxiety. Introspect, create, get that garden happening. Transform within your cave time and follow those preventive measures.

Will keep blogging through this time to share a little food for thought. Love to all. We’re made for these times. If you’re feeling challenged to ground check out this blog post: https://rootedinboneandwild.wordpress.com/2020/03/19/grounding-and-moving-shit-heres-a-bit-to-stay-centred/

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Moving with our Earth

I want to encourage earth practitioners of any kind to give yourself space to really feel into the continue changes of our earth.
It’s important for everyone, but for those that are holding space for healing to give yourself the time for introspection and ongoing connection to understand the grief that’s felt in the body.
To understand the presence required to support others within the transmutation of us all.

I also want to say the transformative changes will feel heavier and more oppressive living under this system.
It’s a given, as we watch those with head up arse not giving a shit depleting us all with the continuation of taking from our Mother.

To move through this, it’s important to heal and deepen your healing practice with continuing to decolonise from the inside out. Understanding the heavy grief and anxiety that comes with being present and grounded, I want to say there’s power to retrieve in the darkest spaces that will support you through the ongoing transmutation.
So when we talk darkness, we always go deeper standing in the chaos and wild more and more.
Will blog about a little more on this later.
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Feeling Earth in your Body, Embracing the Mystery and Creativity of the Feminine

To begin, I don’t usually like separating male and female attributes. Kind of tired of that too because it boxes an expectation on an individual and gender, when we’re not all the same and not meant to, but for the sake of this piece which I will explain let’s call it feminine.

We’ll make it feminine because it is a natural state for woman to feel and be moved and be taken into the spaces in between thought, of feeling, a sense of knowing to take a thread of feeling or thought or inspiration and run with it to another place that will change her in one way or another, and that happens many times in a day, and most of the time she may not know it until her life reaches a distinct noticeable transformation. We have this emptiness and fullness that is forever churning and moving, always wanting to create more when we are naturally moving with our own rhythm, and for some women they will call in chaos because she’s not standing in her power. Deep down she knows this and calls in chaos, the most destructive kind to charge things up for what she yearns for in hope she will be clear enough to walk through the door of change this time around. Does that mean women in their power doesn’t experience chaos? Of course she does, but she will sense the changes and will move with what she feels. The difference is paying attention to what you’re feeling inside all the time, not some of the time.

Placing awareness around mystery and feminine is to bring me to the point of feeling earth in your body. The need to learn to move with our mother not further away as she’s changing. Developing a relationship with earth and self that is so finely attuned you sense the feelings in your body. The practice of communing with the planet and beginning your day by sensing what you’re feel beneath your feet in the dirt and placing clear focus to what you’re sensing. How does she feel? How does the energy feel in your body? Is it calming? Is it full of emotion or anxiety? Does it relax or energise you? How sensitive are you feeling? What places in your body do you feel it the most? What emotions do you feel there?

Pulling up earth energy and letting it move and flush out what is needing your attention for each day is creativity. Creativity, because it creates the first layer of paint for your canvas in the morning and the more you practice you want to fine tune it so well that you can intuitively sense what it is you need to do and how to move this energy and what can be created for you to enhance your life, the life of others if you work with people like I do, or as artist what can you form with it?

This practice is how I live for too many years. It is a practice I’ve always highly encouraged my clients to work with, and I want to encourage as many as I can while our Mother is transforming. Do not move away from her because you feel grief with what you see is happening, but to move closer to her and sense how your relationship with her and what you feel that you can do to create with this energy of transmutation and death, and create new life with it. Let it strengthen your relationship with life and death. Let your listening be so finely attuned that you can know the bigger picture of whats happening. Do not walk away from her, come closer and take in her teachings of transformation.

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Upsetting the Set Up

Firstly, this title wasn’t thought up by me, but a man named Kevin who’s rocking his facebook page hard. Click the link and jump on over, you’ll love it: https://www.facebook.com/upsettingthesetup/

While people are running around with no heads, overwhelmed with panic and understandably so, I really need you all to understand something really clearly. I live in Australia and people are panicked. Our country is on fire and our government couldn’t give two fucks. Propaganda is being spread like the thick layer fuckery that it is and I’ve seen many international pages citing this false information. This country is being run by a pack of toxic fools. It’s concerning, worrying but we cant forget we have people power and although our sociopath PM wants to take advantage of the trauma we’re all experiencing, let’s not give this cheap fuck anything at all.

Listen, we can fuck off this government off and we’re rallying to, but another one will be filled in with the same systematic oppressive bullshit that is killing all of us- earth. Perpetuating and feeding the same white colonialist rubbish where it dismisses colonised Europeans from unthreading the colonialist belief system which upholds the system that you’re all trying to break, why unthreading white supremacy and the privilege connected to it is so fucking important. This is the colonialist mindset that needs to be looked at seriously. The dissociation from reality and our earth IS the problem that is ingrained in white supremacy. Not doing so IS the problem. This NEEDS daily attention (awareness) to unthread, and yes it’s more than possible but giving into the drama to those in ‘power’ who are doing whatever they can to traumatise and belittle our intelligence, this pain and confusion they are feeding off. The more we panic, the more we’re feeding it, and the more we do the more they can continue to control the masses. I’m not saying to not be upset, fucking hell yeah we need to be, but calm the panic so this energy can be channelled and used in the very best way for us all. 

The fuckery we have witnessed in this country has no limitations to how low they will go to stay in control. It’s frustrating and it’s painful, but we need the small spaces of quiet to gather our thoughts, feel out those feelings. Ground our anxiety and mourn the grief. We have to remember that WE have the power. There is more of us than them. We need to remember this. Yes, I’m doing the us and them thing because it is a clear as fuck division.

Decolonising is an inside out job, a daily one. As long as we have this consistent division within humanity, we’re arguing with the wrong fucking people and not tackling the core issue at hand. That’s exactly what this shitty systems wants. Distraction, high emotion, confusion, anxiety and endless grief. It’s so easy to control people when they are not clear in how they feel, and when they are confused and anxious. The system needs to break down completely and it will get worse before it gets better, whether we’re still on the planet or not.
My advice is, take a breath, get the fuck off social media for a bit and really sit with what needs to be done. Shit needs to be dealt with at the root.
Be prepared to be uncomfortable. No one can stand and say they’re an ally that’s up to BIPOC to decide. Feet on the fucking ground is needed. It’s not about being comfortable it’s about feeling it all through clear as fuck. We have to feel our way through it. We have to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and brave it head on. 

We’re not hopeless, that is what those in ‘power’ want us to feel. Listen to yourself.

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Earth Based Practices and Activism


My spirituality includes activism. I don’t understand how it could not when you’re walking the world with eyes wide open, and if it directly affects my humanity being stripped or not acknowledged imma gonna scream it out loud and more than once.

I also know that feminism shouldn’t be taken from a white woman perspective because it doesn’t cover all issues of oppression that all women from all walks of life experience and for that reason it isn’t inclusive. Now without people saying wtf, go do your research and see for yourself. I’m not here to lay it out for you do your own work which only empowers you. Go to pages and make a comparison and you can see the difference in discussion of topics.

Witchcraft, shamanism both earth base practices, therefore if my spirituality is rooted to earth as it should be regardless of what you practice, the importance of activism is not a choice.
And not the kind of nice activism where I’ve seen people be polite about it, that in itself is rooted in oppression, let it be raw as fuck.
Whether it’s about environmental issues, human rights issues, whatever loves this is not a time to be silent. Silence enables the oppressor and we’re walking into a strong year.

I’m never going to be one of those people that give you all the positive fluff of life is good and next year is yours. That to me also sets people up for not having their feet on the ground and much of it can come from a privilege stand point because we have to keep in mind the many different places people are living and experiencing.

I will be the person that tells you we have a lot of work ahead of us, to stay grounded and connect in with how you truly feel now and walk into the next gregorian year with presence. By no means am I not encouraging goals and positive focus if that’s your thing, but I also know that positive focus means different things to other people. To me it means being grounded with what I know, think and feel- the good, uncomfortable, joyous and heavy. To me reminding people of being real is loving.

I wrote these words on a Facebook post sharing it with a quote from a person that I thought was all for social justice, and was recently educated by a lovely on my page. I tore it down and thought I’d share it here instead.

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A New Dark

How often do you take the time to listen to the earth? Do you know how? How often do you spend time in nature, and if not why not?
There’s something stirring so deep that’s emerging, something I have never sensed before and one to take seriously. How it effects each person will be different, it all rests on how well you listen to yourself and how well you can grow from destruction.
Destruction isn’t something to fear, it’s part of nature. Shit needs to be rattled to find the truth and wisdom beneath the nicely put together picture, and this will happen many times over and let it. Welcome it in. Move with it and explore the rubble that’s left behind, what is it saying to you? What are you not getting?
There’s changes, and then there’s pay attention bitch because there’s a bigger picture here. That’s a fact, but most will find excuses to reason away what’s happening even though the message is clear and in our face. The fuckery is alive and well and we don’t have time for it.

I urge you to not get carried away with the glamour and superficiality of toxic bypassing, where people get caught up in the small self centred matters that mean fuck all in the bigger picture. Reasoning away what’s being spoken to us. The bigger picture is far more important. That glamour is fear. Fear of being so far away from the truth and it’s angry. It’s full of surface stuff of empty selfies, bullshit self pedestaling as narcissistic behaviours love to think they’re more than they’re not. It’s excusing shitty behaviour with some fucking spiritual belief to hide their irresponsibility. It’s all irritating and frustrating because that smell in the air to want more drama, is the drama of unaware humans lost in their fear and anger.
Getting caught up with appearances is all part of the glamour.. open your eyes loves.

I urge you to pay attention. To look at your life like you never have before and expand in ways you never thought of before. To pull your energy in and make your life have meaning with the right people and places. Quiet, and always listening to our Mother. We are nothing without her.
Everything that was shown to me has unfolded on the planet in the last 6-8 weeks has happened. The earth shifted last Thursday between 12-1pm WA time, and I was pulled right in. Clear, significant and not to be ignored. In the last two days I have been shown something else, this…the new dark. Something is stirring in the mystery like I’ve never felt before and it’s clear spoken communication that wants to support. Are you listening, are you paying attention?

Listen to your body, what is it saying? If you’re ready and want to make changes and not sure where to begin, get in touch….but let me say this because it needs to be said particularly as the toxicity is growing and a lot of people feel entitled to spew their shit on others.

You need to come to me with some experience with inner self exploration knowing how to introspect, be strong enough to feel and stand on your own. I don’t do toxic and privilege behaviours in any form, and don’t come to me if you don’t walk your integrity. I don’t have time for bullshit adult babies that want to be pandered on and not take responsibility for their behaviour.  I don’t take any shit. You approach me as witch with toxic behaviours and I’ll finish you as one. Be ready. Take yourself seriously and be responsible and I’ll take you seriously. Don’t waste my time when I could be supporting another in need that’s ready.
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Transmuting with Bone Mother

Muma Padurii a Romanian myth that carries a similar story to Baba Yaga. She is the protector of trees and animals, women and children. The Bone Mother of the wild is playing Her part in present events and to come on the earth. The chaotic unrest has been building up for some time, with short and sometimes long sporadic spaces, nevertheless she is and will be more prominent in her actions on the planet in the very near future. This is not a scare tactic, but one we have all witnessed for some time, and unfortunately most is not paying attention or feeling so hopeless the destructive side of avoidance seems to be all to many.

Chaos and destruction, how do you feel about it? How well can you stand in it and still see while managing becoming the storm? I’ve read articles with titles ‘that we’re made for these times’ and a very big part of that is true, but are you ready? When so many people choose not to embrace the chaotic and destructive side of their nature how well do you really navigate outside influences that is provoking your inside world, and not reacting but feeling it all and making decisions that are important with clarity? Because you’re going to need that skill.

People get angry because maybe they don’t want to see reality for what it is, or maybe they’re just not ready to… either way we all need to be. Four weeks ago, I was shown clear visions of what’s to come and the chaotic changes in the natural world done by the human hand will be more and obvious within this time frame. It’s all come true and there’s more to come, but what’s also obvious She’s letting me know to prepare.

As I travelled deep in the last few weeks, what I have noticed that more of the fierce nature of woman is coming to the surface which for few reasons needs to be. One, for what’s to come and the other, the women that are deeply connected with awareness with earth, is feeling the chaos rise and move within her like a ball of fire. Preparing for a breaking open like never before, not pretending it’s not there but allowing to be swallowed whole and spat out like the fucking warrior you are.

Chaos, destruction, natural movement doesn’t have boxes or schedules. We move with the earth not the other way around, and if you haven’t learned that yet, you will. The patriarchal structure has no place in natural law, sorry but She’s gonna fuck it up.

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Our Earth, Our Collective Trauma

Each time you don’t stand for yourself, allow a person to disrespect, take advantage or abuse who you are or the kindness you offer, you’re also giving them permission to treat your ancestors the same way, because you are your ancestors.
This is your family, the bedrock that you are. An expression of earth that holds thousands of years of wisdom, and if we take this to the shamanic practice of each culture that has it’s own way of connecting and gathering information to heal and deepen the relationship to the land, you can sense the ancient aliveness that is demanding our presence. And without that presence, we will and are getting sick.
It’s plugging who we are into the source of nature in order for earth to be healthy, which is all of us.
Feel into that, and you can only really know when you have developed a strong relationship with your ancestors, self and earth because I can speak this to people and they look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language, painful.

So what I want to say is, most of us don’t live on the land we are from. I really want to encourage the seriousness of being a strong ally to the indigenous people that are the true caretakers of that patch of earth you are living on, and please do not further our trauma by disrespecting our feelings when it comes to any discussions about land and what rightfully needs protecting and preserving.

Noticed I said our trauma. It is not just the trauma of the culture that is voicing their pain, but it is ours collectively because standing their and barking otherwise to a people that is fighting to heal and protect the earth they are, is a collective pain. The ones making insensitive bullshit comments are in their own cultural trauma and don’t know it, which is more destructive.

The relationship to the patch of earth you are from is a connection and relationship that is the very bones of who you are. That’s a truth, and if you don’t feel or understand this yet, keep healing.

So many people don’t remember this and still living the pain and toxicity of believing another story other than living their roots. The more we come back home to who the fuck we really are, the more each person will know and understand this. Be respectful and kind even if you don’t quite understand. Don’t bark hurtful bullshit but explore whatever pain it hits for you. Ask questions but be sensitive, kind and respectful. Taking this seriously will also open the doorway for you to return and reclaim your own ancestral roots.
We are all indigenous to a patch of earth, connecting with our own pain first will offer the understanding needed for us to ALL heal.

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