A bit of temptation

Each layer of skin peeled one after another is really to bring you back so you can walk your power without losing your shit somewhere and all over the place. It’s not to attain a fucking thing and the closest thing to enlightenment you’ll achieve is a bleached arsehole if that’s your thing. Think messy and there you are, you’re at the beginning of knowing yourself. Man it’s all getting a bit boring.

So what if we instead looked at the pockets of juice that is wanting a little distraction and a little destruction. Those pockets of ‘what ifs’ layered with desire and darkness, and some of it shamed for being taboo or just because you like something too much that maybe ain’t good for you or you just know deep down if you go there it’ll transform your world, but how that will be is another thing. It’s those places of hell yeah and hell no you want to make a bridge between. How much fire and pain can we unearth here even just for a little bit? Because these spaces are bitey and full of trickery and most people know they’re playing themselves with their own weaknesses most of the time, but the pull of that need within that place you love to indulge and run from is worth the time to know. Can you say you really know yourself without challenging these spaces and know your own limitations and soft spots that are seeking a lot fucking more than a big dick and a bottle of Beam to soothe it.

I know when we enter here it will take everything you have and the best of you, so why not if you get a bit of naughty play that you want to tell no one and everyone about. Who is the person that lives in this space?

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I love knowing I'm not the only one chasing wild between layers of darkness (6)

‘Self Acceptance’

Let’s talk self acceptance for a little bit cause if you’re wanting tip the edge and walk into this deeper and darker place, this is work that needs doing and ongoing presence, and definitely not living a surface level place of convincing yourself that you do. That’s not love, that’s bypassing what needs to be loved.

Self acceptance, I know the term has been thrown around like a fucking  well used vibrator, and it’s much more than saying ‘I acceptance myself’ cause you really don’t know what that means until you unthread the conforming oppressive bullshit women are expected to be, and I want to add there’s different levels of oppression a woman carries for so many factors- race, sexuality, gender identity, disability to name but a few not just being woman. So what I’m trying to point out there’s layers, not this fuck around bullshit you see in most spiritual groups that you ‘love yourself’ and live all the fluffy love and light which not only is it a narrow view of life and a tonne of white privilege, but they’re also placing people in boxes assuming that it’s ‘like this’ which is an expectation coming from their lack of a deepening experience of what life is about but also what real love is.

This bullshit expectation does more harm than good, because while a woman is healing herself and she’s trying to again fit herself in a box she knows she’s trying break out. It’s smeared with a different language and feeds an unhealthy belief that this is the way I have to love myself and if not, I must be doing it wrong.
No cunt can tell you how to love yourself because every person, wounding, trauma and oppression a woman has lived, walks a different self navigation and healing process. It’s deep, because ancestral practice is deep af.
Why a real healer or anyone doing transformative work  moves with the individual rhythm of each person.
There’s no one size fits all.

So saying all of that, self acceptance as we move into a deeper knowing space of who we really are, and not conforming to oppression which is riddled with anxiety and understandably so (I’ll talk about this another time), the presence that is required developed with consistent practice is needed to live this depth of earth practice, of ancestral work and liberation and of self love.
If you don’t know how to manage your traumas and you will experience triggers, which we fukn do anyway loves, you slip back into the people pleasing oppression which this wild track of a walk is not about.

My point, self acceptance isn’t just screaming to the world I accept myself, but realising the work and depth it means to really accept and love yourself because when we’re still skimming the surface of our own personal growth and evolution, in too many ways we’re conforming to societal and patriarchal expectations still, (the whole plastic niceness bullshit is one small example), and let me also add in cultural expectation. It’s not until we stand in the darkest place within ourselves, live and love ourselves there do we really know what real self acceptance is.

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Artist unknown, amazing fucking piece

破坏 – Ancestral Witchcraft

An ancestral practice which we’ll call today 破坏 which translates to destroy or destroyer, is the art of domination, ‘soak up’ and transmute how you want the outcome to be for retribution.
It’s a craft that takes three solid years of practice and takes strong seer ability  using a specific techniques to be thrown back to the person or my favourite, to the ones they love and it devours slowly..
When your ability is strong you can see it through vision and dreams and includes anyone else that maybe involved and we’ll call this today 诅咒.

Then there’s, we’ll call it 混沌 which translates to chaos, when you foresee a person throwing hex or curse even before anything looks remotely like it could happen. As an example, you could be friends at the time and you put things in place before it happens. The trickery of witchery that I love.

There’s that, and then there’s 毒, to poison to death. Not always used with actual poisons which I won’t go into, but certain practices that will end a life or a life of someone the person who has thrown, loves…and there’s no hold backs to who that can be, age means fuck all. There is more than five practices all up within this one practice.

This is broad watered down to simplify to share the understanding that ancestral witchcraft isn’t candles, books of another’s experience, a fake image, narcissism, toxicity or a gathering of insecure white women playing dress ups and the hypocrisy of saying one thing and weeks later doing the opposite of what was said, shit talking. No truth or integrity.

As Bruce Lee says, showing off is a fools glory, if it makes you feel stronger by all means go ahead, but there’s people out there that take their craft seriously and have had enough of fucken fools.

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What Ancestral Witchcraft is not

Because I have to, and it seems it needs to be said over and over again. Please don’t ever lump me in with the rest of what most people know to be witchcraft, that is not and never will be me.

So let me say….. ancestral healing goes hand in hand with ancestral witchcraft. Can’t have one without the other. Healing is the bones of witchery as is your conscious and deep relationship to self, earth and ancestors.
Anything else isn’t witchery it’s fuckery, and there’s a lot of fuckery out there. Don’t have to have to like it, I’m not here to please.

If you want to revel in glamour and toxic white privilege behaviour where you don’t want to take responsibility and use excuses like ‘there’s room for everyone’ of course there is but responsibility comes with witch as does walking this earth which includes being held accountable and seeing the depth of what this behaviour actually does to the earth, and witches will know that without me saying shit or needing to debate common sense.

Unthreading systematic oppression which includes white privilege is a big part of walking your ancestral path and not just throwing any excuse out when it feels convenient which I see very much with white privilege.
My work and pages isn’t here to make anyone comfortable particularly white feelings around human rights issues. I understand it may hurt and there’s shame connected to this, if you’re wanting to learn, decolonise and heal, welcome. But if you know witchcraft as what’s mostly out there superficial white washing of a deep earth practice, cultural appropriation, toxic and narcissistic behaviour, white privilege and racism and there’s a fuck load of that happening, I’m not for you.
I stand for the earth and all people with equality and presence.

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Muma Pădurii

The chaotic nature of the energy that has created all, is always moving and we can only experience those extremes as much as we can in human skin. We will never fully comprehend what it actually is and the further you go you really see you don’t know much at all.

Though how much of you do you think you’re healing if you avoid the aspects of nature that is confronting and scary as fuck? How well can you stand in the eye of your own storm and not lose yourself? Losing yourself consciously is a different thing altogether, but I’m talking where most people can’t see at all through the beliefs they hold onto. So fixated, they stay in darkness without knowing how to see when they are in it. Yes, it’s a practice.

Most people tend to avoid talking about death, chaos and destruction. Always fearing the next bit of change, not accepting the chaotic nature that life is. Forever fearing their own shadow. Even in witchcraft, not much different unfortunately, yet it’s the beautiful vast mystery we learn to stand in through our relationship with nature and self.

Why this. This new space I have created for those that are curious, the ones that are ready, or the ones that love it as much as I do. This space is breathing, waiting for the right time to begin. It’s shiny and new. And it’s all for curse, hex, death, chaos and destruction. Can’t grow if ya can’t accept all facets of life. Can’t be rooted in your practice if you fear death and destruction.. so here ya go loves, the Facebook page is ready and I will share it again and again. Nothing’s posted on it just the presence of Muma Pradurii she’s waiting…… Click here if ya good to go dark and fucking filthy right in the destruction of deathly chaos ———> Muma Padurii

Artisit depiction of Muma Pădurii


The Darker Side of Wild – Hexing and Cursing

So we know as witches the deep ongoing relationship we have with the mystery.
And if you have gone deep enough which always consists of many deaths, it pushes you further and further in. The first few times being pushed into deep chaos, it’s incredibly overwhelming to deal with, then you start to smell Bone Mother in the air when she chooses to show herself in your world, the powerful deep which strips you bare of everything that is not real. So you move with her and listen. Act on what you’re being shown and it takes practice.
This isn’t the usual kind of transformation. This transmutation usually lasts for years, how many is different for every witch. It’s dark. Not the usual uncomfortable change most people experience, it’s one that feels like your skin’s being ripped off and every decision is questioned and has to be because from here on it must come from your real self or you’ll be destroyed again and again until you get it.
The deeper you go, your eyes is wide open as you experience it. It has to be, and for me every thread was dissected to know, why I can see clearly and assist people to navigate through their own darkness. I had no fucking choice and I know it’s because these experiences are to show you your own power and gifts.

So we know the mystery is this beautiful darkness that is nothing but something that creates the all and where everything returns to be recreated. We know this level of dark is healing but also chaotic, a wildness untamed and unpredictable.
It takes years to develop such a deep and clear relationship with the mystery which is why it’s important to deal with our emotional body, to heal, know and to see clearly.

As witch, we know the mystery consists of all, both healing and destruction. It’s nature. We also know going this far deep that an expression of both of our nature is to reclaim our power. I say both, because of the duality people keep dividing it into, but it’s one of the same. The power that has been hidden beneath layers of hurts and oppression. We live and grow for freedom. That neither expression is bad and is in balance when we consistently work on knowing and healing ourselves. There’s integrity because our commitment is to love but knowing love has a destructive reactive side. Cause and effect. Just like nature. It is also liberating your ancestral thread and their own knowing and wisdom of having our own backs and refusing to take shit. No shit taking here.

As witch, when you stand in this place and choose to hex it takes you to a deeper darker place that edges on another boundary that pushes the edges to grow confidence to know another place of mystery.
It takes a lot of practice, a lot. It’s not just conjuring up something negative to harm another though that’s where many start and where many stay but it’s more than that, it’s another practice of knowing and it takes a long time because there are things that are hidden that can edge on what feels unnatural but it’s still natural because it’s part of the all. Learning to not fear in this place but acknowledging the fear when it’s felt is essential. Using your insight in all has knowing and wisdom, it also teaches you to trust yourself, strengthen your grounding by always learning to stand in the eye of chaos and not lose your footing.
It is up to you as a practitioner how far you’re willing to push and be committed to your own edges of growth. For me, I keep pushing not because it’s ego driven, because it feels completely natural to. The next evolutionary steps.

Hexing isn’t just conjuring harm to another, it’s more than that and it’s also not all negative as many people may think. Every time you can be present with what you feel in this place, another layer of fear is stripped and more knowing, deep deep ancestral knowing that has been pushed under from years and years of oppression.
Standing in this place, you conjure up what you want to create for the person or people in mind but within this space I’ve tapped into ancestral wisdom that is so deep, that hex will take a while to run its thread and may not even be able to be uncrossed by any practitioner. It is what is. That’s my power that I can use if needed.
Anyone that tries to make anyone feel bad about that after everything that’s been explained is just scared, and you know I don’t blame them.
It is not a walk for just anyone, and I have been shaken myself many times entering that level of dark, that now I don’t feel or fear because I know how much further I can walk in this place before it feels like I’ve pushed it too far before I was ready.
I love it. I’m just as passionate about it as healing. I spend so much time healing that to do this work is like letting a big part of me to run free.
And that’s what it is isn’t it, pushing your own boundaries, for more freedom.
If I’m able to go this deep what others would say the opposite to healing, how clear and far do you think I can reach in to heal another because I can? Yes, pretty fucking deep. If you can’t hex, you can’t heal, you would’ve heard that one before.

And it’s sexual this place, very potently sexual. You would have walked through way too many dark places in your life to rewild to walk a place like this.
How I describe it is like digging a really really deep hole and the earth is dark and fertile, clean, untouched. That’s what pure sexual energy is when it’s not coloured with insecurities and emotional pain where what you see is distorted by fantasy and you’re so driven by only physical primal pleasure. Nup, not this. When you enter this place after all that growth and bone stripping it’s quiet, dark, deep and pure.
It’s pure mystery that can take you in any which way it wants and you need to be so very careful and have your emotions and feelings in check with such presence or you can cross a line you’re not ready for. Clear intention is needed in this place. Go into this place with chaotic emotions will only fuel the hex, but be careful because you can easily tip yourself over if you don’t know how to channel it and stand in such a deep place with no control.
So hex and cursing is just as much a part of my evolution and growth as is healing, and that’s why you’ll read about both on my page.

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dark crossroads


Trickery, Hex & Women’s Oppression

Let’s talk trickery and hex, not cursing that’s another subject for another time. Hexing and cursing, two different things.
Aiming this post towards women. I haven’t found this way of thinking to be strong with male witches and brujos.

The oppression of women is obvious through religious abuse and still now living in a patriarchal society. A lot of women don’t understand this yet, but that’s a personal thing, an evolution of seeing things clearly and that takes time for each woman.

So feel into this those that do understand, keeping in mind the religious abuse and the constant poking of the wound that being female isn’t enough, and even if you do conform to what a woman should be, act, say, behave, look and it goes on..it’s still not enough, put a toe out of that conformity box and there’s something wrong with you.

Witches, I’ve had many many conversations with female witches around hexing. A lot still feel really bad about doing it though hexing only ever comes out when it’s needed and yet the guilt is still there to use her power and stand for herself when it’s needed. Why? Because of the above, oppression.

Now let’s cover the bullshit of white magic because it isn’t real. Those that only focus on the positive, doesn’t understand the suppression of the heavier emotions and what’s hidden actually colours your ‘white magic’ more than someone that accepts who she is. There’s a balanced flow of energy for a woman that does, as oppose to someone that just places focus on the ‘positive’ which holds energy in her body feeding this oppression and pain women carry that will be destructive in her life. Eventually it breaks through or manifests in health issues and it goes on. Same goes for women that feel bad or explain away not using their power when it’s needed and this is in context to trickery and hex.

Now hexing is only used when needed. It ultimately comes from an emotional place regardless of the calm and centred feeling you feel. Shit needs to be dealt and this is the last or first option for some witches. However that is, there’s no judgement.

A good practitioner will always do a reading before any working because insight from spirit and ancestors is always held in high regard, and that information is what you work from because they see much more than what we can. Regardless of the situation, if it’s a no it’s no. Work with what you can learn from the situation and move on.
Hexing is used as self defence even though there are other ways to defend yourself, sometimes it’s needed. Sometimes your boundaries are just disrespected over and over  even though all physical options have been used. You gotta take care of shit. You’re not a doormat. We’ve been pushed, abused to believe that we are, but that’s not the fucking case at all woman.
If you’re not prepared to use your power and excuse shit because it may feel like the easier way, which it isn’t loves.. You’re just pushing down more of your power and self expression.
The world makes you feel bad for it because we are powerful and too many women still fall into this control and abuse believing and feeling guilty for using what she knows to take care of herself and others.
That guilt is oppression. Why feel bad for standing for yourself, for using your power? What will ever change if you don’t?
There’s so much fear and emotion backing this belief it’s really common for women to contract and talk themselves out of it, why when you know you can. That ball of fear and emotion behind this belief is what needs to be confronted and worked through to be understood and there you’ll find yourself and your freedom.
Fuck oppression, use your power.

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Depiction of Baba Yaga



Tricky, tricky

Domination of a person I’m all for, as long as you know what you’re doing. Spell work yes, but also trick work. Yes you will achieve the outcome that you want, but how is it costing you? Can you see through your own bullshit?


It’s an area I love playing in. The fuckery most people think witchery is, all fucking unicorns and healing, is not. You can’t have only healing, there’s no sense in this because you can’t heal if you haven’t died more than once. Real healing is deep, and you can’t reach into the depth you need to be to heal, to know, and that knowing consists of death and chaos and the many fucking layers this can mean in between when needed.
And the ‘there’s enough destruction in the world’ doesn’t work here.
There is magic when a real conjure woman or man throws a working your way, they also know where there’s destruction and there’s growth and new life. If you see the learning you’ll grow, but if you choose not to, you’ll be destroyed.
Real conjure people love hard, and they destroy hard too. We know there’s no shame in that.
This superiority of avoidance just shows how much healing needs to be done and it’s a huge weakness for any person proclaiming they’re witch. You’re showing the rest of us your weaknesses, because we’re not nice people and if you think we are, you’re tricking yourself.

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