I remember

I yearn to take up space in a wilderness that lives inside me, the lands I’m made of. When water wasn’t monetised and placed in a poison called plastic. And nature wasn’t hurting the way she is now, and live the feral that I know I am. The wild that screams for expression and not live under a code of oppression, of falseness and superficial happiness.
Hearing the internalised screams of grief and rage suppressed under materialism and capitalism with every living being you connect with just wanting to breathe and burn away the sickness too many believe in.
Feeling the sadness from the lack of connection and interconnectedness our ancestors are screaming to return to. To remember the respect and integrity we had for all life and the soil we honoured, and the celebration through ceremonies of life and death.
I remember, and we fight on.

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Upsetting the Set Up

Firstly, this title wasn’t thought up by me, but a man named Kevin who’s rocking his facebook page hard. Click the link and jump on over, you’ll love it: https://www.facebook.com/upsettingthesetup/

While people are running around with no heads, overwhelmed with panic and understandably so, I really need you all to understand something really clearly. I live in Australia and people are panicked. Our country is on fire and our government couldn’t give two fucks. Propaganda is being spread like the thick layer fuckery that it is and I’ve seen many international pages citing this false information. This country is being run by a pack of toxic fools. It’s concerning, worrying but we cant forget we have people power and although our sociopath PM wants to take advantage of the trauma we’re all experiencing, let’s not give this cheap fuck anything at all.

Listen, we can fuck off this government off and we’re rallying to, but another one will be filled in with the same systematic oppressive bullshit that is killing all of us- earth. Perpetuating and feeding the same white colonialist rubbish where it dismisses colonised Europeans from unthreading the colonialist belief system which upholds the system that you’re all trying to break, why unthreading white supremacy and the privilege connected to it is so fucking important. This is the colonialist mindset that needs to be looked at seriously. The dissociation from reality and our earth IS the problem that is ingrained in white supremacy. Not doing so IS the problem. This NEEDS daily attention (awareness) to unthread, and yes it’s more than possible but giving into the drama to those in ‘power’ who are doing whatever they can to traumatise and belittle our intelligence, this pain and confusion they are feeding off. The more we panic, the more we’re feeding it, and the more we do the more they can continue to control the masses. I’m not saying to not be upset, fucking hell yeah we need to be, but calm the panic so this energy can be channelled and used in the very best way for us all. 

The fuckery we have witnessed in this country has no limitations to how low they will go to stay in control. It’s frustrating and it’s painful, but we need the small spaces of quiet to gather our thoughts, feel out those feelings. Ground our anxiety and mourn the grief. We have to remember that WE have the power. There is more of us than them. We need to remember this. Yes, I’m doing the us and them thing because it is a clear as fuck division.

Decolonising is an inside out job, a daily one. As long as we have this consistent division within humanity, we’re arguing with the wrong fucking people and not tackling the core issue at hand. That’s exactly what this shitty systems wants. Distraction, high emotion, confusion, anxiety and endless grief. It’s so easy to control people when they are not clear in how they feel, and when they are confused and anxious. The system needs to break down completely and it will get worse before it gets better, whether we’re still on the planet or not.
My advice is, take a breath, get the fuck off social media for a bit and really sit with what needs to be done. Shit needs to be dealt with at the root.
Be prepared to be uncomfortable. No one can stand and say they’re an ally that’s up to BIPOC to decide. Feet on the fucking ground is needed. It’s not about being comfortable it’s about feeling it all through clear as fuck. We have to feel our way through it. We have to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and brave it head on. 

We’re not hopeless, that is what those in ‘power’ want us to feel. Listen to yourself.

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