Doll Making

Doll making is used all over the world in many different cultures though most know it as voodoo dolls mostly from over sensationalised coverage in movies seeing it used to cause harm only, smearing African culture and Vodou as a practice that it’s bad or evil, not the case at all. Far fucking from it. That’s another discussion which I will go into at some point. I will skim the surface for a few reasons why dolls can be used, and skimming the surface because it isn’t a practice I would elaborate on because there’s always unskilled and inexperienced practitioners that believe they’re more experienced than what they actually they are.

Dolls are not only created to harm but to heal and a lot more in between. I think it’s important to eradicate this misconception as it’s another misconception around folk magic practices. An experienced practitioner can use a doll however he/she needs. Dolls can be used to hold residual energy of a person that is living or in spirit so not only to cause harm, it can be used to heal. For those that have a challenging time letting go of someone they love, a doll can be used to bridge the spiritual and the physical. How you feel about that is personal to each practitioner, but it can also be used to ‘ground’ a person that has died to inflict continual torture so the person does not rest.

Dolls can be created to protect, to use in the form of communication and to dominate. When I speak of protection, it’s manifesting the power of protection in the doll and for more experienced practitioners, drawing down and channelling residual energy of a protective spirit. Yes it can be used to manifest the residual energy of a spirit you’re working with, but again you need to know what you’re doing and how to care for it. This is a skill that takes years to master. It can only be manifested by a practised and powerful witch with strong mediumship ability. This is potent magic in the hands of a skilled practitioner. It isn’t something to play or fuck with.

You see mostly nowadays, dolls are created with basic materials usually just cloth with bagged in herbs, stuffing, but the more raw and elaborate a doll is manifesting very specific detail of the energy the practitioner feels and knows, the more power and potency it holds. An experienced practitioner has a strong connection with spirit world, and the potency of the doll becomes effective as soon as they hold the person or reason of creation and begins to source out materials. It’s almost like conception and the gestation period because you feel the energy moving as soon as you decide to create a doll. There ‘s something about manifesting a human like form with such focus, care and will. It has a life and power of it’s own, and the sad thing these days you see so many not respecting the gift of doll making seeing it as something to grab attention just to take another picture on social media, but when dolls are used for a specific purpose and it’s power valued, posing on social media showing ‘look what I can do’ takes a big part of it’s essence away from the lack of respect. Yes, that’s my opinion and knowing.

There’s a way to construct dolls that isn’t taught in books, but a knowing that makes them potent as fuck which I’m not going to share. But what I will share are these pictures below. Have a look at this African fetishes, then click the link to read more beneath the picture.


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Ancestral Magic, Expression of Raw Wildness

I saw the doll you made for me
I was shown before you did
So imma make one out of clay just for you
Juice it up real good
From the oils grandma told me to make
Then I put things in your mouth I’m not gonna tell
Pinned your eyelids shut
Put knotted cord in your heart drenched in crossroads dirt and herbs uncle said that’ll work
I put somethin real special in that stomach of yours
Had some pins made especially for you friend
I put them in singin a song my aunt taught me
I let it dry and
Drenched it with honey and let the ants feed on ya
Your magic don’t work here woman
My ancestors have my back for da longest time
And what you throw
I know how to grow more power from
They taught me that too.

I haven’t met many Australians that have a strong relationship with their cultural background. A lot of folk magic and witchcraft have been taken from books and not from their own roots. Book craft as I call it, is really superficial and doesn’t hold much power.
Real witchery is ancestral, it’s a knowing in your bones. It’s a loud voice that doesn’t stop speaking.
What most don’t understand is with folk magic, anything goes. It takes care of anything that’s needed to be taken care of, and all the hoo har of not harming a person doesn’t exist here at all. There’s no threefold law, there’s nothing like that. You take care of what you need to take care of. You take care of your business and use what you know when needed.

I spend most of my time healing people and there’s always the other loud part that needs expression.
Ancestral work isn’t fluffy, the raw wild wants to play as much as it wants to help, and to grow power all of you needs expression. It’s loving yourself hard knowing there’s no bad side, it’s nature, human nature but we’ve all been taught there a parts of who we are that are bad. By society, religious abuse and let’s not forget the pain of intergenerational trauma which is woven into our families so the push to be good all the time is an always pressure in this so called civilised society.

It’s not civilised when we’re taught over and over again to deny our real nature, that it’s okay to abuse nature, to constantly take from her and never give back. To not care for her. Certain races have certain privileges and others don’t, let’s be real here. The rich and the poor, the constant division. Nothin civilised about it.
The oppression of who we really are feeds the confusion and self doubt, there’s no freedom there and that’s exactly what society wants.
You’re not free, you’re controlled and your ancestral exploration will really show you what needs freeing, healing and expression. I’m not just freeing and healing myself, I’m freeing and healing the people behind me and the ones coming after me.
We’re taught to listen to everyone else but our own ancestors and ourselves, the wisdom from our cultures and nature.
All control, why it’s time to come home back to your roots.
While some are over there judging what I do is ‘bad’ I say when you really see yourself and work with your own, have a strong relationship with nature then you’ll see who I really am.

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The Darker Side of Wild – Hexing and Cursing

So we know as witches the deep ongoing relationship we have with the mystery.
And if you have gone deep enough which always consists of many deaths, it pushes you further and further in. The first few times being pushed into deep chaos, it’s incredibly overwhelming to deal with, then you start to smell Bone Mother in the air when she chooses to show herself in your world, the powerful deep which strips you bare of everything that is not real. So you move with her and listen. Act on what you’re being shown and it takes practice.
This isn’t the usual kind of transformation. This transmutation usually lasts for years, how many is different for every witch. It’s dark. Not the usual uncomfortable change most people experience, it’s one that feels like your skin’s being ripped off and every decision is questioned and has to be because from here on it must come from your real self or you’ll be destroyed again and again until you get it.
The deeper you go, your eyes is wide open as you experience it. It has to be, and for me every thread was dissected to know, why I can see clearly and assist people to navigate through their own darkness. I had no fucking choice and I know it’s because these experiences are to show you your own power and gifts.

So we know the mystery is this beautiful darkness that is nothing but something that creates the all and where everything returns to be recreated. We know this level of dark is healing but also chaotic, a wildness untamed and unpredictable.
It takes years to develop such a deep and clear relationship with the mystery which is why it’s important to deal with our emotional body, to heal, know and to see clearly.

As witch, we know the mystery consists of all, both healing and destruction. It’s nature. We also know going this far deep that an expression of both of our nature is to reclaim our power. I say both, because of the duality people keep dividing it into, but it’s one of the same. The power that has been hidden beneath layers of hurts and oppression. We live and grow for freedom. That neither expression is bad and is in balance when we consistently work on knowing and healing ourselves. There’s integrity because our commitment is to love but knowing love has a destructive reactive side. Cause and effect. Just like nature. It is also liberating your ancestral thread and their own knowing and wisdom of having our own backs and refusing to take shit. No shit taking here.

As witch, when you stand in this place and choose to hex it takes you to a deeper darker place that edges on another boundary that pushes the edges to grow confidence to know another place of mystery.
It takes a lot of practice, a lot. It’s not just conjuring up something negative to harm another though that’s where many start and where many stay but it’s more than that, it’s another practice of knowing and it takes a long time because there are things that are hidden that can edge on what feels unnatural but it’s still natural because it’s part of the all. Learning to not fear in this place but acknowledging the fear when it’s felt is essential. Using your insight in all has knowing and wisdom, it also teaches you to trust yourself, strengthen your grounding by always learning to stand in the eye of chaos and not lose your footing.
It is up to you as a practitioner how far you’re willing to push and be committed to your own edges of growth. For me, I keep pushing not because it’s ego driven, because it feels completely natural to. The next evolutionary steps.

Hexing isn’t just conjuring harm to another, it’s more than that and it’s also not all negative as many people may think. Every time you can be present with what you feel in this place, another layer of fear is stripped and more knowing, deep deep ancestral knowing that has been pushed under from years and years of oppression.
Standing in this place, you conjure up what you want to create for the person or people in mind but within this space I’ve tapped into ancestral wisdom that is so deep, that hex will take a while to run its thread and may not even be able to be uncrossed by any practitioner. It is what is. That’s my power that I can use if needed.
Anyone that tries to make anyone feel bad about that after everything that’s been explained is just scared, and you know I don’t blame them.
It is not a walk for just anyone, and I have been shaken myself many times entering that level of dark, that now I don’t feel or fear because I know how much further I can walk in this place before it feels like I’ve pushed it too far before I was ready.
I love it. I’m just as passionate about it as healing. I spend so much time healing that to do this work is like letting a big part of me to run free.
And that’s what it is isn’t it, pushing your own boundaries, for more freedom.
If I’m able to go this deep what others would say the opposite to healing, how clear and far do you think I can reach in to heal another because I can? Yes, pretty fucking deep. If you can’t hex, you can’t heal, you would’ve heard that one before.

And it’s sexual this place, very potently sexual. You would have walked through way too many dark places in your life to rewild to walk a place like this.
How I describe it is like digging a really really deep hole and the earth is dark and fertile, clean, untouched. That’s what pure sexual energy is when it’s not coloured with insecurities and emotional pain where what you see is distorted by fantasy and you’re so driven by only physical primal pleasure. Nup, not this. When you enter this place after all that growth and bone stripping it’s quiet, dark, deep and pure.
It’s pure mystery that can take you in any which way it wants and you need to be so very careful and have your emotions and feelings in check with such presence or you can cross a line you’re not ready for. Clear intention is needed in this place. Go into this place with chaotic emotions will only fuel the hex, but be careful because you can easily tip yourself over if you don’t know how to channel it and stand in such a deep place with no control.
So hex and cursing is just as much a part of my evolution and growth as is healing, and that’s why you’ll read about both on my page.

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dark crossroads


Witchcraft & Narcissists

Narcissists. Narcissistic personality disorder to be clear. People throw around he or she is a narc not quite understanding that it goes beyond the usual selfishness. They are abusive, twisted and they’ll never change. They don’t change. There is a way to work a narcissist using witchcraft but it has to come from an experienced practitioner. This is not for anyone to throw something together because you can actually make things worse, and the traits of their personality grow to a point that it’s much more destructive than what it already is, that means hurting more people. You have to be ten steps ahead, you must always do a reading before any working and you must have clear sight. It has to be precise.

The thing is with narcissists, they have patterned behaviour, and if you’ve been unfortunate and have experienced it one or more times, then you know what I mean. They’re charming, manipulative, their compulsive liars, they know how to mask their behaviour well and so very convincing even if their behaviour is so very obvious. They live in another reality they believe is to be true and I’ve seen them convince people that black is white too many times.

I have seen inexperienced practitioners wanting revenge, throw a spell and of course it doesn’t work. You need to see what you’re doing and I’m going to explain how and why. First let’s look at a narcissist because they are more than what I’ve described above.

Narcissists needs to be in control because they have no conscious awareness or understanding of their emotional body. All they know is how they feel and if it feels uncomfortable, they need to control the people around them so they can feel in control of how they feel. If you challenge them, you’re fucked. If you confront them, you’re fucked. If call them out on their behaviour that’s when the shit show really starts. They’ll bad mouth you to anyone that will listen and make your life miserable with constant and never ending bullshit because they cannot accept responsibility of their own behaviour. They just can’t accept responsibility. So tackling it head on is no.

They’re also delusional. They have a fantasy in their head and they believe in it so much because without it they couldn’t survive. Their survival is dependent on leeching and breaking people because what they’re taking is what they don’t feel or have inside. Even though they are highly sensitive, and their sensitivity comes from not having a solid wholesome connection to their humanity. They live a whole other reality to yours and mine, and it isn’t one that a healthy functioning person can understand because it’s a personality disorder. It can’t be changed and if you were to throw a hex or revenge working, it may work but only for a short time because with a functioning person they feel the feelings and emotions, they feel guilt and can reflect on their behaviour, a narcissist doesn’t.

So what will happen they’ll do what they usually do and that is leech onto the next person because they need that source to survive. And let’s not forget rage. The constant rage and this hatred towards a person or people they feel have wronged them and that would be two things, asking them to take responsibility for their behaviour and smashing down their delusion of what they think is real.

Their energy is manipulative and changes when they stew on whatever it is you have not done to fulfil what they need from you. You can’t change them and you can’t really teach them a lesson because they don’t take responsibility.

So playing fire with fire here isn’t going to work because their fire will always burn down whatever it is you throw at them because they don’t give a shit about hurting people. They’ll destroy anyone in their way. So what do you do and do you have the energy to do it?

Well, that’s different and personal for each person and depends on how patient you are.

First you need clear sight and only an experienced practitioner will be able to do it, because to get to the target within a person so the magic works, you have to be able to see with clear precision, and if you know how to heal and get to the core of a wound then you can do this. If you know how to heal, which I do then you know how to hex. Same way in, different intention. The energy threads of a person looks like veins and they’re all connected and you have to travel and work through certain threads to get to the soft points of where you can work and manipulate.

And as I shared, it’s not fighting fire with fire, it’s putting out those fucking flames completely. So you work on cooling their spirit. Not too much at a time and never excessively. Water is a base to use but you also need oils because it’s thicker and denser and needed for this kind of personality. What you want to do is quieten their spirit slowly putting the flames out on the ‘heat’ of their personality. Eventually they won’t have as much energy and they’ll slowly turn inward. What you’re doing here is they will eventually get lost in their own poison, and will get sick and health problems. This is witchcraft darlins, you do what you need to do to get shit done.

This kind of working takes time and patience, but let me tell you, it works.

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Healing is a Practice

Healing is a practice, some know that and some still can’t receive the knowing, and that’s because of what we’ve been taught over and over and over again, that you get to a place after a certain amount of time of ‘healing’ and all should be well.
We’ve been taught this through the system and if you’ve done a certain amount of healing you should be good now and if not here’s some pills, something must be wrong with you. Not usually the case.

New age shit show teaches the same or to bypass your fears and every emotion that’s uncomfortable and one or both seems to be an ingrained belief with most, like light and dark.
Through religious abuse it’s ingrained that light is good and darkness is bad. That’s not a truth, and no matter how many times it’s said most people can’t receive it because of trauma.

The thing is, we have to feel and understand our traumas to really practice healing. Without understanding and knowing our triggers, patterns, the emotions that flood through once our traumas have been triggered and be present with it all, it’s impossible to really heal. Because what happens is the trauma is triggered (daily and most people are unaware of this) and without awareness (attention) and presence, you’ll be lost in the same cyclic patterns of your traumas.
This is why healing has to be a practice, a daily practice of knowing and understanding yourself which is ongoing. The deeper you go, the more intensely these traumas can be felt as you slowly plant your feet in the core of the pain, and once you keep present with it, it lessens.
You can feel the full flush of emotion and observe yourself. This level of attention takes lots of practice and a ton of patience.

I purposely speak about healing on a witch page because first that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. Second it’s rife in the ‘spiritual’ communities where people bypass bullshit to fit an ideal or belief in their head so they don’t need to do the necessary work to live a spiritually aware life. To cut through the lies and bullshit that’s out there. To dismantle the pedestaling of those that cultivate attention to stay ‘known’ pulling on the neediness and wounds of others.
And of course I’ve dedicated my life to support women to heal, that’s what I do, it’s what I teach. I teach independence so you can be your own healer and not feel you have to depend on ongoing sessions particularly when something sudden happens and you can’t get to someone in that moment for support, in saying that it must always be balanced in knowing and having the courage to reach out when needed. Most important.

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Tricky, tricky

Domination of a person I’m all for, as long as you know what you’re doing. Spell work yes, but also trick work. Yes you will achieve the outcome that you want, but how is it costing you? Can you see through your own bullshit?


It’s an area I love playing in. The fuckery most people think witchery is, all fucking unicorns and healing, is not. You can’t have only healing, there’s no sense in this because you can’t heal if you haven’t died more than once. Real healing is deep, and you can’t reach into the depth you need to be to heal, to know, and that knowing consists of death and chaos and the many fucking layers this can mean in between when needed.
And the ‘there’s enough destruction in the world’ doesn’t work here.
There is magic when a real conjure woman or man throws a working your way, they also know where there’s destruction and there’s growth and new life. If you see the learning you’ll grow, but if you choose not to, you’ll be destroyed.
Real conjure people love hard, and they destroy hard too. We know there’s no shame in that.
This superiority of avoidance just shows how much healing needs to be done and it’s a huge weakness for any person proclaiming they’re witch. You’re showing the rest of us your weaknesses, because we’re not nice people and if you think we are, you’re tricking yourself.

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Folk Magic and Ancestral Exploration

Folk magic practitioners will tell you their relationship with their ancestors is different. Where most still can’t really comprehend that we are our ancestors, we know it. We know it through our practice and what we hear, see, smell and feel everyday. Everyday we feel and hear what needs to be done, where to look to further the healing, what we can do to venerate our own through the practices we choose to do in our life. 

It’s one thing to know about your ancestors, and quite another experiencing and feeling it consciously in your body. 

To reconnect with that knowing, is through the doorway of consciously feeling and understanding the traumas and patterns in your family intimately so when it’s poked, you can stand in it, feel it all without reacting on it and not replay the same behavioural pattern over and over again. 

Standing in it consciously, paying attention, develops emotional strength and awareness growing the ability as witch to feel powerful energy learning how to hold and direct it in a way that is positive for you. Being practiced in this opens the scope to feel strongly and explore the unknown within that emotional thread. 

What needs to be understood is ancestral work is painful. It’s not all painful but it’s heavy. You have to understand there are generations of patterns and traumas and you know that because you’re walking those wounds, and to know we have to navigate our way through strong emotions and traumas. So you have to be ready, and you know what? You’re here on the planet so are you. 

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Hexing and Cursing – pt 2 

I left off on yesterday’s post about death. Death of self. This isn’t just the usual change we experience, this is a profound experience that is ongoing till its completed. There’s no timing and it usually consists over a long period of time, I’m talking years. There’s no control over it. It requires complete surrender and there’s no ‘I’ve had enough lets get back to life how I want it’ ..nup it’s an initiation process into the mystery, you’re claimed. 

Experiencing something as brutal and painful as death, it has a clean way of stripping everything back to bone truth. No masks and no fluff can ever colour what you see again. It is what is and as I mentioned yesterday it has a way of unhinging our real nature without the bullshit and lies we tell ourselves in order to survive. You know with everything inside of you what you’re made of, and you can’t turn your head ever again to the truth. 

Knowing this, knowing no matter how much we evolve our true nature just like animals will always have a raw untamed wildness that will always be there and a will so focused there’s no way you’ll allow any person to disrespect or harm you or anyone you love again. Going through many deaths, gives you this clean undeniable truth and once you see it with eyes wide fucking open in the middle of dying and growing you know evolution isn’t all faery dust and unicorn arseholes. This is the truth of nature. We are nature. 

Witch to me is another word for earth. We know we’re interconnected, we know, live, breathe this untameable wildness. It’s raw, loving its freedom. To not hex or curse (though I have much to say about cursing) it’s nature. Nature because it comes from this raw uninhibited wildness to protect yourself and those you love. It’s filthy, dark and gives no fucks. There’s an outcome to be had, the end. 
Which brings me to choice and I want to cover evolution here too. 

No experienced witch throws hexes or curses just because. There are times that yes, shit needs to be taken care of without question. That’s rare and most cases an experienced witch or root worker will have a certain ground of ethics before its decided. My practice as witch/root worker is rich in working with spirit and my ancestors. Spirits are always consulted before any working is done. If it’s a yes to move forward then I’ll be shown everything on what to do to the finest detail, to laying tricks to the smallest details of weakness and insecurity of the person who is my enemy. 

Yes, we do have choice but I don’t subscribe to getting on with life and ‘taking the higher ground’ unless I feel it. I won’t be shamed into embracing my humanness anymore. Death teaches you that. 

Tomorrow I will cover ethics of hexing and explain the difference between hexing and cursing.
To be continued. 


Hexing and Cursing – pt 1 

This week I’m going to talk about hexing and cursing to clear up any misunderstandings around it and why it’s included in the path of the wild. First I want to say, evolution of a person does not mean a perfect person which seems to include a distorted perception you must be nice all time to be loving but if you’re making yourself believe that you’re a nice person while pushing down who you are and how you really feel, you’re fooling yourself. 

If you’re choosing to be ‘nice’ while your insides are screaming wanting to smack the person in front of you, think about where that rage goes when there’s no expression. 

I hope that in itself has grabbed your attention and if you’re offended by that then I say to you, be honest with yourself. It’s human nature to be either. Not one person on this planet can run from that truth. I don’t like separating our nature into bad and good, but for the purpose of this discussion lets do that. 

Interconnectedness. Every living being and creation is connected. We’re created from the same mysterious energy so we know there’s no separation. What we do think, feel, say, behave, creates ripples through this mysterious living organism we call life. 

Know this when you think heavy negative thoughts. Carrying it in your body unexpressed will still effect your life whether you’re conscious of what you’re feeling and doing or not. It has an energy of its own and we’ve all experienced and know this. 

Witches are seekers of truth. I’m not talking about Instagram witches with pretty pictures or those that love to recite knowledge from books of other people’s experience of witch or state certain mythologies from cultures pretending they know. I’m talking about self awareness, growth as a person, real evolution where you die quite a few times to live your own life that isn’t controlled by expectation and behavioural patterns. I’m talking raw wildness. That raw wildness is nature, our nature and how we choose to live this power, and it is such a power when we live from this wild place how it’s expressed is our own free will but you’ve died a few times to get here so you know very well how far you can push the edges of your own power before losing your footing. It’s freedom but one that has a lot of responsibility and one that comes from a loving place. Love is both fierce and soft. Expression of both is needed and necessary. 

Wildness, nature, this mysterious energy that is life can swing from one extreme to another and this is where I bring in duality because in its extreme it looks dual but it isn’t. When we choose to put our all into expressing whatever we feel at the time it carries both. So if you choose to cast what you think is white magic think again. Your intention is to do ‘good’ but know there’s a hidden place within every human being that is endless full of unknown territory and unresolved suppressed emotion that is fuelling your magic. The more you choose to grow, your intention becomes sharper, clearer and much more focused and your magic is stronger without self awareness and growth what you cast out you’ll learn from even if it breaks you. The ‘white’ witches I have met over the years fear the hidden self which adds to the energy behind what they may think is clear intention. Without self awareness and dying a few times at the very least, how can you really know yourself? How do you know how much of who you really are, how much of your power are you oppressing? 

And to those people who don’t believe in hexing and cursing or believe it shouldn’t be practiced or worse still make a woman feel bad for it, I ask you – how many times have you died to really know nature and the real nature of who you are? And if you think you know, then you’ll know, our nature can be both cruel and loving. No three fold bullshit lives here, it’s survival of the strongest. 

Death has a way of fucking off what isn’t real. It’s painful, messy and it breaks you open. Feels like something gnawing at you till you give in to the truth of what actually is. This brutal wildness unhinges your true nature. It shows you who you really are without the mask of being nice because you’re so afraid to be rejected. It shows you life without fucking buffers. 

To be continued. 


The Crossroads

The crossroads. There are stories and myth written about crossroads all over the world. The mystery and fear of not knowing yet knowing if we choose to delve deep into our own subconscious and develop a relationship with self and the unseen. Potent and rich full of learning and finding out what the fuck you’re made of.

The crossroads, where death meets life and the choices you make creates a new pathway and severs anything that no longer can be. Spiritually, there are stories told where you can meet spirits that don’t have your highest good at the crossroads and this as a medium is true. I see crossroads as a profound change on one’s path, one that takes introspection to give space to feel the flood of emotions, the extreme fear of not knowing while the chatter of old wounds feed on the fear you’re already feeling. It’s one that can cause confusion because you’re pulled between what you think you know and how you think things should be and then you have the other side which is your knowing telling you to do something quite different to what feels familiar. Let’s add in here what feels familiar doesn’t mean happiness or joy. People usually stick with what’s familiar because not knowing what can happen if they choose to change things is too fucking scary to put into action. It would mean they would have to let go of control and surrender to something they cannot see and all they tend to focus on is the fear. Trust and self belief are two things needed but also a willingness to challenge yourself because the easiest thing is the decision and that in itself is a process to reach because there after there are challenges to face because it isn’t a place you’ve been before and this is where most people revert back to what is familiar. It’s too hard, too fucking scary or could also mean maybe it isn’t the right timing.

You could say I live at the crossroads. Nothing is ever certain. Nothing is concrete and everything can change at any time. I’m comfortable in the uncomfortable and what that means I live rooted in mystery and I move as it moves. I feel fear and it’s my friend. It lets me know of other choices I can make to keep me safe and a full run down of what could happen if I make that decision. I listen to fear. I don’t run or react on it unless necessary. We have a loving and respectful relationship because it keeps me safe and I’m grateful but when I’m ready to challenge myself it quietly steps out of the way and waits until it has something to share.

Unsettled spirits at the crossroads is true. When I’m in the crossroads everything is open. My fears, my knowing it’s all there and that opening allows other spirits to come through. It just is and not all of them are kind or nice. Why? because that’s death and life it’s not all nice and what isn’t nice is not to fear but to love and understand it. Fearing does nothing but create more fear and turmoil.

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