It’s mother’s day here today, love to all mothers especially sole parents and loves that have lost children. Thinking of you lovely ones 🌹 have a fantastic day.

The rest is for those that don’t have a relationship with their mother and their family.I want to acknowledge the loves that a day like mother’s day presses on, the loss of family and never really fully understanding what it feels like to belong to a family because you were scapegoated, and you either had no choice to leave or was pushed out. This is for you.

I want to acknowledge all the navigating, introspection, healing, the exhaustion and the pain and consistently rebuilding the foundation of what self is without abuse. Your commitment to your love of self not just for you, but if you have children you chose better for them too. I acknowledge your loss and I also acknowledge your resilience.

People do not understand what it’s like to heal such deep wounding from relearning what family is. Who you are without the abuse and the space to breathe and know who you are within and underneath the pain. To learn what community looks like for those that have no idea what it feels like to be accepted, all of you not just what you can do for others when you’re caught in the people pleasing trauma response out fear of being abandoned again. I want to acknowledge the loves that learned the destructive side of mother in her wounding and had an intimate relationship with her from a young age and learning to accept the power within this pain.The time you’ve taken to heal you.

Let’s also never forget our Mother the earth. Our all and everything. Please love and spend time with her. Love yourself by loving her. She desperately needs our presence and connection.

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Community and Earth

Community is one aspect that takes centre point 2021. I will go more into it when I upload the reading on my FB page on the 30th.
Below are a few self reflective questions, and we begin with looking at the relationship you have with the earth and the land you live on. I’ve seen people speak about having a relationship with the earth but not knowing anything about the land they live on and it’s history and if they do, the importance of respecting it and there’s a whole heap to talk about here too.

Your relationship with your ancestors gives you a strong foundation to build on and the earth you are made of. How well do you know where you come from? What do you know? What can you do to strengthen your relationship to self, your ancestors, to the land/s your from? Do you have connection to the ethnic communities you’re made from?

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What’s your relationship to family? This is not to say if you don’t have one it hinders your growth as a person. That shit needs to stop. There are other ways of establishing roots besides staying in contact with toxic family members. Not all ancestors and future ancestors are going to like you or get along with, facts but
there is a way of honouring family and your roots without being made to feel guilty because of those that are too wounded to have healthy relationships with. People have to understand that not tolerating toxic and abusive behaviour from family members is also liberating ancestral threads. Sometimes the most peaceful and respectful thing to do is walk away.

Looking at the relationship you have with self but also with others. What needs your attention to transform to come into relationships with others that hold depth and meaning?
What are your boundaries like? Do you offer the same loyalty,safety and presence others give and vice versa?

And, have you begun decolonising? Understand upholding christian holidays and why.te supremacy (is also ws) isn’t liberating our earth, ancestors or self. Whyte colonisation and structures have much pain associated with our ancestors which we feel deeply of we’re paying attention.

This is some examples of the depth of looking at grounding to build solid community and support for yourself. It really is getting to know you so fucking well that when you step into community you feel safe and not bypassing unhealthy patterns out of need that deep down you feel resentful for. It’s getting crystal in these areas & walking it.

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Ancestral witchcraft: liberating not only your ancestors

Ancestral liberation is individual to each person. And the depth of it will take you into places you need to transform and you’ll know how and why when you travel deep enough to grasp the understanding of the ancestral pain that needs ongoing expression, presence and transformation/healing.

When new age and inexperienced practitioners that do not have an active healing practice in place, or just not at the point where they should be doing this work because they’re far from ready, will shame others for expressing rage and anger when it’s justifiable to mould how they believe a person should express their pain because they haven’t dealt with their own. That’s also an abuse of power.

Cultural appropriation still is happening from those that have read my posts and many others on this issue along with antiracism and whyte supremacy.
Whyte centred platforms that clearly are not antiracist and culturally appropriate are still be followed and supported by those that have read shit on this subject a thousand times over knowing how it affects BIPOC.

People who call themselves witches, shamans, readers, healers, counsellors, therapists whatever are still enabling this behaviour or playing a part in it.
That’s not reclaiming power, thats abusing power when you know you’re upholding whyte supremacy, monetising off spiritual practices from marginalised groups. Practices that connect people to the earth, land and their ancestral spirits and you know this and yet still fucking continue.

That disrespect isn’t empowering or liberating anyone it’s doing the opposite. You’re not empowering yourself or your ancestors. There’s no reclamation of power here just more oppressive fuckery, and that includes oppressing yourself.
Do you know the potency and power of liberating not only your ancestors but those of others through your self awareness and healing is liberating and healing earth. One of the core practices of ancestral witchcraft.

Ancestral spirits flow through the practices they know that connects them to their land and people.
All the power and your own earth practices are in your own ancestral thread. If you don’t know how to reclaim them please get in touch.
This is all part of decolonising and dismantling the system from the inside out is returning home.

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Oppression of the ‘Crazy Woman’

One of the most common fears women share about stepping into her power is being seen as crazy. It’s up there with ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone with my rage, and what if they don’t like me and leave ?’
It speaks volumes as women how we are conditioned to fear our individuality, our true self expression. Not the trauma response of ‘nice’ and people pleasing, but at the core of how she really feels and who she really is.
And those trauma responses woman, listen to them. Learn to be present when you’re feeling something from another person knowing you can’t be your real self with them. Watch this so you don’t turn it inwards believing there’s something wrong with you and you spiral down into self rejection attacking yourself and contracting your power.

The oppression we all know is to contain a woman’s power so she can mimic and obey the oppressed masculine. Obey or you’ll be rejected, isolated and ostracised.
And women do it to women too, it’s an ingrained dysfunctional behaviour to void the feminine unless she’s obeying to something unnatural and false to who she really is so it feeds the conformed expectation of colonisation.

That trauma response of masking niceness with people pleasing because there’s a strong fear within her that she knows when a person expects a woman to behave to the oppression of colonisation, and if she doesn’t there’s something wrong with her.

Anything outside this bullshit box is crazy and will be rejected even those that say they don’t but refuse to be inclusive by not living the mindfulness and presence of inclusion and instead falls reign to colonisation and white supremacy which should also show you that to unthread, understand, know and be present with this bullshit inside it takes inner work and daily presence.

Now that I’ve laid that out, this week I will share a little about reclamation of feminine power through goddess myth untangling the religious influence of upholding this power as a statue on a table usually named as an altar which I don’t use (and I’ll explain why in my next post) instead of living the embodiment which is what the practice be.
To be continued.

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Woman: Darkness & Transformation

The experience of guilt when transforming away from those you have felt connected to, whether family, friends or partners, or all of the above is a wound and trigger we revisit over and over again each time we grow and we feel the pain of letting go, of death.

So let me speak about shame, toxic behaviours, care taker role, guilt, rage and depression/oppression.

All the above is saturated with shame, grief, rage, PSTD, anxiety, fear and the fear is fearing self rejection and the isolation that women we’ve experienced one too many times.. when we choose or have chosen to step into our power and value ourselves. We don’t know how long we’ll spiral down into the depths of our darkness each time we break open again.

We’ve been shamed, ridiculed, put down, abused and abandoned if we have chosen ourselves in the past. For some women growing up, we have experienced this pain again and again, then in adulthood and it has been a reoccurring pattern to the point of really fearing stepping into and reclaiming her power until she decides no more. That is not to say you won’t experience it again each time you choose you, it means you choose you and feel the emotions with presence so you can grow from them.

Now, this grief, even the shame and fear of reclamation of our power, there are gifts within our power within each layer emotion and wound.
See the fear and emotion you need to navigate through as the potency of your power. Each layer needs to be worked through, felt, and understood to reclaim wisdom and knowing for you to stand grounded and solid in your fire. For your power to be earthed.

You know darkness, which is the feminine, why our matriarchal lines are more dominantly felt because our experience is primordial. We know what it is to be woman. We hear the whispers of knowing through our bodies, our wombs, our breasts. We know how our bodies relate, speak and know the earth. We don’t feel the disconnection or separation with Her because we know.
Why we feel our Mother so deeply…and the darker and oppressive your experiences in life has been my loves, it is the potency and grounding your power needs for you to be able to carry and walk it.
You were never broken, we don’t break, we die, we weave and rebirth over and over again just like our Mother.

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Descent into the lower worlds

Her eyes are black, full of wisdom and spirit and endless opportunity to sink further and further with each question you’re intrigued to ask. Her hair is full of questions from those that got lost in her magnetism losing themselves in their own delusion of her, sacrificing their own peace for a slice of life that will never be their own. Seeing their future in her presence as the whispers of their own insecurities weaves the next thread of inner adventure coloured with distraction and anxious promises to what may never be.

Losing consciousness, her mouth moves slowly to sound out each word like you can’t hear. Spellbound, you follow her into the web she touches lightly and you feel it moving through parts of your body.
She smiles and touches one of the threads while giving you the look you know when life changes again.
‘Move like the serpent,’ as you feel your eyes heavy drawing you into shamanic worlds. Warm earth and bones with ancient markings tells you it’s time to dream only to wake in nothing but dark. Smoking herbs and the sound of rattle taking you further into the land between now and forever.

‘Look to the ocean when it’s dark, the answers are waiting for you there’ is what is etched on the cave wall and I read it on my stomach.
-descent into lower worlds

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(Dai woman, Chin tribe Myanmar)

Chin woman

Trickery & Pain

The slippery choices that can be offered standing in the crossroads is neither here nor fucking there, because we all know how it can be smeared with fear and pain dressed like a sexy bitch luring you into believe the escapism you’ve created for yourself so you can have that fix and tell your pain you’re worth something if the picture is just fucking so. The stickiness of emotional bullshit, pulling on neediness that is desperately seeking love in all the wrong places that look all fucking shiny and pretty. This shit, is what is coming up for many and it’s saturated in deep grief, pain and anxiety which can be masked with too many things and one too many distractions feeding the unsettledness and the rage which is also very much part of these deep ancestral wounds.

Sticky as fuck I know, but it’s one that can change your entire direction and life if you choose to face it head on, and not just once, keeping your attention and presence around it as you move through life in your isolation box. The pressure of stillness is not one that comes up in conversation much and one that should. Living in a world that is consistently putting the pressure on to keep doing which obviously also creates a fuck load of problems which we witness everyday and it’s thrown in the fuck it bucket and seen as ‘normal’ everyday living. It’s not living it’s surviving with a huge weight on our health. The opposite of that is really looking at our well being when we stop and see the overload of what too many people carry and give very little attention to, yet it is crucial to our health and peace of mind. You can’t not expect to feel a lot and not know why or where it’s coming from if it isn’t part of your practice to keep yourself healthy from the inside out, it’s not something we’re usually taught but that also needs to change. And the anxiety and grief is to be expected and not just because of being triggered with the changes happening right now, it’s deeper and more than that. Much more. Time to turn in.

We all need to do something very different with how we live. If this isn’t obvious as fuck, then we truly are just driving ourselves towards our own destruction lead by narcissistic greedy fools that will never know the difference between their face and their arse.

These deep ancestral pains is wanting our presence and liberation, to change shit from the inside out which is the only real change because all that unresolved emotional energy creates more unconscious bullshit no matter how many times it’s squashed down in the dark, it will only grow and it keeps a person unmotivated for change stuck in shitty patterns, read that again.

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A little on Protection work

Discussing protection, and straight into it we go.

Magical protection also includes firm as fuck boundaries, eating well and keeping fit and healthy, a strong relationship to earth, self and ancestors, daily nature connection, being responsible for your shit and a commitment to your healing practice (which includes daily care to your mental health) and growth as a person. Exercising, trusting and strengthening your intuition. If something feels uncomfortable, it fukn is even if there is be healing, because it’s not always other people just more of a mismatch of energies. That happens, but fuck it’s not to be used to manipulate a person or situation with. Seen that too unfortunately.  I also understand we’re not all blessed with perfect health, but that can be worked around by strengthening your power in other areas. Let’s not also forget to add a connection and relationship to your community. You can round it up into self love, but fuck most people can’t relate to that because it’s so broad and it’s a constant work in progress and practice, these are some practices.

Being committed to all the above, also gives clear communication because of your self awareness. Speaking up when you need to and knowing and seeing your behavioural patterns triggered from trauma wounds, which all comes under a healing practice. All these factors are very often not taken in by anyone sorting magical protection. Even within the old craft, so many people will still approach for a quick fix with no responsibility wanting to be taken which once the working has run it’s thread, and that’s not say your arse won’t be kicked if a protection working has been cast for you. Workings are also there to show you where your attention and energy is weakened where presence and healing needs to be, especially in craft there can be quick outcomes but no fucking quick fixes. Those opportunities for growth is to direct you towards the outcome cast for you. And why would you want a quick fix, because after the thread of a working has run it’s course, you’re left in the same position if the work isn’t being done. Quick fixes is not realistic nor is it being responsible. Underpinning the want and need for a quick fix shows the healing that is needed beneath the fear of feeling unsafe. I also want to state, every individual protection is different. There’s no one size fits all. There’s so many factors we need to take in. All the healing work included, is all ancestral healing as well and that I would like to chat in another post.

As I said, we can have quick outcomes, but the inner work for self awareness is a necessity. Even if you were given a quick outcome, that is not to say you won’t be pushed to look at any situation with clear eyes for you to grow as a person. Many people look at witchcraft like it has nothing to do with responsibility, healing and spiritual and emotional growth, yet that is just the few ground foundations of the old craft, anything else and it’s a misconception or an escape from reality, emotional reality to be clear, not addressing the pain within.

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Feeling Earth in your Body, Embracing the Mystery and Creativity of the Feminine

To begin, I don’t usually like separating male and female attributes. Kind of tired of that too because it boxes an expectation on an individual and gender, when we’re not all the same and not meant to, but for the sake of this piece which I will explain let’s call it feminine.

We’ll make it feminine because it is a natural state for woman to feel and be moved and be taken into the spaces in between thought, of feeling, a sense of knowing to take a thread of feeling or thought or inspiration and run with it to another place that will change her in one way or another, and that happens many times in a day, and most of the time she may not know it until her life reaches a distinct noticeable transformation. We have this emptiness and fullness that is forever churning and moving, always wanting to create more when we are naturally moving with our own rhythm, and for some women they will call in chaos because she’s not standing in her power. Deep down she knows this and calls in chaos, the most destructive kind to charge things up for what she yearns for in hope she will be clear enough to walk through the door of change this time around. Does that mean women in their power doesn’t experience chaos? Of course she does, but she will sense the changes and will move with what she feels. The difference is paying attention to what you’re feeling inside all the time, not some of the time.

Placing awareness around mystery and feminine is to bring me to the point of feeling earth in your body. The need to learn to move with our mother not further away as she’s changing. Developing a relationship with earth and self that is so finely attuned you sense the feelings in your body. The practice of communing with the planet and beginning your day by sensing what you’re feel beneath your feet in the dirt and placing clear focus to what you’re sensing. How does she feel? How does the energy feel in your body? Is it calming? Is it full of emotion or anxiety? Does it relax or energise you? How sensitive are you feeling? What places in your body do you feel it the most? What emotions do you feel there?

Pulling up earth energy and letting it move and flush out what is needing your attention for each day is creativity. Creativity, because it creates the first layer of paint for your canvas in the morning and the more you practice you want to fine tune it so well that you can intuitively sense what it is you need to do and how to move this energy and what can be created for you to enhance your life, the life of others if you work with people like I do, or as artist what can you form with it?

This practice is how I live for too many years. It is a practice I’ve always highly encouraged my clients to work with, and I want to encourage as many as I can while our Mother is transforming. Do not move away from her because you feel grief with what you see is happening, but to move closer to her and sense how your relationship with her and what you feel that you can do to create with this energy of transmutation and death, and create new life with it. Let it strengthen your relationship with life and death. Let your listening be so finely attuned that you can know the bigger picture of whats happening. Do not walk away from her, come closer and take in her teachings of transformation.

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Chaos Relating

Shaman -artist unknown

There’s something about world chaos that most don’t understand or see. For anyone that has grown up in dysfunctional families, or lived through traumatic abusive relationships, one thing you learn to sharpen really well is reading energy of people. You sense shit before it happens because you’re switched on to how the air feels when they’re around. You can see the energy build up in their body and how they keep it together until that last trigger sets them off. And when you’ve been stripped back raw because you’ve experienced too much chaos and pain, it strips you back to the bone when it comes to relating and you know how people are just by looking at them and then you get really good at it and all you need is to hear a name and you sense shit straight off.

This is very much like what’s going to happen to our mother. It’s undeniable, but maybe that level of chaos needs to hit in order for humanity to be stripped back to that bone knowing relating with the earth before the planet really rebirths her new world, because it just doesn’t seem like humanity is getting it. I’ve always said  the chaos will worsen until humanity pulls their finger out, patriarchy and white supremacy is no more and we return to the peaceful state we were once before, with or without people.

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