The Smell of Bone Mother- moving with nature

I remember a time I was sitting at my desk working and I sensed the rattle of bone mother, of death. Acknowledging the presence, I kept working and stayed present with what I felt throughout the days, and sure enough I watched one ending happen after another. No resisting, just moving and navigating with what I felt and saw and open space to what is I needed to put to rest. It is a practice. It isn’t something we switch onto but through experience you cultivate a deep respect for death and the cutting wisdom and presence it offers, and as painful as it can be, it is what it is and resisting it only creates more pain, more anxiety, more rage and even desperation if you resist it for too long. Desperation to try and keep shit together the way it once was which only creates more chaos and destruction and will heighten anxiety where you feel you’re out of control as fear does when it’s constantly being fed. And don’t we all learn the fucking hard way.

Let’s not forget our friend grief. Grief is a potent doorway to knowing. It anchors us in our bodies and to the earth offering insight we may never receive without experiencing emotional heaviness. It pushes us to explore the deep, to cave and connect to wisdom that is hidden within the darkest places. Who we really are beneath the many layers of pain, and death our dear friend will highlight many losses so we can reclaim our real selves and take a hard fucking look at what we haven’t loved yet about the person we are, or even know about ourselves. The clean white bone truth can be painful but fucking liberating and freeing.

It opens infinite space and a feeling of safeness even though it may be painful and shit is all over the place but you’re grounded no matter how overwhelmed you’re feeling. That connection to knowing gives clarity within emotional chaos. It makes space to grieve and to acknowledge feelings. To be rooted with clarity because you’re moving with your knowing. That opens the channel to see clearly while standing in the aftermath of which pieces to pick up, and the opportunities that presents itself. Opportunities we may miss if we get lost in emotion and resisting to embrace and accept what no longer is.

It’s learning to practice to move with nature. Not all situations are going to be comfortable or pleasant, but practice being grounded lessens anxiety and strengthens trust in yourself which in turn strengthens knowing. That strengthening in knowing is fucking everything and is the real you. When we live who we really are, we move with the rhythm of nature, and that my loves is what I leave you with for now.

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Incubation, dismantling bullshit & coming back to Earth

A kind reminder that this is a time to pull on all your ancestral practices and connect in. I understand the uncertainty and anxiety many are feeling and the survival mechanism it switches on. Feeling fear is healthy and a normal response when our survival is threatened, but I encourage you to minimise it as much as you can and challenge yourself to keep grounded and use your ancestral and creative practices.

Some of what I want to share is this. To encourage loves to look at things from a different perspective.

Many of us know we cannot sustain living on the planet the way we are. And many of us are passionate activists to dismantle the system that’s killing us all.

Around the time of the fires in Australia, I had a dream there was sickness coming. And I remember within the dream the sky turned pink for a while before it turned back to blue. The symbolism in that was to show me the fear, uncertainty and rage it will push up, and saw we will be enduring this incubation time for at least a good two to three months intensely then I saw the sky turning back to blue slowly. With that, I also saw it was one of the many challenges humans have to face if we continue to not change the way we live. That’s clear.

Look at it like this, an incubation period is also a period of transformation and growth if used correctly. Why I encourage you to challenge your fear and anxiety. Keep your ancestral practices up as the wisdom of our ancestors guides us through this time and use this time for introspection and creativity.

This is also a rattle to see with open eyes how humans are dependent on food from the corner store and not our gardens. To see and question your own dependency on the system and how you need to change this in your own world. How medicine and vitamins are vastly dependent on a plastic bottle in pill form and not from what we eat and the medicines we can use to heal ourselves from our bush lands and gardens. I’m not saying western medicine doesn’t have its place, but to see what you can change for yourself and family as we are directed back towards our earth. There’s no choice in this loves, it’s happening and destruction and death is where we grow,  to really put to rest the person we once were that feeds such a pattern to reclaim who we really are.
This is a much needed opportunity and learning to get back to the land and to the knowledge we know and knowledge we need to learn or relearn again to bring us back close to the earth. I encourage you to take this on board and make those changes that’s needed, that our Mother is kind enough to give us space and patience to once again get our shit together.
We need to see how we are making the earth sick, and we’ve had too many opportunities to see this and still so many look away. Most refused to see that before, but when we are faced with our own mortality and the consequences for deliberately choosing to not take responsibility this is one of the many ways we will learn.
Within that, there must be changes made though and not just riding out the worse and returning back to the usual bullshit. Think of this like as a dysfunctional behavioural pattern challenged to be changed, because that’s what it is. This is a time to put those changes into place permanently and make it a needed way to live.

Warrior energy is walked in more than one way, how that way is for you is different to what most may perceive warrior energy. I encourage you to your walk it. Stay grounded, connected. Be present with what you’re feeling and watch your denial, rage, grief and anxiety. Introspect, create, get that garden happening. Transform within your cave time and follow those preventive measures.

Will keep blogging through this time to share a little food for thought. Love to all. We’re made for these times. If you’re feeling challenged to ground check out this blog post:

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Grounding and Moving Shit- here’s a bit to stay centred.

Some of the core practices in ancestral witchcraft is grounding, protection and knowing how to reclaim power from trauma, how to heal and manage your emotional world, so when ancestral wounds that carry a fuck load of grief and anxiety, you learn how to stand in solidly and your boundary work is clean as fuck, why times like now when most are struggling to ground and hold their own emotion are easily rattled losing their centre. I understand and got your back. I also understand it can poke on old trauma wounds of not feeling safe or feeling like there’s no security. I’m going to share five things you can do to ground this good shit, and express and move the emotion that can burn out your nervous system if you don’t have practices in place. Give these a go and add your own to it. This is not the be all and end all, these are some suggestions. Listen to your body and knowing and feel what you need and take action. More time on your own and you have no excuse doing them, a heap better than swimming in fear. Give one practice a go a day then add more. I always say, slowly slowly.

Five things to do to ground and lessen anxiety:

First I want to say, if you manage PSTD or CPSTD, your main focus is to bring your fear down where you can manage the anxiety to a doable level. Nature is the best healer for PSTD, truly. The more connection you can get from our mother the better for your nervous system.
Add this practice in. Place in a 10 to 20ml bottle, drops of peppermint and lavender oil mixed with a base oil. This will bring you down quite quickly and make sure you take in the smell by rubbing some in your hands and taking in the smell.
I encourage my clients to wear the oil in areas they feel anxiety so usually chest and solar plexus and also on the temples.
Rub the oil on the soles of your feet if you’re at home, when you don’t need drive or work machinery. It’ll chill you really quickly.

Music. What will help with what you’re feeling, not necessarily relaxation because when we feel anxiety we can also feel rage, grief, frustration or confusion. Move with the flux of how you feel but with the focus to bring your energy down and centres so aiming for relaxation music. Vibration and sound is everything to help support movement of energy.

I’ve mentioned nature to ground above and I will again because the hesitation people have even just sitting in their own backyard to soak in some earth is like pulling teeth. Stay connected and grounded to our mother.

Throw yourself in an activity that is repetitious, because the repetitious movement will give you something to focus on and also relax you to ground you back into your body. You want to aim to get out of your head and into your body. The overthinking and living in your head creates anxiety, and the fear is not being in your body so any activity that can offer you to get back into your skin is something to do. Which also explains the next one.

Create. Whatever that creative practice is, focus on expressing some of the fear you’re feeling within your practice. Creativity is the doorway to knowing. Pulls you back into your body so you’re in a peaceful state of surrender regardless of how much you’re feeling, you can feel it all and be connected to your intuition and knowing. This is the place you want to live from, so more practices like this will ground you and at the same time you’ll receive intuitively anything your real self and spirit wants to share. Create your anxiety and uncertainty. Whatever you need to move the energy. And no judgement. Don’t judge yourself keep it an open and free space to be yourself.

Chill your surroundings. Fuck full lights off and put candles and lamps on. Use scent whether oils or incense. Create the atmosphere to keep you chilled and a feeling of nurturance and safety. Nothing like a comfortable cave.

Five things to do with grief:

Where there’s anxiety there’s grief. They’re good friends these two so please pay attention to how you feel. So many people are depressed and don’t even know it. So the first thing I want to share is pay attention to how you feel.
While being lost in fear, grief will show, but most are so focused on the fear they don’t notice grief. So slow down and pay attention to how you’re feeling. When we’re in our heads with anxiety, it’s not uncommon to miss what we’re feeling in our bodies until days or sometimes weeks later.
Sitting in what you feel and not dissociating or distracting it, will ground you. You’ll feel it all but you’re still connected to your knowing. This is the space you want to live from.

If you have one person that you trust to share your grief with, I encourage you too. It’s easy for most to not want to speak about how they feel because they believe they’re putting people out, but check in with your friends. You might find they’re wanting to share too and feel the same. Don’t isolate your communication with others. Keep connected regardless.

Creativity and music is the next one. Cause fuck art is the best thing to express grief. The most beautiful and potent creations come out of grief.
Paint the grief out. Make music from your grief. Write it out. Whatever works for you, use it. Within this space too you will feel not only a sense of relief but accomplishment. Finding that expression within grief is uplifting, and feeling good takes pressure off your nervous system. And art is addictive and I couldn’t think of anything better to be addicted to.

Nature. Yes nature again. Being in nature or gardening or even sitting with plants, takes the pressure off grief and pain. The grounding will bring calm and in the calm you’ll be connected to your knowing/your real self so no matter how overwhelming you feel your knowing will keep you safe because you can still hear yourself, most important.

Limit your time on social media, tv and radio for not only grief but anxiety. People are feeding the hysteria. Stay the fuck away from it.

The other, nurture yourself. Don’t think of things, I want you to intuitively feel what you need to do to nurture you right now.
Do you need to cave from the world, with your favourite movies and guitar? Do you need more rest, or just lay in bed with heavy blankets?
Whatever you need, put your self care and mental health first.

I got three things to move frustration and rage cause I’m getting lazy and want to wrap this blog up.

Exercise. Whatever that is. Rage hates sitting still, it wants to move shit so it’s one of the best emotions to create with, it’s also one of the best emotions to exercise out and be spontaneous with.
Exercise in nature. Moving rage, grounding anxiety and relieving grief. Massive fuck yeah.

Get proactive. What can you do to get proactive and empower your life and yourself that you can fuel the moving forward by taking action with the ideas you come up with?
This is one of my favourite feels cause I get shit done when I’m feeling rage and a good one to relieve frustration.
Find the empowerment within rage to break through rage. Read that again.

Create again man, art is everything.

Three things to move shame because yes to shame, I’m gonna explain this.

With some trauma wounds, feeling shame for being scared, uncertain, confused, depressed, anxious and it goes on is common as fuck. So within this, many people mask how they’re feeling and can become more manic, more angry and frustrated and also more depressed.
Shame is a cunt to feel and no one needs to feel shame when they’re feeling anxious.

To move shame, to lessen its power is to talk about it. If you’re not ready to talk about it (I understand there’s shame for even talking about it), write about it to understand it and give it a voice.
The presence when feeling shame has a natural contracted feeling because you’re not feeling enough so you naturally want to hide yourself.

So the first thing is to write about it then I would encourage you to create it out.
The expression and understanding will help unknot the contraction.

Stay present with the feeling of shame. It’s a practice this one. Nothing magically shifts by doing it a couple of times. It must become a practice. Staying present with it is you feeling it out and also being aware not to contract or hide yourself. Understand when feeling shame out, you will feel vulnerable. That vulnerable feeling is the part that you would usually hide of yourself. So stay with that loves. It’ll be pokey but fucking worth it.

I want to encourage you to speak to one person you know and feel safe with sharing your most vulnerable about the shame you feel. Know the person you’re going to share with really well knowing they have you back. Take the power out of shame by sharing what you feel.

That’s it. A few things to consider. Things most people don’t think about but it’s so needed. If you feel stuck loves, please get in touch this is what I do. Just click on the link below, all my details are in the web link. Big love xx

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Go Beneath the Chaos – grounding anxiety

So we spoke of shame the other day, let’s give fear and anxiety a little bit of a run cause some of you lovelies are just needing a kind reminder with grounding.

I understand it can be challenging for some to ground anxiety when collectively it feels uncertain and it seems like there’s no way to actually ground the fear when most people are feeling fear and noticeably anxious. So where to then? Seek the quiet and lots of it, focusing on the things you can do to pull your energy back to it’s centre and it’s usually the stuff that you love to do or is repetitious. For some the pattern is meditative because it feels safe. All of it is needed so you can  ground no matter how much you’re feeling and using that energy of fear in your creativity or just in the activities you do. Focusing on expressing from the pain or fear point, because not only does it ground you but it keeps you in the moment so you’re still connected to your knowing which is exactly what you want. Working with both threads is important and to not push down and dissociate from accepting feeling fear. Some survival responses are to not show fear which is usually a behaviour we’re taught and/or expected to take a ‘stronger’ stance for whatever reason, but people feel and sense, it’s better to be clear and honest than shit yourself in the quiet where you should be resting because it’s you loves I’m concerned about the most, so finding those safe expressions as a beginning to be honest with what you’re feeling for your own well being is a start. Small steps is everything.

I also understand the quiet can make some overthink and that’s why I say the above. Find the good shit that throws you in a space of surrender but you’re also expressing the emotion and energy that can be overwhelming. Take a load off your nervous system, so a fuck yes to creative expression or the garden, it doesn’t get better than nature.

And your people, be with your people the ones that are surfing on something similar to yourself, and do what you can for others without overwhelming yourself or saving fuckers. No to saving fuckers which can be a reactive behaviour for many women that have or still live the care taker role when they feel anxious. It’s really knowing your own space well and watch those slippery boundaries when feeling fear. Learn to stay conscious of your own anxieties.

Didn’t jump on here for a huge run down, just more of a kind reminder to ground. As I always say, go beneath the chaos.

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Ancestral Healing: a little on unravelling Shame

Ancestral healing, a little on unravelling grief and shame because the two go hand in hand and when navigated with attention there’s three things to keep in mind to unravel the knot of the energy of a trauma wound, but also to give you clarity of what the source is so you can stand in it with knowing/power when it’s triggered again and again. And it will be and its to be expected. Wounding only lessens over time with love, presence and attention living from a place of power without dissociating from feeling it when it’s triggered each time. Most lose their footing is not paying attention when they are triggered. If you’re not paying attention to when you’re triggered, without a doubt you will fall straight back into old patterns of trauma wounds.

Healing, growing presence and reclaiming power around ancestral wounds isn’t something to ever be rushed, that comes from a place of anxiety and is a reaction from the pain itself to ‘hurry the healing’ so you can get to your ‘happy’ place and all will be well.

First, that’s unrealistic, second that’s dissociation which guarantees that you’re stuck in the behavioural and emotional pattern of the wound.
Slowly, everything should be done within your own rhythm. Slowly, shows you’re being present and loving with yourself and understanding that any step missed is a step back into your emotional pattern.

The other is, remember shame when you feel grief. They go hand in hand. The heaviness is not necessarily the pain and sadness, but the beliefs that keeps your energy contracted which is wrapped in shame.
Remember also to break down shame too, because within shame is rage, frustration, grief and anxiety- all emotion when we believe the beliefs connected to the trauma wound that we’re not enough.
It is these three things to be present with and makes unravelling shame much easier, also to understand why you’re feeling shame.

In a nutshell loves, because every ancestral wound is unique and individual to each person. How its navigated has its own pathway and has many layers to it.
If you’re ready to reclaim yourself woman, get in touch.

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I love knowing I'm not the only one chasing wild between layers of darkness (6)

A little on Protection work

Discussing protection, and straight into it we go.

Magical protection also includes firm as fuck boundaries, eating well and keeping fit and healthy, a strong relationship to earth, self and ancestors, daily nature connection, being responsible for your shit and a commitment to your healing practice (which includes daily care to your mental health) and growth as a person. Exercising, trusting and strengthening your intuition. If something feels uncomfortable, it fukn is even if there is be healing, because it’s not always other people just more of a mismatch of energies. That happens, but fuck it’s not to be used to manipulate a person or situation with. Seen that too unfortunately.  I also understand we’re not all blessed with perfect health, but that can be worked around by strengthening your power in other areas. Let’s not also forget to add a connection and relationship to your community. You can round it up into self love, but fuck most people can’t relate to that because it’s so broad and it’s a constant work in progress and practice, these are some practices.

Being committed to all the above, also gives clear communication because of your self awareness. Speaking up when you need to and knowing and seeing your behavioural patterns triggered from trauma wounds, which all comes under a healing practice. All these factors are very often not taken in by anyone sorting magical protection. Even within the old craft, so many people will still approach for a quick fix with no responsibility wanting to be taken which once the working has run it’s thread, and that’s not say your arse won’t be kicked if a protection working has been cast for you. Workings are also there to show you where your attention and energy is weakened where presence and healing needs to be, especially in craft there can be quick outcomes but no fucking quick fixes. Those opportunities for growth is to direct you towards the outcome cast for you. And why would you want a quick fix, because after the thread of a working has run it’s course, you’re left in the same position if the work isn’t being done. Quick fixes is not realistic nor is it being responsible. Underpinning the want and need for a quick fix shows the healing that is needed beneath the fear of feeling unsafe. I also want to state, every individual protection is different. There’s no one size fits all. There’s so many factors we need to take in. All the healing work included, is all ancestral healing as well and that I would like to chat in another post.

As I said, we can have quick outcomes, but the inner work for self awareness is a necessity. Even if you were given a quick outcome, that is not to say you won’t be pushed to look at any situation with clear eyes for you to grow as a person. Many people look at witchcraft like it has nothing to do with responsibility, healing and spiritual and emotional growth, yet that is just the few ground foundations of the old craft, anything else and it’s a misconception or an escape from reality, emotional reality to be clear, not addressing the pain within.

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‘Self Acceptance’

Let’s talk self acceptance for a little bit cause if you’re wanting tip the edge and walk into this deeper and darker place, this is work that needs doing and ongoing presence, and definitely not living a surface level place of convincing yourself that you do. That’s not love, that’s bypassing what needs to be loved.

Self acceptance, I know the term has been thrown around like a fucking  well used vibrator, and it’s much more than saying ‘I acceptance myself’ cause you really don’t know what that means until you unthread the conforming oppressive bullshit women are expected to be, and I want to add there’s different levels of oppression a woman carries for so many factors- race, sexuality, gender identity, disability to name but a few not just being woman. So what I’m trying to point out there’s layers, not this fuck around bullshit you see in most spiritual groups that you ‘love yourself’ and live all the fluffy love and light which not only is it a narrow view of life and a tonne of white privilege, but they’re also placing people in boxes assuming that it’s ‘like this’ which is an expectation coming from their lack of a deepening experience of what life is about but also what real love is.

This bullshit expectation does more harm than good, because while a woman is healing herself and she’s trying to again fit herself in a box she knows she’s trying break out. It’s smeared with a different language and feeds an unhealthy belief that this is the way I have to love myself and if not, I must be doing it wrong.
No cunt can tell you how to love yourself because every person, wounding, trauma and oppression a woman has lived, walks a different self navigation and healing process. It’s deep, because ancestral practice is deep af.
Why a real healer or anyone doing transformative work  moves with the individual rhythm of each person.
There’s no one size fits all.

So saying all of that, self acceptance as we move into a deeper knowing space of who we really are, and not conforming to oppression which is riddled with anxiety and understandably so (I’ll talk about this another time), the presence that is required developed with consistent practice is needed to live this depth of earth practice, of ancestral work and liberation and of self love.
If you don’t know how to manage your traumas and you will experience triggers, which we fukn do anyway loves, you slip back into the people pleasing oppression which this wild track of a walk is not about.

My point, self acceptance isn’t just screaming to the world I accept myself, but realising the work and depth it means to really accept and love yourself because when we’re still skimming the surface of our own personal growth and evolution, in too many ways we’re conforming to societal and patriarchal expectations still, (the whole plastic niceness bullshit is one small example), and let me also add in cultural expectation. It’s not until we stand in the darkest place within ourselves, live and love ourselves there do we really know what real self acceptance is.

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Artist unknown, amazing fucking piece