Venus Retrograde & Full Moon in Gemini 2021.

Venus retrogrades today till the 29th
of January it is also full moon in Gemini so a little heads up.

With any retrograde we have to expect reflection and a natural desire to pull inward but for some it may be a feeling to gravitate towards nutting out challenges within your relationships from feeling a heightened sense of insecurity which will speak largely of what you know needs to be confronted within your relationships and more importantly within yourself.

Our relationships are a reflection of who we are and certain qualities that may need to be strengthened, understood and transformed/healed within, and many times over carrying presence within areas that are needing more attention.

There’s a deep slowness of how this retrograde will play out when it comes to inner reflection and introspection and it will be detailed and dark in some areas as we confront some stubbornness within the areas we are challenged within relationships but also our relationship to our money and the way we have or have not been valuing our own pleasure and expression in the world.

The full moon in Gemini gives us a little supportive energy to creatively navigate and create ways of manifesting ideas and new projects in the world which is a nice coupled energy to the beginning of this retrograde because this is what we want to allow to be challenged, is navigating all of this with an energy and perception we haven’t greeted before, because some of these areas will show the ‘stuckness’ of beliefs we hold within our relationship to other people and ourself, money and our own self expression in the world.

Transforming and exploring areas we are stuck in with our relationship to self will naturally open and partly transform these other areas too.

The most reactive fire to watch around this is confrontation within relationships, insecurity and fear with money but also over questioning yourself from the insecurity of expressing layers of yourself you’ve been feeling to, but the fear of vulnerability and rejection has been holding you back. This retrograde is perfect timing to offer us the added clarity we need to walk into 2022 with the energy many of us have been cultivating through the hard inner transformative work this past year.

Utilise this energy of Venus retrograde and do the inner work and introspection you’ll be naturally guided to. Watch reactions from wounded neediness and insecurity. Observe your own behaviour as it will give you the clarity on which areas need a little more care and attention. The energy of this retrograde is strong but also carries a sense of gentleness to it. Use both.

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Collective Grief

Our collective grief holds deep pain for humanity and our earth. Most feel and say Mother Earth is dying. She isn’t, she’s transmuting and will regenerate herself, the truth is it’s humanity that we’re grieving knowing what will be if we don’t begin forming genuine community and unthread the poison of this system from the inside out and fight hard for our future.

We are grieving the cause and effect from people that don’t live with genuine love and care for all earth. That choose to believe in bullshit that harms and separates earth.

We are grieving the lack of genuine human connection and feel hopeless that we may not be able to form the alliances needed to fight for our lives and for our future. We can.

We are grieving the harm that is being done and the careless destruction, and the fucking mindless cunts that are in ‘leadership’ who give no fucks to what happens to us and earth.
We are not hopeless, that’s what they want us to believe.

We are exhausted, traumatised and all of this pushes up our own personal and ancestral traumas while witnessing the death and destruction of humanity.

It’s intense and incredibly fucking painful.
I want to encourage you to turn in and feel into the changes you can make personally and the changes to support the earth with action and commitment. Give yourself space to grieve, understanding this grief will come in cycles. Reach out for support please, I’m one of those people you can. We need each other.
When BIPOC speak of unthreading ⚪️ supremacy, its not to just to combat racism but to dismantle this fucking system that has created poisonous mindsets that has led us here into this shit pit.

Grieve but understand a lot of us are also not hopeless and are in privileged positions in comparison to many of our loves in other parts of the world.
Grieve but then rage hard, and fight hard.
Find strength within the grief and not turn in and self destruct.

Listen to yourself, listen to Mother.
Use your voice, your privilege, your creativity, your spirituality, your humanity. Move what you’re feeling. Go deep with it.
At the peak of profound transmutation is where it hurts the most.

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I unashamedly rage with loving hate

I rage within the contorted darkness, twisted from deep within mystery, and I love like that. Cut into pieces and sewn back together again with the words from my grandmothers. The nothingness that has the power to turn love into hate and hate into love, and I choose to live the duality of my nature.

I live here transmuting from one to another shamelessly hateful and loving at the same time. I choose to honour my humanness and the reality of what actually is.Don’t spew unconditional love at me, it’s nonsensical when you haven’t reached down deep enough to understand the language of true love. A dream of one to bypass their own pain and the pain inflicted from others.

Tell me, would you still truly love someone dehumanising your humanness over and over again, or would you rather give into your humanness and understand that inflicting pain on those that beat you down is an act of love and protection, that hate can be justified too and it can come from a place of love as well..What are you actually achieving by lying to yourself.. because there’s no peace in lying but there is acceptance in the tumultuous darkness of relentless pain inflicted on the innocent and want justification for what’s been done.

Mark my words when I say hate can come from a place of love, you judging those because you deny your own humanity doesn’t shame me as you would like it to be, it grows power in the very place I welcome to destroy those that choose to oppress the already oppressed. Fuck your deluded unconditional love, you don’t know what love is until you swim and know yourself in the depths of pain and darkness. Only then do you know love can be found in hate and it’s one that burns deep to transform the oppressed into the victorious.

My love & thoughts to the Roma communities in Brazil who have lost their livelihood and family members from pure racial hate. #justicaparamoraes#justiceformorais

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It’s mother’s day here today, love to all mothers especially sole parents and loves that have lost children. Thinking of you lovely ones 🌹 have a fantastic day.

The rest is for those that don’t have a relationship with their mother and their family.I want to acknowledge the loves that a day like mother’s day presses on, the loss of family and never really fully understanding what it feels like to belong to a family because you were scapegoated, and you either had no choice to leave or was pushed out. This is for you.

I want to acknowledge all the navigating, introspection, healing, the exhaustion and the pain and consistently rebuilding the foundation of what self is without abuse. Your commitment to your love of self not just for you, but if you have children you chose better for them too. I acknowledge your loss and I also acknowledge your resilience.

People do not understand what it’s like to heal such deep wounding from relearning what family is. Who you are without the abuse and the space to breathe and know who you are within and underneath the pain. To learn what community looks like for those that have no idea what it feels like to be accepted, all of you not just what you can do for others when you’re caught in the people pleasing trauma response out fear of being abandoned again. I want to acknowledge the loves that learned the destructive side of mother in her wounding and had an intimate relationship with her from a young age and learning to accept the power within this pain.The time you’ve taken to heal you.

Let’s also never forget our Mother the earth. Our all and everything. Please love and spend time with her. Love yourself by loving her. She desperately needs our presence and connection.

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Community and Earth

Community is one aspect that takes centre point 2021. I will go more into it when I upload the reading on my FB page on the 30th.
Below are a few self reflective questions, and we begin with looking at the relationship you have with the earth and the land you live on. I’ve seen people speak about having a relationship with the earth but not knowing anything about the land they live on and it’s history and if they do, the importance of respecting it and there’s a whole heap to talk about here too.

Your relationship with your ancestors gives you a strong foundation to build on and the earth you are made of. How well do you know where you come from? What do you know? What can you do to strengthen your relationship to self, your ancestors, to the land/s your from? Do you have connection to the ethnic communities you’re made from?

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What’s your relationship to family? This is not to say if you don’t have one it hinders your growth as a person. That shit needs to stop. There are other ways of establishing roots besides staying in contact with toxic family members. Not all ancestors and future ancestors are going to like you or get along with, facts but
there is a way of honouring family and your roots without being made to feel guilty because of those that are too wounded to have healthy relationships with. People have to understand that not tolerating toxic and abusive behaviour from family members is also liberating ancestral threads. Sometimes the most peaceful and respectful thing to do is walk away.

Looking at the relationship you have with self but also with others. What needs your attention to transform to come into relationships with others that hold depth and meaning?
What are your boundaries like? Do you offer the same loyalty,safety and presence others give and vice versa?

And, have you begun decolonising? Understand upholding christian holidays and why.te supremacy (is also ws) isn’t liberating our earth, ancestors or self. Whyte colonisation and structures have much pain associated with our ancestors which we feel deeply of we’re paying attention.

This is some examples of the depth of looking at grounding to build solid community and support for yourself. It really is getting to know you so fucking well that when you step into community you feel safe and not bypassing unhealthy patterns out of need that deep down you feel resentful for. It’s getting crystal in these areas & walking it.

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Ancestral witchcraft: liberating not only your ancestors

Ancestral liberation is individual to each person. And the depth of it will take you into places you need to transform and you’ll know how and why when you travel deep enough to grasp the understanding of the ancestral pain that needs ongoing expression, presence and transformation/healing.

When new age and inexperienced practitioners that do not have an active healing practice in place, or just not at the point where they should be doing this work because they’re far from ready, will shame others for expressing rage and anger when it’s justifiable to mould how they believe a person should express their pain because they haven’t dealt with their own. That’s also an abuse of power.

Cultural appropriation still is happening from those that have read my posts and many others on this issue along with antiracism and whyte supremacy.
Whyte centred platforms that clearly are not antiracist and culturally appropriate are still be followed and supported by those that have read shit on this subject a thousand times over knowing how it affects BIPOC.

People who call themselves witches, shamans, readers, healers, counsellors, therapists whatever are still enabling this behaviour or playing a part in it.
That’s not reclaiming power, thats abusing power when you know you’re upholding whyte supremacy, monetising off spiritual practices from marginalised groups. Practices that connect people to the earth, land and their ancestral spirits and you know this and yet still fucking continue.

That disrespect isn’t empowering or liberating anyone it’s doing the opposite. You’re not empowering yourself or your ancestors. There’s no reclamation of power here just more oppressive fuckery, and that includes oppressing yourself.
Do you know the potency and power of liberating not only your ancestors but those of others through your self awareness and healing is liberating and healing earth. One of the core practices of ancestral witchcraft.

Ancestral spirits flow through the practices they know that connects them to their land and people.
All the power and your own earth practices are in your own ancestral thread. If you don’t know how to reclaim them please get in touch.
This is all part of decolonising and dismantling the system from the inside out is returning home.

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I remember

I yearn to take up space in a wilderness that lives inside me, the lands I’m made of. When water wasn’t monetised and placed in a poison called plastic. And nature wasn’t hurting the way she is now, and live the feral that I know I am. The wild that screams for expression and not live under a code of oppression, of falseness and superficial happiness.
Hearing the internalised screams of grief and rage suppressed under materialism and capitalism with every living being you connect with just wanting to breathe and burn away the sickness too many believe in.
Feeling the sadness from the lack of connection and interconnectedness our ancestors are screaming to return to. To remember the respect and integrity we had for all life and the soil we honoured, and the celebration through ceremonies of life and death.
I remember, and we fight on.

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Spider Woman with Claws

You’re like a spider woman with claws trying to rip open shit with a nastiness and distaste that drips fierceness from your tongue.

Tracking for threads of truth within her rage from a blinding pain that is all consuming when she’s misunderstood and her grandmothers that live inside her are not seen.
Polishing her finds with the saliva of her ancestors, delicately placing each piece of wisdom on the shelf to lead her back to who she is. Collecting magic with her hands from deep within the earth, her elbows begin to grow roots and she becomes the wildness that she remembers.

Protector from violence she becomes, as she soaks up the volcanic liquid that meets the lava inside of her and spills from her mouth and between her legs and that’s when the world wills her death when she becomes more than can ever be understood.

A power that fills her from the mud she likes to smear over her body. A reminder that her ancestors live inside of her as she reaches for their bones deep within the earth.
And with everything she knows, they still try and silence her rage from being heard, even from women that say they understand but haven’t ventured deep enough to know it in their bones.

As her lava spills and hardens to create new surface, she collects all the fuckers that try to destroy her and suffocates them with her fire.
Give no fucks, be the bitch that only the earth understands because of the love you hold and have for Her.
She understands why death is important and why woven skins that violate her is fucking necessary.

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The War that’s Coming

It’s a stirring that never goes away. A chaos that’s deep in the marrow. A burn that’s lived through the rage of all the women before you. A scream that’s eternally lived from centuries of pain from the tribes I am from.

No matter how you expect a woman should be, she will never be what you want her to be no matter how hard you try to make her fear her fire. It’s a furnace of heat that will melt your fucking insides with the sting of her words and the trickery of her niceness.

Understand, if you take the light out of her eyes you’re creating something you don’t want to fuck with no matter how meek and complying you think she is. A darkness is stirring that will swallow you both whole, but only one will make it out alive.

I’ve had my bones broken in many places and set them back together with the wisdom from my grandmothers loved back with the chaos I was born and taught to fear.
You can’t destroy a woman that is made of death that enjoys inflicting pain and sewing lips with whispered words of hate that she is made of. The misconception that you’re going to be some fucking nun when you rewild and come back to the woman you are is a fucking lie. You live the rawness of nature and the ferocity of your ancestors honour. Think before you try to smack a bitch down because she will rise with her people behind her.
When the fuck are cunts going to learn that we don’t break, we burn.
I ain’t going to pretty it up for the war thats comin.

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Within the Crevices

Difference is oppressed within crevices of the earth you think you are and only discovered in its fullness each time you go deeper. It’s within the heat of rage of being told you’re not okay like that. That’s too much, too disgusting, too angry, too dark, and we’d be learning how we make people feel uncomfortable but unsure what it is or how until you go deeper and more.

For women especially, we learn to hide our too much under a false sense of self called nice. A trauma response to keep ourselves safe always knowing when we meet people that won’t respect our too much. We be knowing it, before we even think about it and when a woman be sensing more from a person, she will replay the pain of people pleasing to avoid feeling unsafe, to avoid the self rejection cycle to be triggered.

The more we know ourselves the more we discover what we’ve been hiding because we haven’t had an opportunity to know what we’ve been hiding. We learn how people have reacted to what they see and sense about us and we’ve been left wondering why or what reliving self rejection patterns spiralled grief longing to be loved and freed, words and behaviours from toxic people believing its more than okay to fuck around with someone’s self and yet they’d be not knowing shit from clay.

When we hit layers of earth within ourselves that are yet to be discovered, don’t polish her to be presentable. See what she needs to breathe in the air she needs to be free, and the earth within her that needs to flourish and live,


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