Feeling Earth in your Body, Embracing the Mystery and Creativity of the Feminine

To begin, I don’t usually like separating male and female attributes. Kind of tired of that too because it boxes an expectation on an individual and gender, when we’re not all the same and not meant to, but for the sake of this piece which I will explain let’s call it feminine.

We’ll make it feminine because it is a natural state for woman to feel and be moved and be taken into the spaces in between thought, of feeling, a sense of knowing to take a thread of feeling or thought or inspiration and run with it to another place that will change her in one way or another, and that happens many times in a day, and most of the time she may not know it until her life reaches a distinct noticeable transformation. We have this emptiness and fullness that is forever churning and moving, always wanting to create more when we are naturally moving with our own rhythm, and for some women they will call in chaos because she’s not standing in her power. Deep down she knows this and calls in chaos, the most destructive kind to charge things up for what she yearns for in hope she will be clear enough to walk through the door of change this time around. Does that mean women in their power doesn’t experience chaos? Of course she does, but she will sense the changes and will move with what she feels. The difference is paying attention to what you’re feeling inside all the time, not some of the time.

Placing awareness around mystery and feminine is to bring me to the point of feeling earth in your body. The need to learn to move with our mother not further away as she’s changing. Developing a relationship with earth and self that is so finely attuned you sense the feelings in your body. The practice of communing with the planet and beginning your day by sensing what you’re feel beneath your feet in the dirt and placing clear focus to what you’re sensing. How does she feel? How does the energy feel in your body? Is it calming? Is it full of emotion or anxiety? Does it relax or energise you? How sensitive are you feeling? What places in your body do you feel it the most? What emotions do you feel there?

Pulling up earth energy and letting it move and flush out what is needing your attention for each day is creativity. Creativity, because it creates the first layer of paint for your canvas in the morning and the more you practice you want to fine tune it so well that you can intuitively sense what it is you need to do and how to move this energy and what can be created for you to enhance your life, the life of others if you work with people like I do, or as artist what can you form with it?

This practice is how I live for too many years. It is a practice I’ve always highly encouraged my clients to work with, and I want to encourage as many as I can while our Mother is transforming. Do not move away from her because you feel grief with what you see is happening, but to move closer to her and sense how your relationship with her and what you feel that you can do to create with this energy of transmutation and death, and create new life with it. Let it strengthen your relationship with life and death. Let your listening be so finely attuned that you can know the bigger picture of whats happening. Do not walk away from her, come closer and take in her teachings of transformation.

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Chaos Relating

Shaman -artist unknown

There’s something about world chaos that most don’t understand or see. For anyone that has grown up in dysfunctional families, or lived through traumatic abusive relationships, one thing you learn to sharpen really well is reading energy of people. You sense shit before it happens because you’re switched on to how the air feels when they’re around. You can see the energy build up in their body and how they keep it together until that last trigger sets them off. And when you’ve been stripped back raw because you’ve experienced too much chaos and pain, it strips you back to the bone when it comes to relating and you know how people are just by looking at them and then you get really good at it and all you need is to hear a name and you sense shit straight off.

This is very much like what’s going to happen to our mother. It’s undeniable, but maybe that level of chaos needs to hit in order for humanity to be stripped back to that bone knowing relating with the earth before the planet really rebirths her new world, because it just doesn’t seem like humanity is getting it. I’ve always said  the chaos will worsen until humanity pulls their finger out, patriarchy and white supremacy is no more and we return to the peaceful state we were once before, with or without people.

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Upsetting the Set Up

Firstly, this title wasn’t thought up by me, but a man named Kevin who’s rocking his facebook page hard. Click the link and jump on over, you’ll love it: https://www.facebook.com/upsettingthesetup/

While people are running around with no heads, overwhelmed with panic and understandably so, I really need you all to understand something really clearly. I live in Australia and people are panicked. Our country is on fire and our government couldn’t give two fucks. Propaganda is being spread like the thick layer fuckery that it is and I’ve seen many international pages citing this false information. This country is being run by a pack of toxic fools. It’s concerning, worrying but we cant forget we have people power and although our sociopath PM wants to take advantage of the trauma we’re all experiencing, let’s not give this cheap fuck anything at all.

Listen, we can fuck off this government off and we’re rallying to, but another one will be filled in with the same systematic oppressive bullshit that is killing all of us- earth. Perpetuating and feeding the same white colonialist rubbish where it dismisses colonised Europeans from unthreading the colonialist belief system which upholds the system that you’re all trying to break, why unthreading white supremacy and the privilege connected to it is so fucking important. This is the colonialist mindset that needs to be looked at seriously. The dissociation from reality and our earth IS the problem that is ingrained in white supremacy. Not doing so IS the problem. This NEEDS daily attention (awareness) to unthread, and yes it’s more than possible but giving into the drama to those in ‘power’ who are doing whatever they can to traumatise and belittle our intelligence, this pain and confusion they are feeding off. The more we panic, the more we’re feeding it, and the more we do the more they can continue to control the masses. I’m not saying to not be upset, fucking hell yeah we need to be, but calm the panic so this energy can be channelled and used in the very best way for us all. 

The fuckery we have witnessed in this country has no limitations to how low they will go to stay in control. It’s frustrating and it’s painful, but we need the small spaces of quiet to gather our thoughts, feel out those feelings. Ground our anxiety and mourn the grief. We have to remember that WE have the power. There is more of us than them. We need to remember this. Yes, I’m doing the us and them thing because it is a clear as fuck division.

Decolonising is an inside out job, a daily one. As long as we have this consistent division within humanity, we’re arguing with the wrong fucking people and not tackling the core issue at hand. That’s exactly what this shitty systems wants. Distraction, high emotion, confusion, anxiety and endless grief. It’s so easy to control people when they are not clear in how they feel, and when they are confused and anxious. The system needs to break down completely and it will get worse before it gets better, whether we’re still on the planet or not.
My advice is, take a breath, get the fuck off social media for a bit and really sit with what needs to be done. Shit needs to be dealt with at the root.
Be prepared to be uncomfortable. No one can stand and say they’re an ally that’s up to BIPOC to decide. Feet on the fucking ground is needed. It’s not about being comfortable it’s about feeling it all through clear as fuck. We have to feel our way through it. We have to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and brave it head on. 

We’re not hopeless, that is what those in ‘power’ want us to feel. Listen to yourself.

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Earth Based Practices and Activism


My spirituality includes activism. I don’t understand how it could not when you’re walking the world with eyes wide open, and if it directly affects my humanity being stripped or not acknowledged imma gonna scream it out loud and more than once.

I also know that feminism shouldn’t be taken from a white woman perspective because it doesn’t cover all issues of oppression that all women from all walks of life experience and for that reason it isn’t inclusive. Now without people saying wtf, go do your research and see for yourself. I’m not here to lay it out for you do your own work which only empowers you. Go to pages and make a comparison and you can see the difference in discussion of topics.

Witchcraft, shamanism both earth base practices, therefore if my spirituality is rooted to earth as it should be regardless of what you practice, the importance of activism is not a choice.
And not the kind of nice activism where I’ve seen people be polite about it, that in itself is rooted in oppression, let it be raw as fuck.
Whether it’s about environmental issues, human rights issues, whatever loves this is not a time to be silent. Silence enables the oppressor and we’re walking into a strong year.

I’m never going to be one of those people that give you all the positive fluff of life is good and next year is yours. That to me also sets people up for not having their feet on the ground and much of it can come from a privilege stand point because we have to keep in mind the many different places people are living and experiencing.

I will be the person that tells you we have a lot of work ahead of us, to stay grounded and connect in with how you truly feel now and walk into the next gregorian year with presence. By no means am I not encouraging goals and positive focus if that’s your thing, but I also know that positive focus means different things to other people. To me it means being grounded with what I know, think and feel- the good, uncomfortable, joyous and heavy. To me reminding people of being real is loving.

I wrote these words on a Facebook post sharing it with a quote from a person that I thought was all for social justice, and was recently educated by a lovely on my page. I tore it down and thought I’d share it here instead.

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The Dark

You may not like what you see when I take off my skin and show you the darkness of who I really am within the layers of perception that you choose to see through your own eyes. It’s not bad, and it’s not good, it is whoever I am in the blackness of this depth that is both life and death and everything in between.
This bullshit authenticity most speak, is riddled with insecurity to be the real difference they are. But what if I told you, the deeper you go you will exceed your own expectations of who you think you are and who think you will be. This ‘I love everyone’ shit isn’t truth. You can feel the love of the mystery and connection to all and be devoted to it because it’s what you are made of, but you don’t love everyone, because you don’t know everyone and there’s a lot of people that you won’t even like.
It’s not till you sit deep in the nothingness that is everything many many times will know who you are, and you’ll find it will confront many to be unapologetically raw and goodness has a fierceness and darkness that can be churned and it changes very quickly.
You become the very darkness you’re devoted to, this love affair with the mystery cannot and does not fit into an expectation of any box. It is the very essence of nature changeable, wild, feral and free.
I am not who you think I am.
Solstice love to all xx
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What Ancestral Witchcraft is not

Because I have to, and it seems it needs to be said over and over again. Please don’t ever lump me in with the rest of what most people know to be witchcraft, that is not and never will be me.

So let me say….. ancestral healing goes hand in hand with ancestral witchcraft. Can’t have one without the other. Healing is the bones of witchery as is your conscious and deep relationship to self, earth and ancestors.
Anything else isn’t witchery it’s fuckery, and there’s a lot of fuckery out there. Don’t have to have to like it, I’m not here to please.

If you want to revel in glamour and toxic white privilege behaviour where you don’t want to take responsibility and use excuses like ‘there’s room for everyone’ of course there is but responsibility comes with witch as does walking this earth which includes being held accountable and seeing the depth of what this behaviour actually does to the earth, and witches will know that without me saying shit or needing to debate common sense.

Unthreading systematic oppression which includes white privilege is a big part of walking your ancestral path and not just throwing any excuse out when it feels convenient which I see very much with white privilege.
My work and pages isn’t here to make anyone comfortable particularly white feelings around human rights issues. I understand it may hurt and there’s shame connected to this, if you’re wanting to learn, decolonise and heal, welcome. But if you know witchcraft as what’s mostly out there superficial white washing of a deep earth practice, cultural appropriation, toxic and narcissistic behaviour, white privilege and racism and there’s a fuck load of that happening, I’m not for you.
I stand for the earth and all people with equality and presence.

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Rage Against Shame

Our ancestral war cries is found in the peak of blinding white rage, right in the fucking source and regardless of the fear around embracing the power of it, some eventually do. At times all at once, then at times slowly, slowly either way it’s the voice of knowing that drives you forward the more you listen and act on it, the stronger and clearer it gets.

This isn’t just focused personal growth of growing from behavioural patterns, I’m talking learning how to feed wounds with enough rage to fight for yourself, and no matter how ugly or fucked up that may look, because I’m not talking about being a better human, I’m talking about being a real one.
It’s not all wrapped up in being fucking ‘good’ that’s not authentic as much as most want to hide behind it.
This constant lets all be fucking good, also hinders the strengthening of standing strong in disagreement and conflict feeding the shame and anxiety of getting it wrong deepening the fear of sitting in the pain of it. This creates so much fuckery in relationships. I am not saying to be an outright cunt particularly in regards to environmental and human rights issues, I’m talking about relaxing into the knowing and expression of you. Gotta fuck the shame off. Observe it, each time you’re feeling you’re overly extending yourself to be fucking good, ask why. What’s motivating you, this need to be liked because of the anxiety beneath it telling you in order to liked you gotta be good and fulfil the expectation of your own and others and that includes being good, I say fucken bullshit.
Ancestral liberation is the action, healing and expression from the inside out.

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