Rage Against Shame

Our ancestral war cries is found in the peak of blinding white rage, right in the fucking source and regardless of the fear around embracing the power of it, some eventually do. At times all at once, then at times slowly, slowly either way it’s the voice of knowing that drives you forward the more you listen and act on it, the stronger and clearer it gets.

This isn’t just focused personal growth of growing from behavioural patterns, I’m talking learning how to feed wounds with enough rage to fight for yourself, and no matter how ugly or fucked up that may look, because I’m not talking about being a better human, I’m talking about being a real one.
It’s not all wrapped up in being fucking ‘good’ that’s not authentic as much as most want to hide behind it.
This constant lets all be fucking good, also hinders the strengthening of standing strong in disagreement and conflict feeding the shame and anxiety of getting it wrong deepening the fear of sitting in the pain of it. This creates so much fuckery in relationships. I am not saying to be an outright cunt particularly in regards to environmental and human rights issues, I’m talking about relaxing into the knowing and expression of you. Gotta fuck the shame off. Observe it, each time you’re feeling you’re overly extending yourself to be fucking good, ask why. What’s motivating you, this need to be liked because of the anxiety beneath it telling you in order to liked you gotta be good and fulfil the expectation of your own and others and that includes being good, I say fucken bullshit.
Ancestral liberation is the action, healing and expression from the inside out.

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The Real

This bullshit of be your light, is encased in religious influence and abuse we’ve all experienced. This constant aiming for higher or the light, is a fools journey that will leave a person ungrounded and disassociated from their body and the earth.

I challenge you to sit in the seat of your rage and grief and learn to love yourself there. I challenge you to see clearly and be strong enough to feel it all and never abandon yourself or your integrity and respect for yourself and all earth when you’re overwhelmed. I challenge you to take responsibility, to not throw out stupid fucking beliefs that are not yours to avoid conflict, your emotional body, your traumas, your pain, and avoid taking responsibility because you’ve hurt somebody.

I challenge you to not leave your body and believe in bullshit so you can continue to feed the delusion of perfection that is non existent and an excuse yourself from feeling, from taking responsibility of your words and actions to avoid the pain of your traumas that is screaming at you to be loved.

I challenge you to feel it all and not run from life or yourself when hurts. That’s real. That’s reality, not hiding behind an image and taking advantage of the vulnerable so you can feel ‘good’ about yourself and continue to avoid what you know that you’re not taking responsibility for.
The toxicity that runs rampant through what many play being ‘conscious’ is an act of abuse and manipulation not only to others but to the self therefore the earth.

I see no humanness, just selfishness that is feeding the pain of the world when it should be doing the opposite.
To know yourself, to heal is to sit in your grief and rage and love yourself there. That is loving yourself from the roots, and the foundation of ancestral pain freeing all of you and changing the world at the same time.
It is none of this fluffy bullshit of ‘I’m so great’ it’s knowing you are and not needing to put yourself up there on a pedestal for other people to value what you cannot see that needs to be loved by you.

A healer, witch, brujo, bruja, reader whatever should always have their feet firmly rooted to the ground without needing to put flashy shit to distract others from seeing who they really are because there shouldn’t be anything to hide if you are genuinely sincere and love what you do and who are.
Yes, it’s a responsibility that needs to be lived.

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Mongolian shaman.

The Reality of an Oppressive Society

In the so called conscious community, I know most believe reacting to a post is supporting and celebrating other cultures and ethnicities without actually getting to the meaty core and unthreading systematic oppression and white privilege. That’s a very superficial way of support, and no I’m not saying to not incase there are those that will distract the issue at hand with stupid comments.
Without being educated on the issues on what people of colour are enduring in the world today, it’s easy to hide hidden racism and pretend to be a spiritual person.  It’s never enough to pretend that these issues are important to you without educating yourself and living your truth of genuine care. To believe racial issues have nothing to do with you is feeding systematic oppression. I also see the very few shares on the topic and I know why, because then those that speak up will have to actually make a stand and live what they speak. Without having discussions and living what you ‘react’ to in the cyber world, you have to ask yourself, why are you pretending? What shame are you hiding to avoid the truth?

The ‘conscious community’ have a fantastic way of diverting serious topics with bullshit beliefs to gas light their way through not taking responsibility.

As I wrote on my page this morning:

To the beauties that have asked how can you help in regards to racial abuse and unthreading white privilege, two things you can start is realising and acting on unthreading white privilege, and speak up on the subject.
Not just once, but all the time. Make your own realise there’s no privilege because you and yours have been stripped of your own culture to believe and feed this system that is being held up by your ancestral pain of not being healed and connected to your own. That’s the truth of systematic oppression and should be widely spoken and continually by those that hold the reigns of an oppressive system for ALL LIFE not just human.
Speak up and stand against racism that includes in private conversations and don’t tolerate it. Tolerating it is accepting it and fuck that. Do your own research in this subject. It is not up to a person of colour to teach you, that again is feeding privilege.
Speak up and keep speaking up. Keep educating. #breakthesystem

As I explore my roots further, I realise there is so much here beneath what my people have gone through than I can ever imagine. I know I have a responsibility here to say, I’m not accepting your racist and subtle racist bullshit because I can smell it on you. How dare you come to me for support and you don’t like or respect where I came from? How fucking dare you believe in that poison and continue to spread it around?

Regardless of what colour earth you are, you may see similar struggles of oppression and severe abuse in your own thread. And no, I will never say the same, and can I even use the word similar, really no. I use it in hope that by realising what your people have gone through you can connect your empathy to what mine and others have gone through, and through this can we slowly see how we have all been hurt..but much of this hurt is not going to go away without acknowledging what indigenous people and people of colour are still enduring today. Those racists that scream ‘to get over it,’ seriously who the fuck are you to ever say to another human being to get over their trauma? That shows how far away you are from your own pain and the privileged reality you live in.
Not sure how comfortable it is to live over there and pretend you feel nothing because it has nothing to do with you, while your own ancestors are hurting because you’re not connected to your own roots and culture. No ones winning here.

With much realisation, I sit with the dilemma of doing what I love, healing people, but realising much of systematic oppression is so deep that there is people I can share wisdom and knowledge with and deep down they hate myself and my people. That’s an unfortunate truth. I have heard people say they hate Chinese people but they go to ‘them’ for healing because ‘they’re’ great at what ‘they’ do and ‘I like their food.’ I’m Chinese too. That’s the poison that’s out there.

So where does it leave me? I don’t fucking know.

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Mongolian shaman, my beloved people.

What Natural Magic Really Is

This toxic shit show most people call society, it’s important that we speak truth, so I want to cover today ‘natural magic’ because there’s been a few questions with what is being sold out there and it’s confusing the fuck out of people.

Can we call it ‘natural magic’ when creative energy that makes every thing and every being is natural?  It’s a bit confusing isn’t it?  We could just remove the word natural because is it not all natural anyway when it’s all made from the same natural energy? More confusing when someone speaks of natural magic and simplifies it to YOU. What the fuck does that mean when the practice of the old craft has been for centuries and someone simplifies it to YOU.  When it’s much more than that, and I’m going to explain. Am I saying that a person or nature isn’t magical? It all is, but we’re talking in context of witch which should always include presence, grounding, self and earth awareness which most people are not. This simplification is glamouring suggesting that anyone is witch or shaman, and fuck me our ancestors will be rolling around with the traditions, the losses and painful personal growth to suggest this utter bullshit just so others can make a few dollars.

First, of course it begins with the practitioner, but most people and this includes many that call themselves practitioners, are not self aware or real practitioners of the old craft. If you’re consciously working with the mystery, it’s old craft. Self awareness isn’t something you jump ship when things get hard. It is everyday, twenty four/seven. Living, breathing and shitting awareness which is being present and paying attention to your inside world and your environment. This includes a healing practice and that healing practice is you being conscious of your wounding, managing trauma wounds to heal and grow from. There’s not many people that do that or know how, and that unfortunately is a truth. It can be taught though, that’s what I teach. The bones of witch is healing, earth and ancestral relationships.

Which brings me to listening. If you don’t do the above, chances are you’re not present to what is actually being said, and I’m not just speaking of words being spoken but intuitively feeling, listening to what a person is not saying. No surprise, but this hasn’t been mentioned- healing, which is being aware of all of you including your trauma wounds that is needed to be present. Those that are not, have limited vision of life which includes the mysteries of life. You don’t heal, you won’t receive those mysteries because you are congested with emotion and what needs healing. Communication and understanding isn’t clear, because the inside is not.

Which brings me to ‘natural magic.’ Marion Green describes natural magic as using tools, the elements, nature as a way of casting magic and living in harmony with earth, yes witchcraft. This includes self awareness as mentioned above. Green witchcraft as many know it as. It’s just witchcraft. It’s also shamanic because shamans also practice witchcraft. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say it was a way of separating other ‘magical’ practices such as wicca into it’s own place, but realistically if we’re going to look at it from an animistic point of view, it’s all natural magic. And that above, begins if you are a magical practitioner, and simplifying it as magic instead of stating what it actually is –self awareness demeans an ancient healing craft believing anyone can do it and that simply is not true. My point, leave the old craft as it is and stop manipulating people. Simplifying and watering down ancient practices seems to be the norm nowadays with very few protecting ancient practices because it all just seems to be about money and the neediness people are feeding instead of HEALING and being SELF AWARE. That is witch, that is shaman the rest is smearing an image of what it is not over the wounds they desperately need to be present with.

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The Sickness & Sensationalism of Witch and Shaman Aesthetic

Yes, it’s a sickness. Fuck yeah it is a sickness. The ones that don’t really know anything. The ones that need smoke and mirrors around because at the core of it, it’s attention seeking driven be a deep insecurity of not knowing who they are and their unresolved wounds.
I always say, compare it to our ancestors, how earthed and grounded is each person that claims witch or shaman?  Not hard to see it, not hard to smell it. Always remember, the focus of earth practices is connection and healing. Anyone real in who they are and what they do, does not need the smoke and mirrors and the fanfare of bullshit marketing to look like something they are not.
When we speak of witch or shaman, anyone in the healing arts, it’s rooted to the earth. Rawness. There’s an intrinsic understanding of human nature and connectedness that you feel when you’re in their presence or when you read their words.

Anyone can research through reading other people’s books, reword shit and claim it as their own filling in the gaps with their perpetual rubbish and a tiny amount of intuition.
Earth practices when it’s real, breaks you open over and over again offering the wisdom, knowledge and understanding from the experience.
There’s not just one initiation with the mystery, which are significant growth points in a witch or shamans life that takes usually years to move through and within that is the medicine they are to share with the world growing into who they really are. It is painful, deep and a book can’t be written about it because it is that deep, and why would you want to share something so deeply personal of your own spiritual experiences? It is something you keep within family. Pass it to your children, teach them more about their ancestral gifts and threads. It’s not just a series of shitty events with a tiny bit of insight, it’s much more than that and would be impossible to know where to start to share if the person actually experienced it because now, the word initiation is being thrown around and here we have another word that holds fuck all essence.

The sickness of the superficial image of witch and shaman has a poison to it that many don’t understand or see, because when you get fuckers that are using the image to feed their neediness and lack of self awareness, their behaviour and words pull on on the neediness of others feeding the sensationalism they think this image is, and that stems back to a lack of healing. Pulling on open unresolved wounds of their audience keeping people from actually doing the real healing work that witch and shaman actually is.
Where there’s fuck all healing, our earth, which is all of us won’t heal keeping people disconnected from our planet.

Do you see this big ball of fake fuckery and the damage it is actually doing? Yet it should be the primary source of healing when known and practiced correctly.
Stop feeding the fuckery loves. The stupid books that makes no sense, the oracle cards and fucking dumb so called tours with a pack of tarot cards, no one with their feet on the ground does these things.
The realness of those that really do walk this, they want to keep it real because the focus is on healing community and our beloved planet.
Because we know that disconnected humans mean more pain for earth. That is not what we would ever encourage nor the limelight of self focused egotistical shit.

Know the difference.

A New Dark

How often do you take the time to listen to the earth? Do you know how? How often do you spend time in nature, and if not why not?
There’s something stirring so deep that’s emerging, something I have never sensed before and one to take seriously. How it effects each person will be different, it all rests on how well you listen to yourself and how well you can grow from destruction.
Destruction isn’t something to fear, it’s part of nature. Shit needs to be rattled to find the truth and wisdom beneath the nicely put together picture, and this will happen many times over and let it. Welcome it in. Move with it and explore the rubble that’s left behind, what is it saying to you? What are you not getting?
There’s changes, and then there’s pay attention bitch because there’s a bigger picture here. That’s a fact, but most will find excuses to reason away what’s happening even though the message is clear and in our face. The fuckery is alive and well and we don’t have time for it.

I urge you to not get carried away with the glamour and superficiality of toxic bypassing, where people get caught up in the small self centred matters that mean fuck all in the bigger picture. Reasoning away what’s being spoken to us. The bigger picture is far more important. That glamour is fear. Fear of being so far away from the truth and it’s angry. It’s full of surface stuff of empty selfies, bullshit self pedestaling as narcissistic behaviours love to think they’re more than they’re not. It’s excusing shitty behaviour with some fucking spiritual belief to hide their irresponsibility. It’s all irritating and frustrating because that smell in the air to want more drama, is the drama of unaware humans lost in their fear and anger.
Getting caught up with appearances is all part of the glamour.. open your eyes loves.

I urge you to pay attention. To look at your life like you never have before and expand in ways you never thought of before. To pull your energy in and make your life have meaning with the right people and places. Quiet, and always listening to our Mother. We are nothing without her.
Everything that was shown to me has unfolded on the planet in the last 6-8 weeks has happened. The earth shifted last Thursday between 12-1pm WA time, and I was pulled right in. Clear, significant and not to be ignored. In the last two days I have been shown something else, this…the new dark. Something is stirring in the mystery like I’ve never felt before and it’s clear spoken communication that wants to support. Are you listening, are you paying attention?

Listen to your body, what is it saying? If you’re ready and want to make changes and not sure where to begin, get in touch….but let me say this because it needs to be said particularly as the toxicity is growing and a lot of people feel entitled to spew their shit on others.

You need to come to me with some experience with inner self exploration knowing how to introspect, be strong enough to feel and stand on your own. I don’t do toxic and privilege behaviours in any form, and don’t come to me if you don’t walk your integrity. I don’t have time for bullshit adult babies that want to be pandered on and not take responsibility for their behaviour.  I don’t take any shit. You approach me as witch with toxic behaviours and I’ll finish you as one. Be ready. Take yourself seriously and be responsible and I’ll take you seriously. Don’t waste my time when I could be supporting another in need that’s ready.
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Transmuting with Bone Mother

Muma Padurii a Romanian myth that carries a similar story to Baba Yaga. She is the protector of trees and animals, women and children. The Bone Mother of the wild is playing Her part in present events and to come on the earth. The chaotic unrest has been building up for some time, with short and sometimes long sporadic spaces, nevertheless she is and will be more prominent in her actions on the planet in the very near future. This is not a scare tactic, but one we have all witnessed for some time, and unfortunately most is not paying attention or feeling so hopeless the destructive side of avoidance seems to be all to many.

Chaos and destruction, how do you feel about it? How well can you stand in it and still see while managing becoming the storm? I’ve read articles with titles ‘that we’re made for these times’ and a very big part of that is true, but are you ready? When so many people choose not to embrace the chaotic and destructive side of their nature how well do you really navigate outside influences that is provoking your inside world, and not reacting but feeling it all and making decisions that are important with clarity? Because you’re going to need that skill.

People get angry because maybe they don’t want to see reality for what it is, or maybe they’re just not ready to… either way we all need to be. Four weeks ago, I was shown clear visions of what’s to come and the chaotic changes in the natural world done by the human hand will be more and obvious within this time frame. It’s all come true and there’s more to come, but what’s also obvious She’s letting me know to prepare.

As I travelled deep in the last few weeks, what I have noticed that more of the fierce nature of woman is coming to the surface which for few reasons needs to be. One, for what’s to come and the other, the women that are deeply connected with awareness with earth, is feeling the chaos rise and move within her like a ball of fire. Preparing for a breaking open like never before, not pretending it’s not there but allowing to be swallowed whole and spat out like the fucking warrior you are.

Chaos, destruction, natural movement doesn’t have boxes or schedules. We move with the earth not the other way around, and if you haven’t learned that yet, you will. The patriarchal structure has no place in natural law, sorry but She’s gonna fuck it up.

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